Stand Upright Rebooted Tier List (2024)

Stand Upright Rebooted Tier List: Stand Upright Rebooted is a Roblox-based popular anime adventure game. And users admire it as one of the most popular animes.

It is recommended for those above 13 years old because this anime has several violent crime scenes. It was published by I_studio. Its features have several outstanding skills that you should try once in your life.

Stand Upright Rebooted Controls

  1. L- Open the menu
  2. G- Will be block
  3. Ctrl- Run
  4. LMB- Punch
  5. RMB- Multiple power punch
  6. M- Stand stats menu
  7. Q- Summon stand
  8. P- Pose

Stand Upright Rebooted Spawn Time

Rokakaka Fruit1 minute 30 seconds
Stone Mask15 minutes
Stand Arrow1 minute 34 seconds
Ketchup1 minute
Unusual Arrow1 minute
Green Baby15 minutes
Dio Diary40 minutes
Saints Body26 minutes
Requiem Arrow34 minutes
Stand Upright Rebooted Tier List

Tier List: SS Tier

  1. Jotaros Star Over Heaven- ss
  2. Dios the world over heaven- ss
  3. Star platinum over Heaven- ss
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Tier List: S Tier

  1. Dirty Deeds Cheap Love Train- S Tier
  2. Shadow The World- S Tier
  3. Jotaros Star Platinum – S Tier
  4.  Made in Heaven- S Tier

Tier List: A Tier

  1. Silver Chariot- A Tier
  2. King Crimson- A Tier
  3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap saint body- A Tier
  4. The World over heaven- A Tier
  5. C-Moon- A Tier
  6. The world- A Tier
  7. The World Star- A Tiet
  8. Killer Queen Bites the dust- A Tier

Tier List: B Tier

  1. Stone Free- B Tier
  2. Putrid Whine- B Tier
  3. Whitesnake- B Tier
  4. Hierophant Green Requiem- B Tier
  5. Silver Chariot- B Tier
  6. Killer Queen- B Tier
  7. The Hand- B Tier
  8. The world over heaven- B Tier
  9. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap- B Tier
  10. Premier Macho- B Tier

Tier List: C Tier

  1. Star Platinum- C Tier
  2. Stone Platinum- C Tier
  3. The World Alternate- C Tier
  4. Gold Experience – C Tier

Tier List: D Tier

  1. Magician Red- D Tier
  2. Crazy Diamond- D Tier

Tier List: E Tier

  1. Cream- E Tier
  2. Aerosmith- E Tier
  3. Gold Experience With No Brim- E Tier
  4. Echoes- E Tier

Stand Upright Rebooted Guide

Charge Arrow: It might increase the chances of unusual stands. Spawn each and every minute is able to obtain also from the liars.

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Stand Arrow: Stand Arrow is able to spawn every time around the map and you have a chance to win a reward also.

Chances of Stand ArrowPercentage
Silver chariot10%
Sticky Fingers10%
Aero smiths10%
Star Platinum7.5%
Killer Queen7.5%
Star Platinum6%
Crazy Diamond5%
Purple Haze5%
Stone Free5%
The Hand5%
The world alternative universe5%
The world-5%
King Crimson1%
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1%
Gold Experience1%
Silver Chariot- Below1%
Premier Macho- Below1%
The world- Below1%
Jotaro’s Star Platinum- Below1%

Additional Items:

Stone Mask: You can use the stone musk item to acquire a vampire story. It spawns in 14 minutes.

Kars Mask: You should use Kars Mask to fulfill Ulf Spec. It has ⅙ chance to spawn in 60 minutes.

Umbrella: It may allow vampires to walk in the sunlight and deduct HP regeneration.

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Ultimate Diary: Its functions are quite similar to Dio’s Diary. You can utilize it to unfold stand into their Heaven Ascended.

Cursed Orb: This lives in Stant Upright Rebooted utilizing that your power is plunged by the Heaven Ascended Jotaro NPC.

Requiem Arrow: It spawns every 34 minutes with a 25% opportunity or you have to achieve it from level +140 liars.

You can also use Saint’s Limb om Act 1 to craft the Body of Saint. It obtains by eliminating Johnny Boss. Moreover, you can also use Saint’s Torso in Act 2 or you are able to use it to create Saint’s Body. The player can furthermore use Saint’s Skull in Act 3 to develop Saint’s Body. It obtains from a homeless man NPC

Stand Upright Rebooted – Ultimate Diary Stand

  1. Jotaro’z star Platinum: over Heaven
  2. Star Platinum: Over Heaven
  3. The world – Over Heaven
  4. Dio’s World- Over Heaven

Stand Upright Rebooted- Dio’s Diary

  1. Premier Macho Requiem: OVA
  2. Star Platinum: Over the Heaven
  3. The world: Over the Heaven

Stand Upright Rebooted- Arrow Stands

  1. Hierophant Green Requiem
  2. Killer Queen Bites the Dust
  3. Gold Experience Requiem
  4. Hand Requiem
  5. The Silver Chariot Requiem
  6. King Crimson Requiem

The Codes of Stand Upright Rebooted

Now there is no code accessible for the gameplay. The stand-upright rebooted codes may work for a specific period. After This will not be available.

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