Tales of Grimm Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (August 2022)

Tales of Grimm Tier List: Sometimes after completing a book you still want to continue that story again and again like that RPG Tales of Grimm can continue in your mind if you are a true fan. There are many unique features just like fun gameplay, plenty of love, familiar fairy tales, etc.

Here it is very difficult and important to choose the right partner for the adventure through the perilous land. Here we are going to prepare a list for you. I hope using this list will be helpful for you.

The Best Heroes and Characters – Tier List

You can play using various types of characters in the game and there are many great heroes and characters from the every Grimm tier list. In this gameplay, players are asked to complete an adventure in a gloomy fantasy world. You have to find out the truths buried behind the darkness.

There are many different types of characters in this game and you have to pick up the right one through the adventure to win the gameplay. So, we want to share with you a complete list that will guide you to identify the powerful characters. Here is the detailed list-

tales of grimm tier list

The Best Heroes and Characters – Tier List of Tales of Grimm

  1. Tier 1– Here is the extraordinary and unique characters.
  2. Tier 2– Here is the list of the best powerful and important characters.
  3. Tier 3–  Here is a list of favorable and good heroes.
  4. Tier 4– Here is a list of descent heroes.
  5. Tier 5– It is ineligible.

Tier list of warriors in Tales of Grimm

 This is the tier list of the Tales of Grimm heroes.

  1. Tier 1: Prince Charm
  2. Tier 2: Blade Gina
  3. Tier 2: Glade Laddin
  4. Tier 2: Wukong
  5. Tier 2: Red Queen
  6. Tier 2: Quickcut Pinno
  7. Tier 2: Fencer Pedro
  8. Tier 3: Swift Ali
  9. Tier 4: Gerde
  10. Tier 5: Princess Ophelia

Tier list of Guardian in Tales of Grimm

  1. Tier 1: Shahryar
  2. Tier 2: Dark Knight
  3. Tier 2: Triton
  4. Tier 2: Quasi Mortal
  5. Tier 3: Free
  6. Tier 4: Bean Sage
  7. Tier 5: Hans in Luck
  8. Tier 5: Hookhand

Tier list of Mage in Tales of Grimm

  1. Tier 1: Wonder Allish
  2. Tier 2: Queen Lilith
  3. Tier 2: Bunny Bride
  4. Tier 2: Raven Irene
  5. Tier 3: Carabosse
  6. Tier 3: Raven Maal
  7. Tier 3: Cindy’s Stepmom
  8. Tier 3: Britney
  9. Tier 4: Emerald Mage
  10. Tier 4: Goddess Bella

We want to share with you something that everybody has a different perspective and different vision also so this list is just according to my perspective. There is a possibility that you might be agreed and this is not wrong also. According to your choice, you can also put characters from high to low.

Main Features of Grimm

 You have to train your hero- After upgrading your heroes you can experience the ecstasy and rapture of the world. You can figure out treasures also.

You can explore more-  There are a lot of secrets waiting for you in every corner of the Land of Oz and you might not be aware of them.

Fighting to gain and increase your honor- You should not understatement your opponents so you need to find the best heroes and compete with your opponents and win the honor.

The Grimm Gift Codes

In this gameplay, there is a feature to restore gift codes to gain rewards. Follow this list to figure out the proper gift codes and redeem rewards.

  1. TOG777: You can use this code for energy gems.
  2. TOG2022: You should redeem this code for free rewards.
  3. TOGEVERYDAY: You should redeem this code for free rewards.
  4. VIP123: You can activate this code for 200 diamonds and 1x energy as you want.
  5. VIP777: You can activate this code for 200 diamonds and 200 promotion stones when you want.

Strongest Tales of Grimm Characters

Misd Conch:

Miss Conch is top-tier support and she has many capacities and capabilities to apply. With her, on the team, the unit will be almost immortal. Her magic burst damages the enemies with the highest SPD.

Maid Sophie:

Maid Sophie is another unit that has invariant healing and also access to a revival skill. Actually, her maid dance skill heals allies. Her other activity skill allows her to revive a defeated ally.

Maid Granny:

Maid Granny might be not so good at disputing but she is valuable to support. Her skill heals greatly all allies and increases attack also. The Dark potion of Maid Granny is a great skill that destroys all enemies.


Larissa is also a very good support unit that you should keep and will be helpful for you. She is able to heal, and revive units. Her mermaid song is able to dispel allies. Her other skills are also able to renew the fallen ally.


Nesy is a great and good support unit also. Her active skill recharges the HP of all allies if there is a way to gain the DEF.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Which Tales of Grimm characters stand out as the best?

Red Queen, Wukong, Rogue Jack, and Timid Leon are some of the best characters that stand out in Tales of Grimm with their stronger abilities to fight and defend.

How can I become more powerful in the Grimm tales?

Players should constantly level up your heroes, according to Tales of Grimm. By fact, a greater hero level inside a spin RPG will almost always guarantee players success. Players will be forced to practically continually level up chosen hero as a result of this.

In Grimm’s Tales, how do you reroll?

In order to reroll yourself in Grimms Tales, you need to follow these steps.

1. Visit Grimm’s Notes Application Information page.
2. To clear all data, click Clear Data.
3. Your game will now be in the “not logged in” condition if users restart Grimm’s Notes.

How To Enter Codes in Tales of Grimm

Activate Tales of Grimm. Just on main menu, click the Settings option. Just at Settings’ bottom, click the Gift Code option. A code from the list should be copied and pasted through into textbox.

Rerolling in Guardian Tales is it worthwhile?

Due to the lengthy tutorial & difficult phases you must pass before summoning heroes and weapons, experts don’t advise rerolling within that game because it takes a lot of time and there is minimal possibility of success.

You can go on a fascinating and fictionalized adventure by using this gameplay. You can utilize the power of your best heroes and gain honor and reward. Tales of Grimm has this outstanding strategy. Tapplus improved it. You should try to get hero formation continuously until you become stronger.

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