Pokemon Go: How To Get Celesteela, Weaknesses, Shiny, Counters and Movesets

Celesteela was among the few Ultra Beasts who were introduced in Pokemon Go last year. Regarded the ‘Launch Pokemon’, the extra-terrestrial being seems to be a hybrid of a space shuttle and a bamboo shoot. The anime did mention a ‘baby Celesteela’ but only the adult version is found in the AR-based game which has no evolutionary form.

A dual Flying/Steel-type Pokemon, Celesteela could also learn Ground and Rock moves. The Ultra Beast does have some variability in its moveset although it isn’t the best choice when it comes to the Ultra League due to its high energy requirement for charged attacks, and unimpressive damage levels. Still, Gym battlers and Raiders will find it to be a great addition to their Steel-type teams.

How To Get Celesteela in Pokemon Go?

celesteela pokemon go
Pokemon Go Celesteela

Celesteela in Pokemon Go is a Tier-5 Raid Boss. Watch out for signature Wormholes in Gyms as Raids that have Ultra Beasts in them are marked by such. Trainers also get notified about such Ultra raids if the in-game notifications option is turned on.

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Currently, Celesteela is not available in the 5-Star Raids. The last raid schedule that featured the Launch Pokemon occurred from September 13 to September 21. Celesteela was exclusively available in Gyms in the Southern Hemisphere while Kartana was available in the Northern Hemisphere.

Celesteela is still a region-locked Pokemon. It does not hatch from eggs or has been a reward encounter for any exclusive/free Special Research missions. Niantic may try to change some mechanics to make the legendary more accessible to the players in the future, particularly as a paid Research reward like the ongoing Shiny Mew event.

Celesteela Pokemon Go Raid Boss: Total CP, stats, and more

Previously, Raid Boss Celesteela had a CP of around 40,000. This is a relatively easy boss to handle for trainers, especially those who understand its type advantages and have Pokemon above 2500 CP level. After defeating the gigantic Ultra Beast, players were rewarded with Beast Balls to capture Celesteela in the following CP ranges:-

  • Level 20 with no weather boost: 1694 to 1772 CP
  • Level 25 with Windy or Snow weather boost: 2117 to 2216 CP
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A minimum of five trainers are recommended with the optimal levels and experience.

Celesteela stats and moveset

At Level 50, Celesteela’s CP reaches 3507. Compared to its anime counterpart, it is more of a tank rather than an aggressor with an ATK of 207, DEF of 199, and STA of 219. The #797 Pokedex entry has the following moves at its disposal:-

  • Quick Moves: Air Slash (Flying), SmackDown (Rock)
  • Charged Moves: Heavy Slam (Steel), Iron Head (Steel), Body Slam (Normal), Bulldoze (Ground)

Celesteela’s best moveset in Pokémon Go is Air Slash and Heavy Slam with a total DPS of 11.24 DPS. Bulldoze and Body Slam aren’t the best options since they don’t inflict much damage while the latter isn’t Super Effective against any Pokemon.

Weaknesses and Counters for Celesteela in Pokemon Go

Possessing many strengths due to its Dual-typing, Celesteela in Pokemon Go is resistant to Ground, Normal, Flying, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, Fairy, Poison, Bug, and Grass-type attacks. It is only weak to Fire and Electric-type attacks. Below is a list of specific Pokemon and their moves that will counter Celesteela’s strong build.

  • Blaziken: Fire Spin (Fire) and Blast Burn (Fire).
  • Heatran: Fire Spin (Fire) and Magma Storm (Fire).
  • Magnezone: Spark (Electric) and Wild Charge (Electric).
  • Typholsion: Incinerate (Fire) and Blast Burn (Fire).
  • Zacian: Fire Fang (Fire) and Wild Charge (Electric).
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Due to the rare availability of dual Fire/Electric types in Pokemon Go, it is recommended to use ‘mons with powerful Charged Moves with the aforementioned types for the best damage output in Raids or PvP.

Can Celesteela Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

No the Shiny version of Celesteela is not available in Pokemon Go yet. But certainly, it will be introduced in future.

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