How To Get Frost in Warframe 

The Frost Warframe is Punisher and Protector and carries Offensive and Defensive attack types. He can help you to win a battle with his offensive and defensive tactics. Frost Warframe Ability is to generate moisture and vapour in an environment that creates a kind of defence and has lethal attacks.

During battles, Frost Warframe owns the Blizzards that pummel and freeze the enemies.  Frost Warframe Build will require Main Blueprint, Chassis Blueprint, Systems Blueprint, and Neuroptics Blueprint. To get that you have to defeat two bosses.

If you don’t know how to get Frost in Warframe then follow the Guide to know all about Warframe Frost. 

How to Get the Frost in Warframe?

To get the Frost Warframe Crafting material required is Main Blueprint, Chassis Blueprint, System Blueprint, and Neuroptics Blueprint. To get all that blueprint you need to defeat the two bosses, Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Vor.

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During Exta, Ceres Mission you need to defeat Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Vor to get Frost’s Components, other than Forst’s Component you can also get the Milter’s part and Twin Gremlins Blueprint. 

Specter at Ceres Junction
Digital Extremes

To get access to Ceres, you have to defeat the Specter at Ceres Junction, Mars. 

Lieutenant Lech Kril is not easy to defeat, he was a previous war hero and he operates the Gorgon and Brokk. Whereas Captain Vor operates his Seer Pistol and Cronus Sword. 

The Grineer Duo is hard to defeat when both are attacking simultaneously. But if you separate them and attack them one by one then you have certain chances to defeat them. As you separate the duo first then assassinate Captain Lore and then go for the Lech Kril. 

As you get Access to the Ceres, you have to assassinate Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Vor. As you assassinate them as a drop, you will receive the components of the Frost Warframe. You can purchase the Frost Main Blueprint from the Market with 375 Platinum. The chances of getting are as 

  • Chassis Blueprint – 38.72%
  • Systems Blueprint – 22.56%
  • Neuroptic Blueprint – 38.72%
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Frost Warframe Crafting Materials

Below are the items that you need to craft the Frost in Warframe.

Frost Main Blueprint

  • Credits: 25000
  • Neuropticsx1
  • Chassisx1
  • Systemx1
  • Orokin Cellsx1 

It will take 3 days to craft, but you can rush it by Spending 50 Platinum.

Frost Neuroptics Blueprint

  • Credits: 15000
  • Alloy Platex150
  • Neural Sensorsx1
  • Polymer Bundlex150
  • Rubedox500 

It will take 12 hours to cast, but you can rush crafting by spending 25 platinum. 

Frost Chassis Blueprint

  • Credits: 15000
  • Morphicsx1
  • Ferritex1000
  • Rubedox300

It will take 12 hours to cast, but you can rush crafting by spending 25 platinum. 

Frost System Blueprint

  • Credits; 15000
  • Control Modulex1
  • Morphicsx1
  • Salvagex500
  • Plastidesx500 

It will take 12 hours to cast, but you can rush crafting by spending 25 platinum. 

How to Get the Resources to Build Frost Warframe?

Here, you can see we have mentioned a list of items to Build Frost Warframe, but if you don’t where to locate them, follow this table:

Resources Location
Orokin CellsVoid
Alloy PlatesVenus, Jupiter, Sedna, Ceres, Phobos, Pluto
Neural SensorJupiter, Kuva Fortress
Polymer BundlesMercury, Venus, Uranus
RubedoPhobos, Earth, Pluto, Europa, Sedna, Void
MorphicsMercury, Mars, Europa, Pluto
FerriteEarth, Mercury, Neptune, Void
Control ModuleNeptune, Europa, Void
SalvageMars, Jupiter, Sedna
PlastidsSaturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, Eris

All you need to know about the Frost Warframe

You can say the Frost Warframe is the coolest Warframe when Frost Warframe appears on the battlefield the enemies experience a chill for a moment.

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There are countless reasons that you need the Frost Warframe such as – Crowd Control, Protect Objectives, and Increase Survivability, when Frost attacks with melee on enemies, there is a 10% chance that enemies freeze for 20 seconds.

Other than freezing enemies, frost has Ice Wave, Snow Globe, and Avalanche abilities. Also if you don’t require Frost Warframe anymore you can sell it for 10000 credits. 


Frost, to get the Components and blueprints you have to do the Exta Mission, in the Exta mission you need to defeat the two bosses, Lieutenant Lech Kril and Captain Lore.

To defeat them you have to follow the method of Divide and Rule, where you need to first separate them and defeat them one by one.

Also, mentioned the drop rate of blueprints. Later you will need some crafting material which details are mentioned in the tables, and lastly why you should have the Frost Warframe. That’s all from this guide. 

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