POE: Where To Find Arena Master?

Do you have difficulty finding where the Arena Master is in POE? Then don’t worry, you’re at the right place, and I will guide you on how to find the Arena Master and more in the action role-playing game Path of Exile.

Arena Master is a Title for the players and can be found in the maps influenced by Drox, The warlord. The Arena Master has one special ability. Let’s see where the Arena Master pis and his ability in Path of Exile.

Where is Arena Master in POE?

Arena Master POE
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Arena Master, who is he? Arena Master is a title for the players. He is a guy who wears a Horned Helmet and has a Red gladius sword and shield. He bangs on this shield so he can apply his buff. Don’t confuse him with the Arena Champion. They are two different guys in Path of Exile. The main difference is that the Arena Champion doesn’t bluff, but the Arena Master does.

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The Arena Master steps out of the portals in maps influenced by Drox, the warlord (yellow influence). Arena Masters are pretty common and usually appear in almost every Drox map

The other way to summon the Arena Master if you don’t have a Drox map is to use a Desecrate gem while raising them for the first time, and it will “safeguard” the corpses of your previously raised specters.

What is the buff?

When the arena master bands their shield, they will apply a buff to the nearby allies. This buff grants +40% increased attack, movement, and cast speed. This will give a massive boost to the allies. The buff can be applied every 8 seconds and lasts 3.5 seconds. You can also spawn another Arena Master exactly seconds after the first one.

Arena Master Allies 

The primary and only ability of an arena master is to empower his allies 

Arena Master Bosses:

  • Merveil 
  • Vaal Oversoul 
  • Dominus 
  • Malachai 
  • Avarius 
  • The Brine King 
  • Arakaali 
  • Solaris and Lunaris 
  • The Depraved Trinity 
  • Kitava 
  • Izaro 
  • Atziri
  • Sirius
  • The Maven 
  • The Elder
  • The SHaper 
  • Uber Elder 
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Unique Monsters: 

  • Rogue Exiles 
  • Beyond Demons 
  • Tormented Spirits 
  • Warbands Harbingers 
  • Map Bosses 
  • League Bosses 
  • Unique Monsters 

That’s all you need to know about the Arena Master and where to find him in Path of Exile. Hope it cleared all your queries.

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