Vairgryss Nest Lost Ark: All 3 Mokoko Seed Locations

This guide covers all the mokoko seeds locations in Vairgryss nest lost ark. At very first you have to know that Lost Ark is interestingly home to many collectibles but the most important and significant one is Mokoko Seeds, more than 1200 are spreaded all over the globe and you are able to collect all of them with bragging rights and also with the nets players potions and the ship upgrades.

You will be able to find most of the Mokoko Seeds very easily all over the globe but some of them might be tricky and tough for you to track down until you figure out them outside of the main bounds of the map.

We will highly recommend you to do a bit of analysis and exploration before you can get to them. But you will need a little help finding one of the Mokoko Seed in the Vairgrys’s Nest area.

Location of the All Vairgrys’s Nest Mokoko Seed in the Lost Ark

At first we will like to notify you that on the map of the globe Vairgrys’s Nest is a small area which is located on the southern edge.

This is the home to a pair of bosses and if they appear to generate as you are exploring the island then they might be able to create a little trouble for you but usually if you stay close to the edges of the map, mainly the bottom area then you will be able to avoid them.

Location of 1, 2 and 3 Mokoko Seeds In Vaigry’s Nest

Here you will be able to find out total three Mokoko Seeds on Vairgrys’s Nest and you will be able to find two  Mokoko Seeds very easily all over the globe but some them might be tricky and tough for you so you have to head north on the map but you also need some exploring also to track down.

First Mokoko Seed

vairgryss nest lost ark
Vairgrys’s Nest 1st Mokoko Seed

Then all you need to do is just head to the Point 1 on the above map and there you will see a group of trees which are at the edge of the map.

Here you should continue your walking until you reach the North-East and you are also able to create your own way through this treeline then all you need to do is follow this new way which will present itself until you figure out the Mokoko Seed just on the opposite side of the small pond.

Second and Third Mokoko Seed

Mokoko Seed  Vairgrys’s Nest
Vairgrys’s Nest 2nd Mokoko Seed

And at the very last we will like to inform you that you will be able to spot the final two Mokoko Seeds in Vairgrys’s Nest as you head North in the bushes and trees will be on the left side of the map.

Mokoko Seed location in Vaigry's Nest
Vairgrys’s Nest 3rd Mokoko Seed

So while you are at Point 2 and Point 3 you have to keep your eyes out and you will be able to figure out them without very much trouble.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked questions

How Many Mokoko Seeds are in Lost Ark?

There are total 1,200 Mokoko Seeds All over the globe and you are also able to exchange them for amazing and unique reward

Are Mokoko Seeds valuable or not?

You are also able to exchange Mokoko Seeds for amazing and unique rewards and they also provide for one bit of Roster XP and they also might give you an easy way to boost your Roster Level.

Am I able to get Mokoko Seed in Tortoyk?

No, you are not able to get Mokoko seeds in Tortoyk but you are able to get other collectables on the interactive Map.

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