Where is the Impound Lot in GTA 5 Online

The impound lot is located in south Los Santos at the intersection of Roy Lowenstein Boulevard and Innocence Boulevard.

The parking lot is conveniently located next to the Davis Police Station. It’s also where Franklin gets the tow truck for a side mission with Tonya. The police use impound lots to seize your vehicle after the player is killed and their vehicle is nearby. 

If your vehicle has been taken, you must pay $250 to reclaim it. Once you’ve paid, the gate will open, letting you inside to take your car and be on your way.

impound lot location gta 5
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If you want to steal your vehicle, hop on the fence and drive it straight out. You will be given a two-star wanted level. However, you can keep the car if you make a clean gateway. 

Always keep your vehicle in a garage when not in use. Illegal parking or abandonment, as well as irritating the LSPD, will result in it being impounded. But now that you know where the impound lot is, you should be able to get it back if that happens.

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Is there only one impound lot in GTA 5?

In GTA San Andreas, impound lots were present at each police headquarters in 3 cities. However, GTA 5 has only one impound lot on the whole map. The only other impound garage is the LSPD Auto Impound, which Franklin may purchase for $150,000.

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