How To Beat Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Mohg Lord of Blood is one of the optional bosses in Elden Ring. However, defeating him will give you 420,000 Runes, a Remembrance of the Blood Lord and Mogh Great Rune.

But defeating Mohg is not easy his boss fight has two phases and he has many damage combos that can easily take you down in a single strike. Here is how you can defeat Mogh Lord of Blood in Elden Ring without having much hassle.

How to Defeat the Mohg Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Elden Ring Mohg
Elden Ring Mohg

Before entering the Mohg boss fight there are some items that you need to get in the game. These items are Mohg’s Shackle, Purifying Crystal Tear and Flask of Wondrous Physik.

If you have these items in your inventory you can able to defeat the Mohg Lord of Blood on the first attempt.

Mogh’s Shackle Location

The Mohg’s Shackle is an item that imprisons the two-omen demigod two times you can get the Shackle in Subterranean Shunning Grounds under the Capital Lyndell. You will find the Shackle just before the Lyndell Catacombs grace.

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Mohg Shackle Location
Mohg’s Shackle

Purifying Crystal Tear & Flash of Wondrous Phusik Location

You need to combine the Flash of Wondrous Phusik and Purifying Crystal Tear you can get it by completing the Altus Plateau questline and defeating the Violet Finger Eleanora at the Second Church of Marika and Phuskil flask in the Third Church of Markia in Altus Plateau. This will immune you from Mohg’s countdown attack and does it comes in handy during the fight.

Defeating The Mohg the Lord of Blood

Once you have the above-mentioned items in your inventory you can find the Mohg the Lord of the Blood in the Mohgwyn Palace.

First Phase of the Fight

Mogh will slowly move towards you at the time you can use the Spirt Ashes to summon a powerful spirit for help and learn all the movesets the Mohg uses on the Spirt.

More importantly, make sure to use the Mohg Shackle and go near the Mohg and try to deliver as much as strikes at close range. After that keep your distance from the Mohg and use long-range weapons such as poisonous dacks, lighting arrows and more.

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Mohg has slow attacks so you can easily dodge them when you find the perfect time to deliver your attack mainly here you need to use the attack and dodge fighting tactics.

Second Phase of the Fight

Once you are able to drop Mohg’s health bar to 50 percent the second phase of the fight will begin. You will notice Mohg get the wings on his back this means you’re in the second phase of the fight. In this phase, he doesn’t use countdown attacks. However, he can not fly and become faster but you have the Purifying Crystal Tear with Flash of Wondrous Phusik that reduces your damage.

You can again use the Mohg Shackle and deliver powerful attacks such as you can in close range. After that use long-range attacks on him. Make sure to keep your distance from Mohg because he threw the blood flame. Keep using the attack and dodge tactics until this demi-god falls down.

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Once you defeat Mogh he will drop the Remembrance of the Blood Lord and Mohg Great Rune. Both items are available you can sell Remembrance of the Blood for 30k Rune or consume it and to use Mohg Great Rune you need to activate it first and then you can use the Blessing of Blood to summon spirits.

Watch this YouTube Video created by Azzavhar based on how to defeat Mohg the Lord of Blood.

This is end of the Mohg fighting guide for more helpful content do read our Elden Ring Guide such as how to activate Mohg Great Rune or what are soft caps and more.

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