How to Make a Leash on Minecraft?

Leads in Minecraft are very useful for players to search and look for mobs or animals in a particular area.

Players can easily make leads through slime and string. They can be tied to any passive mob except for Ocelots, Villagers, and Bats and can be pulled by players anytime. They can also get attached to boats.

Below I will tell you how to make a leash on Minecraft and how they can be helpful to players in the game, so stay tuned and keep reading the article below.

Crafting Lead in Minecraft

Follow the steps below to make leads in Minecraft.

craft lead in minecraft
  • Find one slimeball they can be found by defeating slimes that appear in underground caves or swamps.
  • Next step is to get strings, 4 in total. Strings can be found in treasure chests, or you can make them with cobwebs present in mines or get them by defeating spiders.
  • On a crafting table, place 2 strings in the first two boxes on the topmost row. After that, put 1 string and 1 slimeball in the boxes present underneath. Then, place one String inside the final box in the row below.
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How To Craft Lead in Minecraft without Slime?

There can be some instances where players may not be able to get slimes from the biomes of swamps to make leads. However, another method can be used to create leads in Minecraft without slimes. For this, you must kill llamas or traders. Now, it’s up to the players who they want to kill to get the leads.

This method can sound harsh or cruel, but it’s the only way to get a lead without getting slime, and there is no other alternative other than this in the game.

How are leads useful in Minecraft?

Leads can be very helpful to players in Minecraft because they can help bring different kinds of mobs and animals to specific locations you wish for in the game.

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