When Did Valorant Come Out?

Riot Games has delivered some popular games such as League of Legends, Ruined King, Valorant and more. Mostly LOL and Valorant get more successful than other games. Since the release of Valorant a first-person shooting game that allows PC players to get a similar gaming experience as Overwatch.

If you’re wondering about when Riot Games released the Valorant and more. Then don’t worry simply read our guide.

when did valorant come out

When did Valorant come out?

Valorant was introduced on June 2, 2020, for PC. It’s a 5v5 character multiplayer shooter the concept of this game is simple you can pick one of the playable agents in the game. You can be an Attacker or a Defender. The attacking team needs to plant the Spike (bombs) in the area of the defender team. The game is ended in the following ways.

The Spike is planted and detonated, and the attacker or defender defeated 5 players of the other team or the defender defuses the spike. These are the 3 ways the game ends and the team wins. More importantly, there are 8 different maps in Valorant which means players never get bored while playing it.

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There is a total of 25 agents who can play at the same time and each round of the game is last for 100 seconds. However, if all agents are eliminated then the game will end instantly. Before starting the round there is a 30-second pre-phase in which the player can pick up the weapons and arrange the loadout.

Unfortunately, Valorant does not available for the Xbox and PlayStation its only PC exclusive. Riot Games does not release any official statement about when they going to announce Valorant for both consoles.

There are a total of 20 Agents in the Valorant that players can select from and in future, we may see new agents. This is sum up when did Valorant come out to guide for more helpful content do read our Valorant Guides.

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