Lost Ark Third Contaminated Elemental Food Guide

Lost Ark Third Contaminated Elemental Food: The Lost Ark is a fantasy action 2.5D Numerous game role-playing game. Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, a division of Smilegate, collaborated on the game’s development. It was fully released in South Korea on December 4, 2019.

The Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO with gameplay like Diablo named Lost Ark. A free-to-play MMO with all the visual elements of an isometric action role-playing game, including garishly underdressed female models and spam from gold farmers in the game chat.

How To Prepare Sparkling Elemental Food

The Lost Ark crafting collectible echbas is one of the most difficult to make. It requires luck, chance, and even killing a World Boss. It is a collectible that can be manufactured in Rohendel and requires a few ingredients. Before making a Zechbas, players must prepare Sparkling Elemental Food.

To prepare the sparkling elemental food the players would need the following elements. We have listed them down for your convenience along with the location of certain items that you can find in the Lost ark game.

lost ark third contaminated elemental food

Purified lotus Flower Water: On the western side of the Glass Lotus Lake region, there will be pools of water covered in lotus flowers. Check each Lotus bloom until you can study it all potential places are indicated on the map.

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Keep checking since it turned up in one we’d previously gone over a few times. Keep in the sense that you may locate the “Purified Lotus Water” & the “Tainted second Elemental” for your adventure book on the most significant section of the map, north of the entrance.

You can obtain a Mokoko Seed in the far north via a hidden path, but you’ll need 250 Courage to get there.

First contaminated elemental food: Only at the Xeneela Ruins, which may be seen on the map above, is this accessible. Look among the fruits beside the gate to find this component. It is now essential to create Sparkling Elemental Food.

Second contaminated elemental food: After Xeneela was eradicated, the food that elementals swallowed evolved contaminated. This item may be obtained by using elite monsters.

Third contaminated elemental food: This item is unlikely to be dropped by Magmadon after death. When Magmadon resurrects, you can get this item.

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Where To Get 3rd Contaminated Elemental Food?

If you are looking for lost ark third contaminated elemental food then here is how you can get it. Just stick to us with this discussion over this topic then it will be very easy for you to get the 3rd contaminated elemental food in the lost ark.

The food that elementals ate was polluted after Xeneela was destroyed. This item is unlikely to be dropped by Magmadon after death. When Magmadon rises again, you can get this item an important component of Sparkling Elemental Food.

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