My Tiny Island Game Guide: Tips For Beginners

My Tiny Island Game is a roll & write game that can be played digitally. In this game, dice are used in place of cards. It helps to generate the random items that you get to draw. If you want to create your island you have to turn the cards over and pick what and where do you want to draw the items.

For getting a memo of how each fracture works you need to mouse over the images on the cards. You may share a picture of your tiny island along with your score with #MyTinyIslands and then you will be able to compare it with other players.

What Is The My Tiny Island Game And Its Features

My Tiny Island Game is an action game that can be played online. In this game, you, have to struggle for your survival. You have to survive on a small island amidst nowhere and there will be some enemies near you.  You have to search for food and collect or find out all the things that you require if you wish to survive or live.

my tiny island game

The Features Of My Tiny Island Game

The features of this game My Tiny Island are very much unique. They are as follows:

  • The game is very easy to play and there are no such intricate controls that you have to face available in this game. 
  • Your projectiles and shield can be leveled up by you.
  •   You will find all of this on an individual screen.
  •  If you have a piece of time to murder you just play this game is in brief breaks.
  • The pixel art of this fame is supposed to be very much cute and vibrant.
  • It is nothing but a simple game that has a lot of depth.
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What The Beginners Should Do

The beginners should follow the simple below-mentioned points if they want to play the game very well:

Set Up Shelter For Boosting Up Energy

When you will do some work like collecting stones, mining rocks, or chopping trees, you will have to lose a heart. It means you are losing energy. You will be able to find the hearts in the top and the left corner of the screen. If you lose all your heart you will not be able to work anymore.

The survivor has to recharge himself to gain energy to work. For this, he has to, make a shelter with a certain amount of wood he has collected. Behind fathering three wood you will be capable to construct a sanctuary on the first island. To chop down the smaller trees and gather wood you should use a shovel.

You can just enter the shelter when you lose all of a few hearts to boost your energy up.

Unlock Extra Heart Slots

Hearts are the sign of your energy. When the survivor dies some work he loses his heart. Then the survivor has to enter a shelter to boss up the energy that he lost fit choosing, mining, gathering, etc.

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The survivor will obtain only four hearts at the beginning. If you do only four works you will lose the four hearts very quickly. So you have to enter the shelter again and again for refilling your hearts. If you can unlock some extra heart slots you will get more hearts.

While you explore the island you have to find three colorful creatures if you want to gain extra slots. After finding them yin needs to tap on them. They will give you an extra heart slot by exchanging coins. The more heart slots you gain the more energy you have which will help you to do more work to clear the forest and gain more resources.

Gain Coins

You will require coins for purchasing the different heart slots from those 3 creatures. You will be capable to obtain coins by following the patterns in the My Tiny Island Game.

From The Treasure Chest

You will find the treasure chest occurring on the lower right side of the screen at recurring recesses. After visiting the one you then have to tap on it and then tap on the green color check mark for overseeing a 30-second video. When you will finish watching the video you will get rewards. It does give extra resources like wood, stones, and iron. You have to the base right hub of the screen for discovering treasure chests.

From the trader

You have to find the trader while you explore. You may discover the trader while you chop trees to remove the island. If you tap on the trader a market window will appear on the screen where you can sell your resources and get coins. You can sell anything that you have gathered like wood, iron, stones, etc.

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Stop Enemies

The enemies will always try to steal your resources. They are very quick and will run away with the things before you come to collect them. There are 2 different ways to stop the foes:

Fight them

You can fight them with a sword. You have to find the bald man who supplies swords and other weapons. For getting the sword you must have 30 wood and 5 stones. If they tempt you, you will lose a heart.

Build a barricade

You can build a barricade around the area where the enemies attack frequently. You will also find an outline around the area where the enemies wander frequently.

Craft Higher Grade Tools

In the My Tiny Island Game you will find some trees that can not be chopped. For cutting this, you will need a higher-grade tool such as axes, shovels, pickaxes, and swords. You can craft them after building the smelter.

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