All Joneses Locations in Fortnite (2024)

In Fortnite, there are some new Spire Challenges for players to complete which need to complete two tasks. The first task is to play the Spire’s message game at a Guardian Outpost. Once it’s complete another task is more difficult in which the player needs to talk to the different versions of Jonesy.

Here we have explained where can find all the Joneses in the Fortnite game without having a hassle with the correct locations in Fortnite Map.

talk to the joneses
talk to the joneses

All Joneses Locations in Fortnite

Here we have a map with spots where you can find the Joneses in Fortnite.

Fortnite Joneses Locations

There are various Joneses were spread across the Fortnite Map. With the below-mentioned information, you can find all Joneses without having a hassle.

More importantly, the player needs to talk to only 5 Joneses to complete the task.

Name of JonesesLocations of Joneses
Wreck Raider The northern part of Coral Castle
Rex Dusted Depot east of the Spire
Castaway JonesyIsland northeast of Steamy Stacks
Grill SergeantDurr Burger Food Truck north of Pleasant Park
Suntan SpecialistOn the beach at Sweaty Sands
Sash SergeantWeeping Woods playground
Slurp JonesySlurpy Swamp factory
Cabbie Southwest corner of Lazy Lake
Bunker JonesyIn a house southeast of Catty Corner

Once the player reaches the Jones location in Fortnite, the player interacts with all the Joneses to talk to them, these conversations will not have any quests or messages attached talk to them, and it will be done.

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