How To Grow Glow Berries in Minecraft

Here this guide covers how to grow glow berries in Minecraft without much hassle. Glow berries are one of the items that players can harvest and grow in the Minecraft world. Players can use the glow berries for multiple purposes such as feeding them to the foxes that help in breeding and more.

If you looking for where you can find the glow berries in Minecraft and how you can grow them then you’re in the right spot. This guide covers all the information related to finding and growing glow berries in Minecraft. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

how to grow glow berries in minecraft
how to fram glow berries in Minecraft

Where to find Glow Berries in Minecraft?

Generally, you can find the glow berries in the cave vines or you can also find them in the cave opening in the lush cave biome. Once you find the glow berries simply right-click on them to harvest. Once you have the glow berries you can grow them whenever you want below guide mentions how you can grow them.

grow glow berries minecraft
how to get grow glow berries in minecraft

How To Grow Glow Berries in Minecraft

Once you harvest a decent number of glow berries and want to grow them in a certain location in Minecraft well you can also do that. For that, you need to have some glow berries in your inventory.

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Go to the location where you want to grow them in Minecraft and make sure you build a high-end ceiling using the pillars shown in the below image.

how to farm glow berries in minecraft
Harvest glow berries in minecraft

Once you build the ceiling with pillars plant the glow berries on the bottom of the block this will cause the cave vine to spawn.

More importantly, make there at least two block gaps underneath it to grow larger. You can grow glow berries without the light and you can grow them under any kind of block in Minecraft.

Once you planted the glow berries you can wait for them to grow or else you can use the Bone meal to speed up the growing process and that is all you have for the glow berries Minecraft.

This is end of the growing glow berries in the Minecraft guide. Here at the Gameinstants, we cover all video games related information if you want to read our related content do read our Minecraft Guides.

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