How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle

One of the best things about Hogwarts Legacy is that you never know what’s around the corner. There are magical beasts to ride, adventures to explore, and puzzles to solve. There are also many challenges to conquer, like the Daedalian Keys, Merlin Trials, and many more.

Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle is one of the most inventive challenges in the game, but it can be difficult to figure out. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to solve the chess puzzles in the game and advance to the next level.

Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle
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How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle at Poidsear Coast

The first Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle you’ll encounter will await you at Poidsear Coast. Poidsear Coast makes up the first chunk of the southern half of your Hogwarts Legacy map. It’s an area reserved for Levels 20-40.

Therefore, you won’t come across it till you’re halfway through the game. Poidsear Coast is quite close to nasty spider den players have to eliminate before entering the cave. Alternatively, you can simply cast an invisibility spell and make your way quietly past the spider.

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To open this cave, you must spin two windmills at the entrance by rapidly casting Depulso on each mill. When the entrance barrier retracts, you can enter and descend the stairs. Keep going past the piles of rubbish on the road till you come across a giant chessboard.

To solve this Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle, cast the Revelio spell and find an object in the room that looks like a chess piece. Cast the transformation spell on it to turn it into a chess piece. The goal of this chess puzzle is to checkmate the black king piece. Therefore, place the new piece on a square where it could move to take the chess king. 

One way you could do this is by playing a rook directly in front or on the sides of the king, your Bishop diagonally of the king, and the pawn one space diagonally of the king.

You should also place your knight two spaces to the side and one space up or vice versa in an L-shape movement. Placing your piece correctly will help you crumble the black king and unlock the chest behind it. 

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How to Solve the Hogwarts Legacy Chess Puzzle at Marunweem Lake

Another chess puzzle you’ll encounter on your adventures is at Marunweem Lake. This lake is in the middle of the region’s central bulge and next to a poacher camp.

Like the previous puzzle, this region is for levels 20-40. You’ll also need to eliminate the poachers and enter the cave.

To open this cave, you must find a tent with a puzzle cube inside. Next, unlock the cage with Alohomora and levitate the cube to the pedestal at the cave entrance. Next, cast Glacius on the cube, and you should be able to enter.

When you find the puzzle, you should be able to solve it as quickly as the first Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle because they’re similar. 

All you have to do is cast Revelio to find an object similar to a chess piece and then cast the transformation spell. Now, levitate the chess piece to the space where it could take the black piece king. You can use the tips above to crumble the king again and get your reward.

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Final Thoughts

In the Harry Potter book and film, chess is a major plot point. Therefore, it is no surprise that it is featured in Hogwarts Legacy.

If you follow the tips above, you can solve any Hogwarts Legacy chess puzzle you come across. Enjoyed this guide? Check out other Hogwarts Legacy guides for useful tips.

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