Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki Shutting Down

Monster girl encyclopedia wiki will be sacked by the host due to fetish content or you can say fans are getting too horny. For those of you who do not know what is Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki Shutting Down.

Just imagine a world with so many monsters and countless adventures, would be fun right? Now just change those monsters with cute monster girls as well as lots of sex and fan service.

This world is exactly the world of the monster girl encyclopedia, a world filled with cute monster girls so many and of different kinds.

Usually, the entries are filled with fetish fuel or art or text but most of them are not safe to work. So now you know about the monster girl encyclopedia let us talk about why it is being sacked by the host.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki Shutting Down: Fandom new policy

Fandom is a US-based company that is a wiki hosting service that hosts a great number of video games and wikis for entertainment purposes. It was founded in 2004, and since then it is one of the best wiki-hosting services.

Recently fandom updated its community creation policy with a new section that states, that fandom will no longer be hosting pages that are full of fetish content. This policy update is the reason for the removal of the Monster Girl Encyclopedia wiki and is set to be removed on November 24.

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If you visit the MGE wiki page, a pop-up on the lower-left corner of the page says:

Fandom is removing wikis on topics that contain large amounts of sex, nudity, and or fetish material. Even if the wiki itself is kept “clean,” we are still unable to host it. The two-week pause is so you can look for a new host and copy your content there.

The player who swore for “the black guy” told Kotaku that safety was the company’s priority. Since the decision of going out of the MGE Wiki became effective, he failed the community creation policy.

Safety is the priority of Fandom and we ensure that our communities are welcoming every fan who comes to our platform. Fandom announced its new Community Creation policy that entered into effect in October 2021.

Although the emergence of the sex of the two other pornographic subjects is under the impression of being a remark, that policy does not necessarily prohibit you from reading anything or nothing in the face of a question. Following careful review, Monster Girl Encyclopedia [Wiki] violated this policy and was shuttered on November 24, 2021.

The MGE wiki was not able to continue without a fight. A petition was started regarding fandom to continue hosting the MGE and all other wikis, liking the purge of censorship. Even concerned fans were asked by authors of these books to reach out to fandom on social media and ask them to continue hosting the MGE wiki.

Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki Shutting Down

Ochiverde an official, as well as one of the top contributors of the wiki, told Kotaku that MGE wiki staff did not receive any notice of policy change in advance by fandom, and only got to know by the pop-up warning on the lower-left corner of The MGE wiki page.

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Although the community is still fighting to keep the MGE wiki being hosted by fandom. But archived said to the community that The MGE wiki creators are planning to take a new platform Miraheze. For those who don’t know what mirage is, it is also a wiki-hosting service like fandom but it is not based on profits.

Orchiverde said that the incarnation of the new MGE wiki will be more streamlined as they will lose some features of fandom such as image galleries, which are said to be hosted externally and will be linked.

Fandom’s new policy seems uneven and fans are very confused about it. Fans are not able to understand the pattern as some wiki such as bible black, monster Musume contains the same content as the MGE or agent Anika or the monster quest but they are not being removed. Fandom took no action against them.

One of the users of the MGE wiki who usually spends a lot of time there decides to raise his voice for the MGE wiki.

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We must fight for our right to be horny on main and love our monster girls. We must fight for our right to be cultured individuals. Contact Fandom on every platform that you both have, and say that we will not be silenced. Contact them and say that we will not go down without a fight.

This is what he commented.

One of the MGE wiki moderators showed concern about this, he said to Kotaku that If Fandom staff starts cherry-picking which information is acceptable and which isn’t, then quite frankly we’re going down a dangerous path.

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