(20+) Games Like 2048 List (September 2022)

Looking for games like 2048, here is the list of games that has similar gameplay to the 2048 game. If you love a good puzzle game and want to play more, you should check out 20 Games Like Twenty-Eight! This game is similar to the popular Threes!

Game, except that it uses a sliding block system instead of tiles. It’s also played on a Sudoku-like grid and requires basic math skills. You’ll need to combine the numbers displayed on the tiles to get to the end of the game.

Games Like 2048


If you enjoy puzzle games, you might enjoy the new game called 2048. This game combines two classic game mechanics – matching and blending tiles.

When two identical tiles touch, they merge into one. The aim is to merge all the balls before the grid is empty, and the clock reaches zero. There are several types of 2048 games. You can also find many official apps for Android and iOS.

Listed below are the best ones to try. Age of Twenty-Four combines puzzle and civilization elements in a fun and addictive way. It uses the same concept as 2048, but instead of four x four boxes, players are presented with unique layouts and a target time limit.

The goal is to create as many cities and villages as possible in as little time as possible. Kensho is another puzzle game that is very similar to 2048. It would help if you collected enough coins to unlock the next level.


Getting rid of the big tile and combining small tiles is the ultimate goal of any 2048 game, but this is more complicated.

Fortunately, the game’s AI can do this for you. There are four main gestures in the game – tap, swipe, move and delete. By following these steps, you’ll be able to solve the puzzles in minutes instead of hours. The objective of this game is to merge as many tiles as possible before the grid collapses. This is done through a two-way merge between adjacent tiles.

If two tiles match, they merge to form a bigger tile. As each tile is merged, it becomes a higher value. When this occurs, the tiles are merged in both directions, enabling the player to build a higher-value tile.

Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin

A new game, Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin, will take you on a trip through the German capital. This puzzle game combines a walking tour of the Spree with logic challenges and tricky nonograms. If you enjoy the games’ addictive gameplay, you’ll surely be delighted by this one.

Travel Mosaics 7: Fantastic Berlin is a wonderful option for those who like to challenge themselves. This Picross Puzzle game was released on PC in 2019. It was ported to the Nintendo Switch two years later.

It offers 140 puzzles in the Color Picross style and 20 bonus puzzles in other styles. There are even trivia questions about the famous city. The puzzles are quite challenging, and the game’s graphics are excellent. However, it’s worth noting that the game costs nearly double what the previous versions did.


If you love puzzle games, you are sure to enjoy the Perspect 20 game. This game is inspired by the original 2048 game and features one key element: the merging of two balls if they touch.

It would help if you found ways to cut the line and re-arrange the balls to clear the board. This is done by carefully observing the sides of each ball and placing them at obtuse angles.

Hex Two

The Hex Two is a minimalist puzzle game that requires players to jump from one tile to the next to clear the board. The game includes 19 types of tiles that change how players approach the game. In the end, the goal is to reach a ball valued at 2048.

But how is Hex Two different from the original? Here are some things to look out for. Below are some of the similarities and differences between Hex Two and 2048. Hex Two is an open-source, free, and challenging number puzzle game similar to the popular 2048.

To play, you will have to merge tiles with a power of two from 1 to make a block of 2048. Each tile will merge into a cell that shows the corresponded sum. The game differs from other 2048 games because it uses a hexagonal board and different keys for arranging the blocks.

Mosaic: Game Of Gods II

If you are a fan of puzzle games, you will love Mosaic: Game of Gods II. In this fun, new game, you’ll use different materials to create beautiful pieces. The main character is the God of Chaos, who worked with the Goddess of Creation to bring order to the Universe.

However, when the Darkness came, it cursed the Goddess, making her the god of chaos. Because of this, the Universe was no longer balanced, and it became unrecognizable. The game is divided into linear narrative sections and puzzles representing work tasks.

The narrative is a series of visual metaphors. The scenes in Mosaic are striking and unsubtle but resound with meaning. One scene, for example, depicts a butterfly in a cityscape, and you guide it through a construction zone. The game’s ending is obvious, so the player doesn’t have to be a seasoned puzzler to appreciate its beauty.


If you enjoy puzzle games, you may have heard of Cubes, a game that combines the classic bubble shooter with the popular puzzle game 2048. The goal is to merge the same number of tiles and reach 2048 before the grid decreases.

The game is available for iOS and Android. Players can use multiple grids to create their perfect set of numbers. Each level has unique puzzles that are challenging and engaging. Players must match numbers in pairs, combining the highest values of their respective balls to complete the level. Another game similar to the classic 2048 puzzle is Cubes.

This puzzler features chains that need to be merged and scored. This game aims to merge three tiles of the same value, which is known as a “chain.” Players have to use all of the different tile types to reach the goal, which is 2048.

This game also offers different skins for the tiles, including animals and easter eggs.


Hex games like 2048 are puzzle games where you use your quick addition skills to fill up grids and reach a target number.

The game’s goal is to get as close to 2048 as possible, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. It is possible to compete with other players to beat the highest score. There are three modes, each requiring players to join two adjacent numbers to form a larger one. Hex games like 2048 are very similar, but they are not the same.

Both games feature a row of balls and a circle with a number. If two balls of the same value touch, they merge. You have to match pairs of balls before they merge. The higher you score, the higher the score! The best way to beat 2048 is to reach the highest score possible! However, be sure to take breaks to eat and drink water.


Many people have been unable to escape the addictive puzzle of VirtuGO games like 2048. This is one such game, but it has a few more features than the classic version this time. Firstly, you will be able to play on a Chromecast screen, which is very handy if you have a big screen.

