Elden Ring: Guide To Seek Three Wise Beasts Locations Puzzle

The Elden Ring map is dotted with three towers – Oridis Rise, Testus Rise, and Chelonas Rise – each with a sign on the outside that reads “Look for the three intelligent beasts.” The diary on the podium at the entrance to Chelonas Rise reads “Looking for the Three Beasts of Wisdom”, which will allow you to enter the tower with permission. 

This guide will show you how to solve the Search for the three wise Beasts puzzle Elden Ring’s Testus Rise Tower in Elden Ring’s Testus Rise Tower. Therefore, we’ll explain where to find the three wise monsters and how to get to the Elden Ring Tetsus’ Rise in this article.

sorcerers isle three wise beasts

Testu’s Rise: Seek Three Wise Beasts Location

The first Tetsus Rise turtle spirit can be found to the left of the entrance on the north side of Sorcerer’s Island. Tetsus Rise is situated on a sizable island north of Raya Lucaria Academy in Elden Ring, toward Liurnia of the Lakes. Tetsus Rise is a undersized tower on Wizard Island in Elden Rings Liurnia of the Lakes that houses a Memory Stone for those who can decode her riddle and break her magical seal.

The Three Wise Beasts are septal turtles found around Oridis Rise, and as you might guess, there are three of them.In the western part of the Chelonas rise, on the edge of the cliff, is the first turtle that can be found hanging from the cliff.

The first turtle is located close to some rocks to the left of the Testus Tower entrance. From the main gate, look behind Chitsu’s Climb Tower for the second turtle.

Then, on the south side of Testus Rise in Elden Ring, you’ll find another turtle walking under the rocks, further up the cliff.Read the note that is located at the foot of the tower’s stairs.

“Seek three wise beasts,” the message instructs. Read the note, then ascend the stairs and move toward the sealed door. As a result, tree turtles will begin to spawn nearby. To unlock the door, you must locate and strike the three turtles.

How To Solve the “Seek Three Wise Beasts” Puzzle?

The three ghost turtles and the tower are located on a plateau above the villages of Liurnia and Albinauri. It’s unclear if the disappearance was intentional or random, but by rereading the inscription outside this tower, it should be possible for the three ghost turtles to reappear.

Players of the Elden Ring can find Testus Rise just north of Raya Lucaria Academy, where the boss fights the full moon queen Rennala.

You may be able to find the turtle on the left side of the tower, which is actually north of the tower. To find the turtle beneath the cliff, go to the tower’s right side (South of the tower). Shoot an arrow at the turtle.

To discover the turtle perched on a tree, head east of the tower and behind the tower. Shoot an arrow at the turtle. The tower can be opened by striking the three turtles. Step into the tower and ascend the ladder. At the shelter of the tower is a chest retaining a Memory Stone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where are the 3 beasts Elden Ring?

The location for the towers where you can find them are: Testu’s Rise,Oridys’s Rise, and Chelona’s Rise. The doors to each tower are locked until you locate and kill three spectral turtles.

Where are the three wise beasts Sorcerer’s Isle?

You must first travel to Tetsu’s Rise, which is located in the Liurnia Region in the Elden Ring close to Sorcerer’s Isle. To go to Tetsu’s Rise in Liurnia, you must keep climbing all the way up to the north.

Where are the three wise beasts at Chelonas rise?

Directly behind Chelona’s Rise, it is situated. The enormous smart beast is always located where there are few common tortoises roaming around on the right side of the structure. You can see it hanging onto the side of the cliff if you look just over the edge.

How do you solve the Elden Ring in Tetsus rise?

You must locate three wise monsters in order to solve the Tetsu’s Rise challenge in Elden Ring. The three tortoise spirits can be found on the island, according to this enigmatic hints. You must solve the puzzle for Tetsu’s Rise at night in order to see the ghosts at the locations indicated above.

The total number of bosses will be in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring includes nearly a hundred boss fights, however only 12 boss fights are necessary to finish the tale.

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