Mega Gardevoir Pokemon Go Raid Guide: Stats, counters, and meta build


Niantic introduced four new moves in Pokemon Go in Season 12 and Gardevoir was most affected by the change. A ‘Charming’ meta-breaker, it has gotten more recognition in the PvP stages due to its access to Triple Axel Charged Move. Players can obtain the Embrace Pokemon during the Mega Gardevoir raids. As part of the … Read more

How To Get Mega Diancie in Pokemon Go?

Mega Diancie in Pokemon Go

Another Mega Evolution will make its Pokemon Go debut during the Go Fest 2023. Tagging alongside Mega Raquaza, Mega Diancie will be available in Raids in London, Osaka, and New York City. The dual Rock/Fairy Pokemon headlined the Special Research events for the event but the news of its Mega evolutions has taken trainers by … Read more

Pokemon Go: Mega Tyranitar Raid Guide

Pokemon Go Mega Tyranitar

The Mega form of Tyranitar has finally appeared in Pokemon Go. Based on the Armor Pokemon that wreaked havoc in the anime Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, fighting Pikachu, Noivern and Volcanion simultaneously, Pokemon Go’s Mega Tyranitar is true to its nature and form. It has an impressive bulk and a CP cap that proves to … Read more

How To Get Mega Altaria in Pokemon Go Raid

Mega Altaria Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO has a variety of in-game elements that keep players engaged in the game’s gameplay. The game offers something for everyone to enjoy, including local and remote raid opportunities. The game still has a number of in-game events despite the ongoing bugs and problems that players encounter. Mega Raids is one of these occasions, … Read more