How To Break Stone in Valheim?

While building the shelter on your land in Valheim, you will face some of the rocks on the land. These are not just the obstacles in the game. When you break the stones you will get some of the minerals out of them. The mineral you can use in many different types as per their use. To break any of the rocks you will need a pickaxe.

Without the pickaxe, you will not break the rock and it is not possible to move the rock. When you get the pickaxe and hit it with the pickaxe the rock will easily disappear and you will receive the things out of it. All rocks are not the same.

When you stand near the rock you will notice the difference in them. The difference in size, shape and colour. As per the rock types, you will receive gifts.

To break the stone masonry in the Valheim, you have to clear some of the tasks before that, the task is you have to defeat the First Forsaken boss Eikthyr.

valheim how to get stone
how to break stone in valheim

When you defeat the boss as a reward you will receive the Pickaxe. This will be the first Pickaxe you will get in the game, collect the hard antler and have to use the antler to develop the antler pickaxe in the workbench. This pickaxe will help you to break the stone formation and mine from lands.

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How to defeat the Eikthyr to get the pickaxe?

If you do not know how to get to Eikthyr or get defeated by him then you can follow this guide from start to end to know where to find the Eikthyr and how to defeat him.

valheim stone pickaxe
how to break stone in valheim

In the game, you will see the red box on the ground, the red box-type stone will have a description for it.

Go near the red box and press the E key and the Eikthyr location will appear on the map. To see the location you have to open the map with key M. The location will be in the text format Eikthyr mentioned on the map.

To reach the boss follow the map as you navigate. You can get directions easily. Many players thought that this was the first boss and easy to defeat. The game is an action survival game the game will give the instruction but the boss will acquire powers in their region.

So you have to summon the Eikthyr in the other area. While hunting you will find another red box with deer mounted on it.

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To hunt down the Eikthyr you need to first find the deer and hunt the deer. When you kill the deer most times you will get the trophies and these trophies you can use in craft, defeating the boss.

Eikthyr is a big deer creature. When you start the battle with the deer the sky turns a grey thundering start. When the fight begins you can see the big heel bar on the top screen, the eikthyr doesn’t have any healing powers. So whenever you attack it will reduce the energy bar to some extent.

Eikthyr has the three moves and three have the counterattack also.

The first attack is with the horns

The deer can not fly or jump, the only attack is by running. So in the horn attack, the deer will lower the horn and run in your side if you collide with it then you will lose health bar. After the attack, the deer will maintain some distance and then run again and attack you.

To defeat this attack you can block the way, move to another place or hide behind the objects.

Targeted thunder attack

The horn will generate thunder from the sky and shoot in your direction.

The counter-attack is shielded up, get some little damage while the shield is on.

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Area of effect of the thunder ball attack

This attack will generate, the deer will stand on its hind legs and impact the ground with its legs and generate the ballast in your area.

The counterattack you can do is move from the blasted place. The damage will be reduced to some extent.

When the deer is not attacking you can attack with all your potential. When you hit the bullseye in a couple of rows, you will be able to defeat the eikthyr,

When you defeat the Eikthyr you will receive the trophy and the hard antler. The hard antler you can use to make the pickaxe. Which will help you to break the stones. These stone minerals will help you move forward in the game, while cleaning all the rocks in your land you will find the next creature.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find it helpful.

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