Omori Emotion Chart | How To Use Emotions

Omori is a role-playing video game and there are different types of emotions available within the game that represents the character’s strengths and weaknesses during the fight. If you wondering how do Omori Emotion chart works then you’re on the correct platform. Here we featured information that help you to know how does Omori emotion chart works and how you can use it.

How Does Omori Emotion Chart Work?

The players will be able to get this emotion in the Omori if they get able to defeat two “happy sprout mole enemies”. The players will be able to show their strength, weakness, happiness, and as well as sadness in the fight in the game with the help of this emotion.

Omori Emotion Chart
Omori Emotion Chart

Happy Emotion

In this game, Omori’s ‘happy’ is very strong against the angriness and the weak are strong against the sadness.

EmotionsIncrease RatesHit Rate
Happy 200 Percent Luck nad 125 Percent SpeedReduce 10% Hit Rate
Ecstatic 300 Percent Luck nad 150 Percent SpeedReduce 20% Hit Rate
Manic 400 Percent Luck nad 200 Percent SpeedReduce 30% Hit Rate

With the help of this happy emotion, the players will be able to increase their speed and their luck but they have to reduce their hit rate in the game.

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The emotion happy has three kinds of levels in the game. The first one is the ‘happy’ then the ‘ecstatic’ and the last one is the ‘manic’.

In the state of the game Omori, there was a party member named Kel. The Kel is associated most closely with happiness. He will be able to move faster and do more strong damage.

Sad Emotion in Omori

The emotion of sadness is stronger than the emotion of happiness and weaker than anger in the game of Omori.

EmotionsIncrease RatesHit Rate & Defence
SadIncreases 125% Defense, Reduce 80% SpeedReduce 30 % Defence
DepressedIncreases 135% Defense, Reduce 65% SpeedReduce 50% Defence
MiserableIncreases 150% Defense, Reduce 50% SpeedReduce 100% Defence

The players will be able to increase the defense but they have to reduce their speed of the sad emotion.

If the plates are damaged to their heart then it will be part of this damage and will be dealt to skill stamina.

As the happy emotion has three levels, the sad emotion has also three levels in the game. Those are ‘sad’, ‘depressed’, and ‘miserable’.

In the state of the Omori game, the party member named Hero is associated most closely with sadness. The hero can make more hits in this game.

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Angry Emotions in Omori

Angry is stronger than sad and weaker than happy emotion in the Omori game.

With help of angry emotion, the players will be able to increase their attacking power but they have to reduce the defenses.

EmotionsIncrease RatesHit Rate & Defence
Angry Increase 130% AttackReduce 50 % Defence
Enraged Increase 150% AttackReduce 30% Defence
Furious Increase 200% AttackReduce 15% Defence

Like the above two, the angry also has three levels as well. Those are the ‘angry’, ‘enraged’, and the ‘furious’.

In the state of the Omori game, the party member named Aubrey is associated most closely with anger emotion. Aubrey can deal with more damage in this game.

Other Emotions In Omori

Except for the happy, sad and angry emotions, there are more emotions available in the Omori game. Those are:

Afraid Emotion:

In this game Omori, the players will be able to get afraid emotion. Afraid emotion cannot be inflicted on the party member or the enemies in the game. Normally this emotion affects only the characters while they are in certain beats of the story. Afraid has two levels in the game. Those are afraid and the stressed out.

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Neutral Emotion:

The players will be able to start all the encounters with the help of neutral emotion in the state of this game unless some special condition has been applied. The p[layers will be able to operate all their skills at the base level with the Neutral emotion.

How The Players will be able to Inflict the Emotion on the Omori

The party members of this game have unique skills of their own. These skills can affect these emotions during the battle between the two friends and the enemies.

  • In this game, Omori will be able to use sad poems for the enemies and friends to make them sad.
  • Aubrey uses the ‘pep talk’ for the friends and the enemies to make them happy.
  • Kel uses the ‘annoy’ for the friends and enemies to make them angry.
  • Hero uses the massage for their friends and enemies to remove any one emotion from their emotion list.
  • If in the state the party members get able to up their levels then they will be able to unlock some skills, which will affect the emotions like:
  • His skill of team spirit of Aubrey makes happy Aubrey and other party members at level 11.
  • In level 19, the painful truth skill of Omori will make sad Omori and the other targets in the game.
  • His megaphone skill of Kel will make angry all the party members except Kel at the level of 20.
  • In level 22 Hero will be ankle to use enchant and will be able to draw the next attack of the enemies towards himself.

Rewards In Omori:

  • Calm coins after defeating a happy enemy.
  • An experience of defeating the angry enemy.
  • XP bonus by beating sad enemies.
  • That is all about the emotions in Omori.

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