All 7 Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seeds Locations (2024)

Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seeds: In a lost ark most of the Mokoko seeds are available on the ground, the Mokoko seeds are easy to locate. The seeds will be shining from above ground level and to get the Mokoko seeds you have to approach the seed then press and hold the G key till the bar gets full.

After that, you can see the Mokoko seed in inventory, and also you can reward it when you reach the particular numbers.

But in a wonderful brewery, Mokoko seed locations are not that simple. They are not on the ground to find them if you have to do action.

Let’s find out how many mokoko seeds you will get from the wonderful brewery dungeon lost ark and the location of mokoko seeds in the wonderful brewery dungeon lost ark.  

How To Get The Mokoko Seeds from a Wonderful Brewery’s

Wonderful brewery mokoko seed location is quite different from other locations. When you visit the other dungeons in the lost ark you can find them directly.

But with wonderful brewery dungeons is not that simple. Like you will enter the location and find the seed in front of you.

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In the wonderful brewery mokoko, the seed location is inside the barrels. So to get the Mokoko seed you have to break the different barrels in dungeons. Also, all the barrels are breakable in the wonderful brewery dungeon. 

How Many Mokoko Seeds Are There in Wonderful Brewery Dungeons? 

In the wonderful brewery dungeon, you have to break the barrels to get the mokoko seeds. There are a total of seven mokoko seeds in the dungeons. Inside the dungeon, you can also find some enemies. To get the Mokoko seed you have to defeat them and also break the barrels.

If you are thinking that you will only break the required barrels to get the mokoko seeds then you have to come back down to break the barrels at last.

To complete this mission in one go try to break every possible barrel. If you couldn’t do that then you will not get the one Mokoko seeds, this is little heads up before you enter the dungeon,  

In Wonderful brewery Mokoko Seeds Location in Lost Ark

There are a total of seven locations and the location of mokoko seeds are protected by the guards there. Also after defeating them you have to break the barrels too.  

The location of Mokoko seed in the wonderful brewery is mentioned below. Go through it for the exact place.   

First Location of Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seeds

The first location is in the small room, in the small you will meet indar. To get seed you have to drink with the indar and be sober too. After that you have to enter the bigger room, this room will have chickens in it.

Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seeds

To unlock the next room and find the mokoko seed you have to kill the chickens and destroy all the barrels present there. As you perform these tasks the door will unlock. When you can unlock the door a yellow arrow will appear on the screen.

lost ark wonderful brewery mokoko seeds

The arrow will direct you to jump from the height to the liquor storage area. After jumping you have to head east where you find two Mokoko seeds in that locations.  

wonderful brewery mokoko seeds

Second Location of Mokoko Seeds Wonderful Brewery 

The second location for mokoko seed is located on the balcony, where you will find your third mokoko seed. But it’s not easy like you get the first two Mokoko seeds.

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To get the third Mokoko seed you have to face the mob. The third location is on the balcony, the mokoko seed will be hiding behind the red curtain, but when you reach, be aware of the mob.

As you reach the curtain the hidden mob will attack you to defeat the see. You have to face them off and grab the mokoko seed from the ground. To unlock the further mokoko seed in the wonderful brewery dungeon you have to kill all three imps there.  

Third Location of Mokoko Seed Wonderful Brewery 

This location will unlock the other seed from here, when you kill a standing hungover imp in front of the red curtain, you can get the other two seeds from here.  

wonderful brewery mokoko seeds lost ark
wonderful brewery mokoko seeds

Fourth Location Mokoko Seed Wonderful Brewery 

There is one secret location inside the dungeons to get one Mokoko seed. To collect that you have to move three which are present in front of the door. As you move three wheels you will be able to collect the next seed from there, this hidden location there so if you missed this you can complete it now in the wonderful brewery dungeon.  

lost ark mokoko seeds wonderful brewery

Fifth and Sixth Location of Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seeds

Now a red arrow will appear on your screen, you have to follow the arrow to get the fifth and sixth seeds from the wonderful brewery dungeon in the Lost Ark.

ark of arrogance lost ark mokoko seeds

Seventh Location of Wonderful Brewery Mokoko Seed

The arrow will point in the direction of the closed room. If you break all barrels in the dungeon then the door will appear but if you by chance missed breaking the barrels you have to break them now to unlock the door and for Mokoko seed.

 last mokoko seed

As you break all the barrels out there the door will open before you have to face the last hungover imp to grab the mokoko seed. As you complete imp you can have the last mokoko seed from Wonderful brewery. 

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