Tales of Grimm Tier List: Best Characters (2024)

Tales of Grimm is one of the most RPG popular mobile games it’s a Dark Fairy Tales game and you as the Dreamer start the story in the Land of Oz you start your adventure and search for the explore the secrets in the game.

Most importantly if you know the best characters within the game then you can easily build your team with the strongest characters. Here we featured the latest tier list based on the current game meta according to the character’s survival rate, damage out, support and much more.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the tier list.

tales of grimm tier list

Tales of Grimm Tier List

We have divided this Tier list into 4 tiers S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier and D Tier where the S Tier holds all the overpowered characters and on other hand, and the D Tier holds the weakest characters.

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More importantly, the Tales of Grimm has 4 roles Warrior, Guardian, Support and Mage and we explain this tier according to the roles players can play in the game.

S Tier

This tier list contains all the overpowered characters with the highest survivability, damage, attack and more. If your new player and wanted to be the strongest character in your team then these are the best option for you.

Surla Support
Granny Support
Dottie Support
Shahryar Guardian
Prince CharmWarrior
Spades Warrior

A Tier

This tier list character is best and with little practice, with them, any player can take head to head fight with S-tier characters.

Marksman Guardian
Marlene Support
Yuri SchneeWarrior
Shahryar Guardian
Wonder AllishMage
Wisdom BirdMage

B Tier

This tier character is can be perfect with the player has some experience with these characters. This means if you’re an experienced player then you can easily play with these characters compared to new players.

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Duckling Warrior
Luna Guardian
Evil LiesGuardian
Blade GinaWarrior
Galde LaddinWarrior
Dark QueenWarrior
Quickcut PinnoWarrior
Swift AliWarrior
Dark KnightGuardian
Genie CuyaGuardian
Federn Guardian
Lorelei Mage
Triton Guardian
Raven IreneSupport
Miss ConchSupport
Maid SophieSupport
Nightmare EllaSupport
Fairy MarieSupport

C Tier

These tier characters are average compared to the characters on the above tiers. We recommend you avoid these characters if you’re a new player. If they don’t have much experience with these characters’ moves.

Medusa Mage
Red QueenWarrior
Wukong Warrior
Fencer PedroWarrior
Rogue JackWarrior
Lil PrinceWarrior

D Tier

This tier contains all the weakest characters in the game we suggest you should not pick any of these characters in your team.

Princess OpheliaWarrior
Prince AdamWarrior
Madman GattonWarrior
Bean SageGuardian
Hans in Luck Guardian
Hookhand Guardian
Queen LilithMage
Britney Mage
Raven MaalMage
Carabosse Mage
Wicked HagMage
Goddess BellaMage
Emerald MageMage
Anne Mage
Larissa Support

Miss Conch

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Miss Conch is top-tier support and she has many capacities and capabilities to apply. With her, on the team, the unit will be almost immortal. Her magic burst damages the enemies with the highest SPD.

Maid Sophie

Maid Sophie is another unit that has invariant healing and also access to a revival skill. Actually, her maid dance skill heals allies. Her other activity skill allows her to revive a defeated ally.

Maid Granny

Maid Granny might be not so good at disputing but she is valuable to support. Her skill heals greatly all allies and increases attack also. The Dark potion of Maid Granny is a great skill that destroys all enemies.


Larissa is also a very good support unit that you should keep and will be helpful for you. She is able to heal, and revive units. Her mermaid song is able to dispel allies. Her other skills are also able to renew the fallen ally.


Nesy is a great and good support unit also. Her active skill recharges the HP of all allies if there is a way to gain the DEF.

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