15 Best Code Vein Builds to Use (2024)

These are some of the best code Vein Builds with complete information and how to use them to deal massive damage to the opponent.

This Code Vein development guide lists the best approaches for each character regarding weapons, codes, veils, and gifts.

The Code Vein build or build uses certain traits such as Blood Veils, Blood Codes, and items and creates a customized character that can use tools and skills most efficiently, thanks to the features mentioned above. Code Veins Blood codes are swappable, making it easy to try out multiple builds and experience the game in different ways.

Each build can be easily combined with Suicide Spur Blood Veil as it has an enormous scale for using dark gifts. Builds can be used for dark gifts, and every Magic-based build is worth considering.

Blood Codes are the backbone of your combat build, as they function like classes in other RPGs, and many Blood Codes allow you to use their skills on others once you’ve mastered the specific gifts they wield.

Best Code Vein Builds: An Overview

Players can only have four active passives at a time, but since each blood code saves a ton of ability sets, it’s easy enough to create and switch between recon and combat build.

The blood codes are broken down into the main class lines you’d expect – ranged or melee, two or onehanded, casters, rogues, and tanks – but what’s curious is that the design of the gifting system means you can slowly mix and match abilities to some extent between classes.

Fighter and Ranger are two of the three principal blood codes you get in Code Vein, and while they don’t quite fit your playstyle, they still offer great gifts that can take you far in Code Vein. If you’re planning on playing a slight build in Code Vein, you’ll want to get all of the Spell caster’s Gifts right at the start of the game.

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Code Vein bayonets are often considered the weakest Code Vein weapons, but the “Poppy Shot” build takes advantage of ranged weapons.

The best Code Vein builds:

  • Jenovas Wrath
  • Immortal Blade
  • Dark Mage
  • Judgment’s Shadow
  • Adrenaline Rush
  • Red Shockwave
  • Poppy Shot
  • Sword Spam Summoner
  • Frosty Support
  • Venom Mage
  • Silver Spellblade
  • Bayonetta Overdrive
  • Queen’s Gambit
  • Bloodletter Build
  • Deliverance tank

Granted, unlocking the Code Vein builds costs a fair bit of haze at first, but for people who want to use the same weapon type in Code Vein, these passive buffs are the equivalent of building them.

Several critical active gifts in Code Vein increase stats based on how long the player can avoid damage or how many times they hit an enemy.

For example, if you want to create an upgrade that will give you massive strength or the main blood code is Caster, the item that will significantly increase your stats is the GXH Assault Blood Veil.

For example, those who want to create a tank character may prefer the fighter’s blood code but may later adapt it to their style with others.

code vein builds
code vein builds

How do I get the best Code Vein builds?

Just knowing their name will not give you that Code Vein builds.

That’s why from now, we will tell you what you have to do to get them:

1. Jenovas Wrath

  • Blood code – Queenslayer
  • Veil of blood – Noble silver
  • Weapons of choice for this build- Blazing Claws, Iceblood.
  • Gifts- Final Journey, Severing Abyss, Cleansing Light, Blood Sacrifice, Bridge to Glory, Flame Weapon, Frost Weapon, Swift destruction., One-handed Sword Mastery, Strength / Dexterity Up, Mid / Willpower up

2. Immortal Blade

Blood codes – Fogiter, Berserker, Atlas

Veils- Queen Iron, Qeen Steel. 

Weapon of choice for this build is – Broadsword. 

Gifts- Iron Will, Royal Heart, Guard Reversal, Stamina Boost, Balance Up, Resilient Focus, Tow-Handed Sword Mastery, and Guard Stability.

3. Dark Mage

Blood codes – Caster, Artemis, and Harmony. 

Veils- Black blood Liberator, Queen Steel, Titanium. 

Weapon of choice for this build- Any one-handed sword and a Bayonet. 

Gifts – Blood Shot, Blood Sacrifice, Strength / Dexterity Up, One-Handed Sword Mastery, Dexterity / Willpower Up, Vow of Ichor, Max Ichor Boost, Strength / Willpower Up.

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4. Judgment’s Shadow

Blood codes – Fighter, Prometheus, Hades,  Velo- White Vestment. 

Weapon of choice for this build- Any two-handed sword. 

Gifts – Adrenaline, Overdrive, Blood Sacrifice, Flashing Fang, Blow of Madness, Gift Extension, Night Fog Veil, Survival instinct, Two-Handed Sword Mastery, Strength /Dexterity Up, Strength Up.

5. Adrenaline Rush

Blood codes – Fighter, Prometheus, Qeenslayer, Scout. 

Velo – Noble Silver. 

Weapons of choice for this build – Impaler, Argent Wolf Poleaxe. 

Gifts – Adrenaline, Overdrive, Blood Sacrifice, Gift Extension, Bridge to Glory, Final Journey, Charlot Rush, Shadow Assault, Swift Destruction, Halberd Mastery, Mind / Willpower Up, Increased Gift Speed.

