Pokemon Go: How To Get Platinum Kanto Medal

The All in One #151 Masterwork Research needs the completion of some of the most challenging tasks to get a Shiny Mew. One of them is obtaining a Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon Go – a badge sought-after by the most ardent trainers. It requires trainers to catch some of the rarest Pokemon while filling the Pokedex one by one.

For those unaware, the Masterwork Research will be purchasable until the end of the Pokemon Go 7th Anniversary Party at 8 PM LT on July 12. The exclusive-research ticket can be bought for USD $5 or the currency equivalent to that of your country. For more information about the four Steps in the mission, check this guide.

platinum kanto medal
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How to get Platinum Kanto Medal in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Platinum Kanto Medal can be obtained by catching each of the 151 Kanto region Pokemon. These include some of the most elusive or tricky catches, such as Mewto, Ditto, Abra, and need the evolutions of every starter. They can be obtained via Trade, Raids, or wild Pokemon captures – the main goal is to complete the first 151 entries in the Pokedex.

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Most difficult Pokemon to catch for the Platinum Kanto Medal

Some of the vacant Pokedex entries could be a headache for trainers since the Pokemon are either region-exclusive, exclusive as a reward for event research, or generally have a low catch rate. Given below is a list that could assist you in capturing the said Pokemon to obtain the Platinum Kanto Medal.

  • Kangaskhan: Found in Australia, mostly in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide. It can be caught during special events. Spawn Rate is boosted by Partly Cloudy weather
  • Farfetch’d: Found in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Hong Kong. Farfecth’d along with its Galarian form can be captured in a Tier 3 Raid or in 7 KM Eggs.
  • Poliwag: It has an increased spawn rate in the rain and near waterbodies. Poliwag has a base flee rate of 15% and a catch rate of 30%. The Water-type ‘mon is believed to headline the Community Day on July 30.
  • Ditto: Extremely difficult to find as it doesn’t hatch from eggs or is available in Raids. Read this guide to know about its several disguises and tricks to catch a Ditto.
  • Marowak: Obtainable in 3-Star Raids. Rarely found in the wild. Spawn Rate boosted in Foggy and Sunny weather.
  • Tauros: Available only in USA and Canada but can be found globally during events. Completing Research Tasks could also lead to a Tauros encounter.
  • Mr. Mime: Region-locked to Europe. Players can also evolve Mime Jr. (obtainable from 5 KM eggs) into Mr. Mime by feeding it 50 Candies.
  • Kabutops: A Super Rare Pokemon to be found in the wild. The best bet is to evolve a Kabuto into Kabutops by using 50 Candy. Kabuto has a high spawn rate in Partly Cloudy and Rainy weather.
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Most difficult legendary Pokemon to catch for the Platinum Kanto Medal

The last eight entries in the Kanto region Pokedex have been occupied by legendary Pokemon. Some of them require participation in Raids while others need to be caught after completing paid Research events. Given below is a list that could assist you in capturing the Kantonian legendaries and get the Pokemon Go Platinum Kanto Medal.

  • Aerodactyl/Shadow Aerodactyl: Guaranteed encounter if you beat Go Rocket Leader Cliff. Aerodactyl can also be found by completing the Field Research task of completing five Raid battles.
  • Articuno: Currently found in Tier-5 Raids (July 6 -July 13).
  • Moltres: Currently found in Tier-5 Raids (July 6 -July 13).
  • Zapdos: Currently found in Tier-5 Raids (July 6 -July 13).
  • Dragonite: Usually found near landmarks and waterbodies. Read this guide for a complete analysis of how to catch a Dragonite in Pokemon Go.
  • Mewto: Found in Tier 5 Raid Battles or after defeating Go Rocket Boss Giovanni.
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Trainers will get Shiny Mew after completing Step 3 of the Masterwork Research. The Shiny Mew in-game shirt is rewarded after collecting the rewards in Step 4.

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