Remnant 2: How To Get Acidic Jawbone 

Image credit: Gearbox Publishing

Acidic Jawbone are crafting material in Remnant 2. You can obtain Acidic Jawbone by defeating the boss. To get that you have to battle with Tal Ratha. The Acidic Jawbone can get you a melee weapon. That weapon will explode the toxic gas on the enemy. Now, to get that you have to reach the … Read more

Hollow Knight Greenpath: Hornet, Mothwing Clock and more

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Certainly, revisiting Greenpath in Hollow Knight marks a significant milestone in your journey through the intricate game world. This dense, toxin-filled biome not only introduces a more challenging environment with enhanced platforming elements but also sets the stage for encounters with new adversaries and the acquisition of vital abilities. Arriving at Greenpath map involves uncovering … Read more