You can also use your phone to play the game. Lastly, you can share your progress on social media, which is a big plus!

Mahjong Deluxe

This new addition to the popular Mahjong family of puzzle games is perfect for all ages and experience levels.

A traditional Chinese game, Mahjong Deluxe is a great way to relax and challenge yourself. You’ll find 1,008 different layouts and twelve beautiful backgrounds in this version. The game’s soundtrack features soothing background music, and cute animal sounds to help you focus and succeed at clearing your board. Phone!

There are many great Mahjong games available online, so you can find one that suits you.

History2048 – 3D Puzzle Number Game

You have probably played the 2048 game at some point. If so, you’ve probably wondered how you’d improve your performance. The new game reboots this popular puzzle number game with the same concept but updated with beautiful graphics and a fresh era.

History 2048 pairs similar panels to present a new perspective on the game’s themes and characters. Once you’ve mastered the first level, you’ll be able to unlock new eras. To obtain a free copy of History2048 – 3D Puzzle Number Games, you need a CD key.

You can purchase a CD key from various places. Some platforms sell these keys for less than $10, but others may require a fee to process them. After obtaining a key, you can either claim it via Steam or use it in other ways.

If you have a Steam account, you can also use it to play the game for free. 12-Cottage Garden As the name implies, Cottage Garden is a tile-placement game on a 4×4 grid.

You move your gardener around a nursery that acts as a pool of flower tiles as you play the game. When you plant a new flower, you’ll receive points based on where you place it.

You have six turns to plant as many plants as possible and fill all of the flowerbed tiles.


If you are looking for an arcade puzzle game that is challenging and addictive, Hop is the game for you. It is a single-player game developed by Ketchapp and revolves around bouncing a ball off the tiles.

To win, players must match as many tiles as possible, making as many hops as possible. The game features a finger-operated movement system, so you can quickly make insane combos.

You can also compete with friends to see who can beat your score in the game! 14-Kemono Mahjong If you have played Kemono Mahjong, you’ve probably wondered how the game is similar to 2048.

The game’s goal is to merge the numbers on adjacent tiles so you can reach the number 2048. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge.

There are thousands of games with similar rules, so it’s important to find the right one for you. Kemono Mahjong is like 2048, but with a new twist.


If you’ve ever played Patchwork or other tabletop games where you have to build a quilt out of hexes, you will know what to expect with Dorfromantik. The game mechanics are similar, though it has a different aesthetic.

The goal is to place new tiles to make the best use of existing ones and connect them to an existing plot. While the game can be challenging, it’s also surprisingly relaxing.

Fantasy Mosaics 23: Magic Forest

If you have enjoyed the previous entries of Fantasy Mosaics, you might be looking forward to this latest addition. Like the previous games, this one follows the adventures of the penguin family across the globe. The gameplay is easy to understand and familiar, thanks to colourful cutscenes.

While this game may not be for everyone, it does have plenty of puzzles and a challenging storyline. You can find a variety of puzzles in the Magic Forest, ranging from the simple to the more complicated ones

Monochrome World

The gameplay in Monochrome World is simple, but as you progress, the challenges increase. You’ll encounter spikes in the floor, wind turbines, and platforms that break as you color every tile. You’ll also have to avoid enemies and use clever moves to get past them.

Thankfully, the game’s simplicity makes it a fun, casual experience, even if it’s not for the highly competitive.


“Bon voyage!” is a common greeting in France, and it has been adopted into English. It means “good travels” and is most commonly associated with the 1958 Filipino film of the same name.

The phrase has several meanings, but it is usually best understood as “best wishes” when used for a traveller who left France.

Whether you want to wish someone a safe and enjoyable trip or a happy and successful journey, there are many ways to say “Bon Voyage!”

Pixel Hentai Mosaic

Pixel Hentai Mosaic is a free puzzle game that combines NSFW content and logical thinking. Players must complete an image by assembling the hexagons.

There are achievements to achieve, and the game is easy enough to play for anyone, even children. It’s free to download and has no DRM, so there’s no need to purchase a special launcher or client to play with. Players can download it whenever they’d like.

Kana Quest

The plot of Kana Quest frames your progress through the world, but you won’t see any cutscenes or interactions between characters. Instead, you’ll invest your time and effort in solving puzzles and learning Japanese.

You’ll also encounter brain teasers that change your thinking about the game’s characters. This is exactly what makes this puzzle game great. It is a must-play for fans of the 2048 series and many others.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the games like 2048 with complete information.

Is the game 2048 possible to beat?

The game appears to be simple at first glance, as the fundamental principles are simply shifting tiles about, but it is actually a deep and strategic puzzle game. While playing is enjoyable, winning is even more so. You’ll need a strategy if you want to win the 2048 game. The technique outlined below is simply one alternative that has shown to be effective.

What is the trick for 2048 game?

So, depending on how my game goes, I usually go either the bottom left or bottom right. And you want to just keep building from there because that is the key focus on how to beat this.

What type of game is 2048?

2048 is a popular Web and mobile single-player game. It’s a form of “sliding block puzzle” that’s played on a Sudoku-like grid — think Threes!, which 2048 is based on, or the old-school game klotski. It, like Sudoku, requires some math.

Is there a bigger version of 2048?

Connect the numbers to find the 16384 tile! Playing Instructions: To move the tiles, use the arrow keys. When two tiles with the same number come into contact, they become one! Note: This is the official 2048 website.

This is the end of this short guide.

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