6. Red Shockwave

Blood codes- Fighter, Atlas, Fionn. 

Velo – Noble Silver. 

Weapons of choice for this build- Queenslayer Hammer, Huge Hammer. 

Gifts – Adrenaline, Overdrive, Blood Sacrifice, Gift Extension, Bridge to Glory, Dragon Lunge, Red Shoes, Impact Wave, Swift Destruction, Hammer Mastery, Mind / Willpower Up, Survival Instinct.

7. Poppy Shot

Blood code – Queenslayer. 

Velo – Ivoty Grace. 

Weapon of choice for this build – Liberator. 

Gifts – Final Journey, Ranged Impact, Overdrive, Adrenaline, Flashing Fang, Cleansing Light, Blood Sacrifice, Time Crunch, Bayonet Mastery, Swift Destruction, Strength / Dexterity Up, Mind / Willpower Up.

8. Sword Spam Summoner

Blood code – Queens Throat. 

Velo – Suicide Spur Alleviation 

Weapon of choice for this build – Sunset Sword Devour. 

Gifts – Dusk Edge, Crimson Moon, Aurora Flash, Jupiters Blade, Swift Destruction, Ichor Reduction, Dark Impulse, Weapon Drain Rating Up, Save Evasion.

9. Frosty Support

Blood code – Queenslayer.

Velo – Noble Silver  Weapons of choice for this build – Ice blood Fortification, Liberator Fortification. 

Gifts – Panacea´s Essence, Sympathetic Boon, Restorative Offering, Elemental Wall, Regenerator, Gift Prowess, Foulblood Barrier, Blood Sacrifice, Max Ichor Boost, Dexterity / Willpower Up, Mind / Vitality Up, Improved Regeneration.

10. Venom Mage.

Blood code – Darkseeker. 

Velo – Suicide Spur  Weapon of choice for this build – Iceblood 

Gifts – Venomous Shot, Jupiter’s Blade, Blood Shot, Circulating Pulse, Blood Sacrifice, Gift Extension, Venom Mark, Gift Prowess, Liabilities, Swift Destruction, Dexterity / Willpower Up, Blood-Draining Venom, Debuff Build-Up.

11. Bayonetta Overdrive

Blood Code: Queen, but Caster, Artemis, and Harmonia are recommended until then 

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Blood Veil: Night Claw, but Noble Silver is also an option 

Weapon: Brodiaea and Libertador  Blood Gifts: Blood Sacrifice, Gift Extension, Ranged Impact, Overdrive, Swift Destruction, Bayonet Mastery, Mind/Willpower Up, and Dexterity/Willpower Up

12. Queen’s Gambit

Blood Code: Queenslayer, but the Ranger and Prometheus are recommended until unlocking Queenslayer. 

Blood Veil: Noble Silver.  Weapon: Any one-handed sword as long as it’s Stun. 

Blood Gifts: Swift Destruction, One-Handed Sword Mastery, Mind/Willpower Up, Opportunism, Bridge to Glory, Blood Sacrifice, Circulating Pulse, Phantom Assault, Stun Shot, Numbing Mark, Gift Extension, and Final Journey.

13. Bloodletter Build

Blood Code: Queenslayer, but Ranger and Prometheus can be used until it’s unlocked. 

Blood Veil: Night Claw or Noble Silver. 

Weapon: The Enduring Crimson. 

Blood Gifts: Final Journey during boss battles (swapped for Adrenaline during exploration), Blood Sacrifice, Cleansing Light/Gift Extension, Circulating Pulse, Hasten, Bridge to Glory, Overdrive, Blood Weapon, One-Handed Sword Mastery, Strength/Dexterity Up, Mind/Willpower Up, and Swift Destruction.

14. Silver Spell blade

Blood Code: Eos, with Ranger, Prometheus, and Darkseeker being good choices until Eos is unlocked 

Blood Veil: Noble Silver 

Weapon: Ice blood, but most good one-handed swords such as Enduring Crimson or Hanemukuro will work 

Blood Gifts: Bridge to Glory, Blood Sacrifice, Lightning Barrage, Ice Barrage, Swift Destruction, Dexterity Up, Mind Up, Light Impulse, Savvy Evasion

15. Deliverance tank

Blood Code: Ishtar. 

Blood Veils: Noble Silver, Winter Mantle, or White Vestment. 

Weapon: Argent Wolf King’s Blade, Zweihander, or Oni Blade. 

Blood Gifts: Deliverance, Two-Handed Sword Mastery, Revenant’s Ambition, Improved Regeneration, Strength/Vitality Up, Bridge to Glory, Flame Barrage, Lightning Barrage, Cleansing Light, Antibody Regeneration, Panacea’s Essence, Regenerator, and Blood Sacrifice.

This is the end of this short guide.

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