How To Get Pikachu Libre in Pokemon Go?

Considered one of the rarest characters, Pikachu Libre in Pokemon Go is a unique Electric-type that also has Fighting and Fairy abilities. The female Pokemon has a max CP of 1060 at level 50. Despite being useless in the Go Leagues, it is a prized possession – a trophy rather – for the best trainers in the PvP scenes.

Pikachu Libre is a take from the Mexican wrestling word ‘libre’ that means freestyle wrestling. Bulbapedia defines it as a “small masked fighter overflowing with fighting spirit.” Obtaining the Pikachu wearing a luchador mask requires daily grinds in Go but avid trainer battle lovers can obtain it within a week.

Pikachu Libre Pokemon Go
Image Credit: Niantic

Requirements to get Pikachu Libre in Pokemon Go

Currently, the only way to get Pikachu Libre in Pokemon Go is by reaching Rank 20 in the Go Battle Leagues. Trainers that reach this rank will be rewarded with a special encounter featuring the luchador Pokemon.

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Unfortunately, Niantic removed the orange-hued Shiny Pikachu Libre from Pokemon Go on March 2022. It was an incredibly rare variant. Trainers, who only got one Pikachu Libre in the entire game, were frustrated about the odds for the shiny.

Pikachu Libre is useful in special Go Battle League events that have a CP cap of 500. Thunder Shock and Thunder Punch provide STAB and fulfill an Electric-type role. Charm Quick Attack (20 DPS) could be used to inflict damage pressure on opponents. Flying Press and Rough Play aren’t useful as Libre faints before it can fire one.

How to get Pikachu Libre easily in Pokemon Go?

Obviously, the best way to get Pikachu Libre in Pokemon Go is by regularly competing and winning in Go Battle Leagues. It is easier said than done but keep researching the new metas and exploring different teams to get the right play.

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Here are a few guides on the metas for Pokemon Go Leagues.

Go Battle Leagues are also a great way to earn Stardust, Candy and have encounters with rare Pokemon. Keep grinding till you reach the top.

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