Fortnite: Where to Talk To the Joneses (Guide) 2022

Where to talk to the Joneses in Fortnite. In this article are going to show you all the information related to the joneses and how you can find and talk to him.

Fear not, as we’re here with a Fortnite Joneses locations guide to help you find and talk to everyone you need.

In this guide, we’ll show you seven places to talk to the Joneses and where you need to go to find Jonesy the First. The Joneses are a group of people who live in the same area as you. They are your neighbours, friends, and family.

The Joneses are the people you see every day and interact with regularly. In Fortnite, the Joneses are the people that live in your neighbourhood.

You can find them by going to any of these locations: The Razs Spire missions ask you to speak to five Joneses on the Fortnite map, so here is the location of each Jonesy NPC in Season 6.

On the Fortnite map, you can find different versions of Jonesy, and you need to talk to them to complete the Razs Spire missions.

Who are the Joneses in Fortnite?

The Joneses are a group of people who have been found in Fortnite. They are named after the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses”, which means to keep up with the latest trends and styles.

The Joneses Locations Finding is a tool that helps players find where the Joneses are located on Fortnite’s map.

It is used by players who want to find out where they can find these people and what they do. Simply Put, The Joneses are a group of people who are the same age, live in the same area, and have similar interests.

They are often used as a reference point for marketing campaigns. In Fortnite, the Joneses are a group of people who another player has killed. You can find them by looking for their locations on the map.

With the new season of Fortnite has come a new location to find the Joneses – Wailing Woods. The Wailing Woods is found in the southeast corner of Fortnite’s map, and they are a different thematic zone, with a dark and mysterious forest at night.

Some players have been asking “where to find the Joneses” because this is not an area that they can explore from their own house. Luckily, we know some tricks to find them & we’ll explain to you the same further.

talk to the joneses
talk to the joneses

What is the Talk to the Joneses Spire Quest?

Spire’s mission is to talk to several Joneses on the map, and our guide will help you find them and describe the optimized path you can take to complete this task as quickly as possible and in as few games as possible. After visiting five Joneses on the map, this part of the mission is completed, and the second part is now available.

In the end, focus on the fixed location Jones to complete the spire quest, but you can also seek out Bunker Jones in the future, just for fun. The “Talk to Jones” challenge allows players to find different variants of Jones’ agents throughout the island.

It requires players to talk to five different Jones NPCs located near designated locations and points of interest on the battle royale map, not all of which appear in every game. In the Spire Challenge, players must run around the island to talk to different versions of Jonesy.

For players to complete the final Spire quest, you will need to find and interact with 5 Jonesy NPCs on the Battle Royale map. Although the article suggests exploring seven locations to complete the “Talk to the Joneses” quest, players should not be discouraged if the Joneses are not there.

Where to talk to the Joneses?

The Joneses are there, but you need to talk to five of them to complete one of this week’s challenges. Here’s where you can find more Joneses on the map in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6, to complete one of these missions ASAP.

All Joneses Locations in Fortnite:

  • Wreck Raider – In the northern part of Coral Castle
  • Rex – At Dusted Depot east of the Spire
  • Castaway Jonesy – On an island northeast of Steamy Stacks
  • Grill Sergeant – At Durr Burger Food Truck north of Pleasant Park
  • Suntan Specialist – On the beach at Sweaty Sands
  • Sash Sergeant – At the Weeping Woods playground
  • Slurp Jonesy – In the Slurpy Swamp factory § Cabbie – At the southwest corner of Lazy Lake
  • Bunker Jonesy – In a house southeast of Catty Corner

To accomplish this, we recommend talking to the Fortnite Joneses at a fixed location, as there are enough of them to don’t have to search for random Bunker Jonesy encounters to hit your quota.

Once the player reaches the Jones location in Fortnite, the player interacts with all the Joneses to talk to them, these conversations will not have any quests or messages attached; talk to them, and it will be done.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Fornite Joneses Locations with complete information.

Where are the Joneses on the fortnite island?

Jonesy, the Castaway, is located on an island northeast of Steam Stacks. Cabbie is located in the southwest corner of Lazy Lake. Grill Sergeant — on the Durr Burger Food Truck on Pleasant Park’s northern outskirts. On the beach in Sweaty Sands, you’ll find a Suntan Specialist.

Where are the 5 Joneses?

On the outskirts of Coral Castle, to the north. Sweaty Sands is located on the west part of the beach. In Slurpy Swamp, inside a structure. Weeping Woods is set in the woods.

Is Agent Jonesy a skin?

In Fortnite, there are six different Agent Jonesy skins to choose from. After completing the corresponding objectives and attaining a particular level in the combat pass, each style is unlocked. This looks a lot like Mando’s Beskar armour from the last Fortnite season.

How do I talk to Joneses in Fortnite?

All you have to do, sas sergeant, is approach him. Also, make sure to speak with him about the spire on the far left.

This is the end of this short guide.

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