How To Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go?

Metal Coat is an essential item when it comes to evolving certain Pokemon into Steel-type powerhouses. It’s a greyish-blue, cylinder-shaped object termed a “special metallic film” in Pokemon Go.

A Generation 2 ‘held-item’, Metal Coat was introduced with Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal. It has since been a part of numerous animes. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, due to the absence of held items, the Metal Coat simply needed to be used as a Pokemon to trigger the evolution.

Similar to the anime, Metal Coat on Pokemon Go is used to evolve Onyx into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor with the prerequisite of 50 Candies. It is consumed once used by a trainer. Just like any other evolutionary item, it has a drop rate of 1%.

Three Ways To Get Metal Coat in Pokemon Go

how to get metal coat in pokemon go
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Spinning PokeStops

One tedious method for obtaining Metal Coat in Pokemon Go is by spinning the disk in Pokestops and collecting rewards. On the seventh consecutive ‘spin day’, trainers will get at least one evolutionary item. The rewards range from Metal Coat, King’s Rock, Sun Stone, Dragon Scale, or Up-Grade.

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Given that there are only 4 other items, there’s a greater than 20% chance that trainers will receive one Metal Coat after spinning 100 Pokéstops. Poke Trainers usually get it during this time.

Exchanging Gifts

The best way to get a Metal Coat is by exchanging gifts. However, trainers need multiple friends to increase the probability of getting that evolutionary item. Opening a fellow Pokemon Go player’s gift can sometimes present one but it is still a rare find.


Metal Coat in Pokemon Go can also be acquired by completing research tasks and Special Research Tasks. It isn’t a guaranteed reward. Click the binoculars in the lower right corner and then the ‘Field’ tab to view research tasks. The rewards for each task are displayed on the right.

Seasonal events are great opportunities to get a Metal Coat in Pokemon Go. Last year, evolutionary items were available as Special Research rewards in the Pokemon Go Tour Johto ticketed event. Watch out for such contests.

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Redeemable Promo Codes can help trainers get Metal Coat

Although no evolutionary items have been given via promo codes, there is a chance that Pokemon Go devs have a change of mind to reduce the grind.

This is all for how to get a metal coat in Pokemon Go for more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section on the homepage.

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