Yungoos Spotlight Hour: Time, PvP skills, and shiny variant

This Tuesday, Great League trainers will have a chance to get a formidable normal-type in Pokemon Go. The main goal during the Yungoos Spotlight Hour will be to evolve the mongoose-like creature into Gumshoos. Apart from that, players can capitalise on an active bonus given that they reserve their extra Pokemon.

Yungoos Spotlight Hour will begin on Tuesday at 6 PM Local Time and end at 7 PM Local Time. In this one-hour period, Yungoos and its newly-debuted Shiny variant will spawn more frequently in the wild. The special bonus for the event is 2× Transfer Candy.

Here are some reasons why you should actively participate in the event.

Yungoos Great League skills

Yungoos Spotlight Hour
Yungoos Spotlight Hour

Yungoos has a max CP of 994. Obviously, it won’t be a good option to pit it against 1400+ powered opponents in the Great League. Its evolutionary form, however, has better use in competitive PvP if the trainer has a strategy in mind.

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With only a weakness to Fighting-type attacks and boasting a varied moveset with Rock-, Dark-, and Normal-type moves, Gumshoos used to be a trainer’s first choice for some time in the 1500 CP capped league. It is still in some battle parties although normal-type alternatives like Vigoroth and Blissey get more preference.

Gumshoos has a max CP of 2470 but it only finds its footing in the lower leagues. Try not to upgrade it over the 1500 CP cap.

Gumshoos abilities in Pokemon Go

The Gen 7 Pokemon is best as a Dark-type attacker in versus mode. Set Bite as Quick Move and Crunch as Charged Move. Its only super effective match-up will then be against Ghost types, and Bite and Crunch will synergize to put some Shield Pressure on the opponents.

On a side note, it is better to use prominent Dark-type attackers like Umbreon or Houndoom in Great Leagues. Gumshoos are only a better alternative if trainers want a challenge and want to counter the opponent’s Fairy Pokemon – a type that you will encounter a lot of times in the lower league.

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Is there a Shiny Yungoos in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Yungoos debuted alongside the new Pokemon Go feature called Routes. The brown-coloured Pokemon with a unique purple tinge on the back mostly appeared when trainers followed Routes.

To increase the chances of catching a Shiny Yungoos, keep catching the normal variant. You will eventually find one in the wild. Use Incense and Lures to attract more Yungoos to a specific Pokestop although the Map will be loaded with them during the Yungoos Spotlight Hour.

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