How to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go?

The empty space in #455 of your Pokedex belongs to Carnivine. The Bug Catcher Pokemon from Generation 4 resembles a Venus flytrap and can only be found in dense forests or marshes. Due to its rarity and availability, many trainers don’t know how to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go.

Possessing a max CP of 2441, Carnivine fails to reach the cap for the Ultra League. It has some utility in the Great League but pales in comparison to the Grass-type metas. Thus, it is a Pokedex feeder but obtaining one is a challenge since it is not only region-exclusive but also habitat-exclusive.

How to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go?

The Global Pokemon Go Fest 2023 featured rotating habitats in the wild. Carnivine was obtainable during the Malachite Wilderness hour alongside Unown variations: A, D, I, M, N, and O. Trainers needed an Incense to attract the Pokemon.

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Go Fest ended on August 27, 2023. This means that the only way to get Carnivine in Pokemon Go is by traveling to the South-East part of the United States which includes Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. The Grass-type Pokemon can be found near trees or shrubs or vines.

Carnivine catch rate in Pokemon Go

During the beginning of Pokemon Go in 2018, Carnvine had a catch rate of 90%. It has been shot down to almost 35%. Nonetheless, it is still a decent catch rate and could be easily obtained with an excellent curveball throw with a Great Ball.

Carnivine moveset and weakness

Carnivine in Pokemon Go is immune to Ground-type Pokemon and takes half damage from Water-, Grass-, and Electric-type Pokemon. However, it has its fair share of weaknesses and takes 2X damage against Flying-, Poison-, Ground-, Ice-, Bug-, and Fire-type attacks.

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Bite (Dark) and Vine Whip (Grass) are good Fast moves that generate moderate energy. As for Carnivine’s Charged Moves, it has Crunch (Dark), Energy Ball (Grass), and Power Whip (Grass). Vine Whip + Power Whip is Carnivine’s best moveset for DPE and STAB.

Carnivine has no evolution. This means that Ninatic will give the unpopular Pokemon a side-eye when it comes to buffing its bulk. With a maximum Defense of 136, there’s no question that the Generation 4 ‘mon is out of the league in PvP and Raids.

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