Can Bruxish Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Bruxish finally made its way into Pokemon Go in March 2023. This new inclusion to the forever-growing roster of the game is one you should consider adding to your Pokedex- if you are looking for how to catch it or wondering whether it can be shiny or if it can be evolved, then we got you.

This year’s Festival of Colours saw Bruxish making its debut in Pokemon Go alongside Mega Medicham. Bruxish is a Water/Psychic type Pokemon with a max CP of 2701 with stats of 208 Attack Power, 145 Defense Power and 169 Stamina power in battles.

Is Shiny Bruxish Available in Pokemon Go?

shiny bruxish pokémon go
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At the moment, shiny Bruxish is not available. By now, trainers are aware of Niantic’s content strategy of debuting new Pokemon. For new players to the game, Niantic’s tradition is to hold off the shiny version of a newly released Pokemon for some time.

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This may be for various reasons but we speculate it’s to encourage players to take part in events particularly Spotlight Hours and Community Days. The exact date when Shiny Bruxish will be available is not known yet but it will probably be within the year.

Can Bruxish Be Evolved?

Bruxish can not be evolved into any other Pokemon and neither is it an evolved version of another Pokemon. Bruxish is the only member of its Pokemon family hence it is non-evolvable.

While this can be disappointing for some, it is also liberating as there is no need to spend time hunting more Bruxish to get candy once you have one in your Pokedex.

How To Catch Bruxish

There are two ways to catch bruxish in Pokemon Go:

Wild Encounters

Bruxish is a relatively rare Pokémon, so it may take some time to find one. You can use Incense and Lure Modules to attract more Pokémon spawns to your location, which may increase your chances of encountering a Bruxish. You can also use the ‘Nearby Feature’ to see if Bruxish has spawned at a landmark near you.

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One-Star Raids

Bruxish is also a one-star raid boss, which means that you can battle it and catch it if you defeat it. One-star raids are relatively easy to complete and you should be able to defeat him. To impact maximum damage be sure to use Bug, Electric, Ghost, Dark and Grass-type moves.

That’s all you need you need to know about Bruxish. Good luck in catching one. Be sure to check out our other Pokemon Go guides.

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