Pokemon Go Primal Groudon Raid: Counters, weaknesses, and more

Pokemon Go Primal Groudon

The Global Go Fest 2023 has begun and there will be some monster Pokemon up for grabs including Primal Groudon and Mega Rayuaza. Both legendaries have shiny odds of 1 in 20. This article will focus on the Pokemon Go Primal Groudon Raid and how a minimum number of five trainers can counter the Hoenn … Read more

Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid: Counters, weaknesses, and more

Pokemon Go Primal Kyogre Raid

Primal Kyogre will be part of the Tier 5 Pokemon Go Raids along with its nemesis, Primal Groudon. Boasting a max CP of 4692 in its normal form, the Sea Basin Pokemon can shower an unrelenting water-type assault from Waterfall and Surf in the Master League. It is a mandatory capture for any trainer, be … Read more

Pokemon Go Noxious Swamp Event: Shiny Skrelp debuts

noxious swamp pokemon go

The Go Fest in New York City will be celebrated globally with a first-of-its-kind Noxious Swamp Event. A few rare and powerful Poison- and Dark-type Pokemon are going to appear in the wild and Raids. The event will also mark the debut of Shiny Skrelp, which evolves into Dragalge when fed 400 Candy. Pokemon Go … Read more