Genshin Impact: All Sea Ganoderma Locations

Looking for all Sea Ganoderma locations in Genshin Impact? well, it’s a special type of mushroom in the game that was mostly spawned on the beaches of Inazuma. More importantly, to find this mushroom in Genshin Impact it’s an upgrade Ascension level Yae Miko and Kazuha’s.

Here we cover all the locations where you can find the Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact this guide will save you time without looking for locations where you cannot find it.

All Locations of Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact

Mainly the Sea Ganoderma is spawn on Watatsumi Island, Yashiori Island, Kannazuka Island, Tsurumi Island, Narukami Island and Seirai Island. Below we share the correct location of all the Sea Ganoderma that you can find on the following islands.

Narukami Island: There are a total of 20 Sea Ganoderma available on Narukami Island. You can find them mostly in the row as shown in the above screenshot of the Narukami Map.

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Seirai Island: In Seirai Island you can find a total of 35 Sea Ganoderma as you also see in the above given Seirai Island map. Most of them are located near to each other so you can easily collect them without having much hassle.

Tsurumi Island: Total There are 13 Sea Ganoderma available on Tsurumi Island. We have shared the Tsurumi Island map that shows all the certain locations of the Sea Ganoderma.

Watatsumi Island: There are a total of 23 Sea Ganoderma available on Watatsumi Island you also check the above-mentioned Watatsumi Island map with all the certain locations of the Sea Ganoderma.

Yashiori and Kannazuka Island: In both Yashiori and Kannazuka islands you can find a total of 50 Sea Ganoderma. Mostly all of them are near to each other as you can also refer to the above-mentioned Yashiori and Kannazuka Island map.

What is the use of the Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact there are not lots of use of Sea Ganoderma such as you cannot use it in craft recipes. More certainly you can use it for upgrading the Yae Miko and Kazuha’s Ascension levels.

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In Genshin Impact the Ascension Level is the next level of the talent upgrades. In simple words when you reach Level 10 or higher you will switch to the Ascension level in the game. Most importantly, on the Ascension level you need to obtain the rare martial such as Sea Ganoderma to level up the character’s Ascension levels.

This is all for the locations of the Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact for more relevant content do check our Genshin Impact guides some of them are given below.

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