How To Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Zygarde Cells

Pokemon Go’s latest legendary, Zygarde has three transformations: 10% Forme, 50% Forme, and the Complete Forme. Each phase requires unique items for upgrading the Order Pokemon’s stats. These items, known as Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go, can currently only be obtained from one method: Routes. Niantic revealed that the only way to get Zygarde Cells … Read more

Zygarde Pokemon Go Debut: Research tasks, shiny form, meta?

Zygarde Pokemon Go

Zygarde officially made its Pokemon Go debut on July 21, 2023, hand-in-hand with the introduction of ‘Routes’ in the Blaze New Trails event. Zygarde Coming To Pokemon Go It can be obtained from free Special Research tasks that get unlocked at 10 A.M. Local Time. Some other bonuses will also be active, as players gear … Read more

Pokemon Go: How To Get Celesteela, Weaknesses, Shiny, Counters and Movesets

Pokemon Go Celesteela

Celesteela was among the few Ultra Beasts who were introduced in Pokemon Go last year. Regarded the ‘Launch Pokemon’, the extra-terrestrial being seems to be a hybrid of a space shuttle and a bamboo shoot. The anime did mention a ‘baby Celesteela’ but only the adult version is found in the AR-based game which has … Read more