Can Carvanha be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Carvanha is a Water, Dark-type Pokémon originating from the Hoenn region. This dark type Pokemon evolves into Sharpedo when fed a whopping 50 candies. The main colors of the shiny Carvanha variant are blue, green and yellow.

The typing of this Pokémon is dark and water. The Pokédex number of Carvanha is #318 and they call Carvanha the Savage Pokémon. The shiny version of Carvanha in Pokémon GO was released in 2019.

Carvanha’s powerful jaws and finely pointed teeth have the devastating capacity to rip away boat hulls. This Pokémon has attacked and sunk several ships. This Pokémon is typically seen in dimly lit environments such as movie theaters, cemeteries, and monuments. Additionally, near bodies of water such as streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, seas, or ports.

Shiny Carvanha is available for hunting in Pokemon Go, and is one of the best Shinies in the franchise. Instead of its typical red and blue body, its Shiny variant is a green and bright sea color.

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How to get Shiny Carvanha in Pokemon Go

Shiny Carvanha Pogo
image via Gameinstants / Pokemon Go

As with any Shiny Pokémon, it will take a lot of luck to find Shiny Carvanha in Pokémon Go. It can be encountered in the wild and in occasional raids, and their spawn rates may be boosted during certain events.

For example, during the Dark Flames event between June 29 and July 2, Carvanha will have increased spawn rates which is a great time to hunt for its Shiny variant. The event also includes Timed Research, with one of the prizes for completing the tasks being an extra Carvanha encounter.

So there you have it as the shiny variant of the Carvanha Pokemon is available for hunting so go grab it as I’ll see you in the next guide. Until to read more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section few of them are given below.

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