How To Get Hammer Charges in Destiny 2?

Hammer Charges in Destiny 2 are needed to focus on new Shadow Engrams to contain
Season of the Chosen loot.

With the medallion of challenge stuck in the hammer, head back to the Vanguard playlist page, and a Battlegrounds playlist will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen for you to select.

Here we’ll help you in getting Hammer Charges in Destiny 2 quickly. So, please read the full post and get the most out of it.

How to Unlock Hammer of Proving?

The only way to unlock hammer charges is to open one of the tribute chests at the end of a
new quest. There is no point in accumulating stacks of hammers since you will be actively
participating in battles this Season.

When you open the group of chests with the Challenger Medallion, destroy the trial hammer to create a hammer charge. Just farm Cabal Gold, enter the mod, destroy the Battlefield Chest at the end of the mission, and use hammer charges to create your own Shadowy Concentrated Engram.

Each time a table’s reputation increases, players will unlock new perks and ranks, including
upgrades to earn Cabal gold, the number of stacks a hammer can hold, etc.

hammer charges destiny 2

None of the 30 upgrades will significantly speed up gold stacks or hammers. Still, Boon Chests I and Boot

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Chests III grants additional gold for completing Battlegrounds, and Rune of Trials III will
increase efficiency the most. It can reward an additional hammer charge when passing the

Upgrade the nodes on your hammer’s range by increasing the stacks your loot hammer can
hold, which is required for high-level focus, to increase the chances of dropping shadow
engrams and additional opportunities to earn click gold.

How to Get Hammer of Proving Charges?

You will need to complete the Challengers Proving mission and return to the war table to get the hammer. After gaining enough reputation to upgrade the Table of Wars to the second level, the affected Guardians will have access to the first of the hammer upgrades.

Once you equip the Mod Hammer of your choice, you will need to complete the Battlegrounds mission.

To get the Test Charge Hammer, you will need to use the Test Hammer to destroy the trophy
chest at the end of the combat mission.

This upgrade, Bounty Chest 1, grants Cabal Gold to Guardians when use the Hammer of Trials to open Boon Chests during battlefield events. The new progression system for Season of the Chosen is the Hammer of Challenge.

With the medallion inserted, destroy the test chests at the end of combat missions to get a charge in the hammer. You need to complete one of these missions, and you should have enough to insert the summoning medallion into the hammer.

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To charge the Test Hammer, you will have to go through the most challenging option (1, kill the boss and, with the stuck medallion, destroy the Box of Tribute that appears at the end of the task.

To get the charge of the Test Hammer, you must use the Hammer of Proof to break the Box of Tribute at the end of Battlefield missions.

How to earn Cabal Gold?

Complete three War Table reputation challenges to make the Hammer of Proof more powerful, and play Destiny 2 to collect Cabal Gold.

However, to make the Hammer of Trials useful in the new Battlefield activity, you must first enter the Hammer of Trials with the Challenger’s Medallion was obtained by earning 14 Cabal Gold.

After completing the introductory mission and then completing the Challengers Proving mission, players will receive a mission to collect Cabal gold by equipping the Test Hammer.

Obtain Cabal Gold by doing different activities or missions in the game; a few of them include the following:

  • Blind Well
  • Crucible
  • Dungeons
  • Gambit
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Nightfall Strikes
  • Public Events
  • Raids
  • Strikes

You’ll be rewarded with more Cabal Gold at the end of the mission if you do the more strenuous activity. You can also obtain Cabal Gold when you destroy a Tribute Chest when you have the Tribute Chest enhancements.

How to use the Hammer of Proving?

While holding a Shadow Engram, you can spend several Legendary Shards and one Hammer Charge to concentrate that Shadow into an Elite Weapon or Elite Regalia Engram.

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These are two new items (Cabal Gold and Hammer Charges) that you will need to collect if you want to unlock Season 13 gear and the Focus Umbral Engrams ability.

When you’re ready, complete any of the Battlegrounds missions and, in the end, use your hammer to destroy one of the crates next to the central chest (there are three chests, one for each fireteam member, but you can only destroy one).

After you unlock it and fill it with an engraved Aspirant’s Medal, we’ll talk about it soon; you can use the hammer to smash the crates at the end of the battlefield activities.

The Challengers of Evidence Seasonal Mission instructs you to use the Destiny 2 Trial Hammer to Plunder Cabal Gold; once collected through the quest chain, it will automatically activate and equip it whenever you need to use it at the tax office.

This is the end of this short guide.

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