Dark And Darker How To Extract

So you’ve just defeated another player in an epic battle, you’ve looted their dead corpse, got the fantastic spoils of war, shiny new trinket and all the gold you can carry but now what do you do?

If you just started playing Dark and Darker you’re probably wandering around until you die to a spike trap or a mimic and when you die, you lose it all. 

Well fear not because I’m going to teach you how to solve that problem so let’s dive right in

How to Extract in Dark and Darker

Dark and Darker Tips
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Dark and Darker is a loop-based FPS PvPvE game that is based around doing doing a dungeon run, killing NPCs and real players and then extracting with your loot before you die.

In the game when you die, you drop and you lose anything that you have on your character and when you first start out, you’ll be dying a lot trust me.

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The game is pretty difficult and death is inevitable as you venture on and you find that there are multiple floors in and the difficulty of enemies increases as you descend.

Extracting is simply exiting the level before you die. When you do this, you’ll escape with all the loot you picked up during the run.

In order to extract in Dark and Darker, you need to find the blue head stones that appear across the map. These stones spawn randomly and as the game goes on, more and more of them will appear. 

Note that if an extraction point spawns near you, you’ll hear and auditory cue that sounds like crumbling rocks. When you find the rock, all you have to do is interact with it then a blue portal will open up which you can walk into and exit from the level.

Once you interact with the stones and the portal appears, it will stay open forever until someone extracts from it. Be guided as there are 2 types of head stones (blue and red) the red head stone allows you to venture deeper into the dungeon. 

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That’s how to Extract in Dark and Darker as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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