How To Find Suspects for Operation Red Circus in COD?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of the best first-person shooting games with lots of missions based on different tactics.

In campaign mode, the first mission that players need to complete by simply finding the Soviet Spy named Perseus before he completes its mission.

In Operation Red Circus the player needs to take down the Soviet Major Vadim Rudnik that planted the Soviet agents in Europe. During the mission, the player has already suspected the eight agents already but in order to complete the Operation Red Circus mission you need to pick three correct suspects.

Here we have covered information that helps you to know how you can find the correct three suspects in the Operation Red Circus mission.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

operation red circus suspects

There are three evidence that you need to collect in order to pick the correct suspect to complete the mission.

Following is the Evidence that you need to collect.

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In case you missed the last mission don’t worry simply replay the listed mission again and find the evidence.

Franz Kraus’s Ledger: Brick in the Wall

Franz Kraus’s Ledger  Brick in the Wall

In this mission, player need to find the hidden Evidence and you can find it inside Kraus’ apartment, in the cabinet to the right side of the bed.

Find the method to go to the apartment and search for the cabinet. Mainly the evidence is located in the top drawer of the cabinet but maybe its relocated so you need to search for other drawers.

Cassette Tape with Activities Report: Echoes of a Cold War

Cassette Tape with Activities Report Echoes of a Cold War
operation red circus suspects

In this mission, you need to find a tape that was located in the command room table next to the mug, ashtray and payphone in the Echoes of a Cold War mission.

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Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List: Desperate Measures

Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List  Desperate Measures

In the Desperate Measure mission, you need to find the wristwatch that has a dead drop list inside it. You can find the Wristwatch next to the brown portfolio on the desk in the records room.

Pick the Correct Suspect

Once you have collected all three pieces of evidence now you need to find the three suspects with the help of evidence. From here you need to start your investigation as a detective. But we try our best to highlight all things that can be helpful for you in order to find the correct suspect

First of all examine Franz Kraus’s Ledger which has 3 codenames Bearded Lady, Strong Man, and Juggler as well as three cities and dates. Simply check the list of the suspects and match it with the cities and dates.

After that, you need to check Cassette Tape with Activities Report, which indicates the gender according to the codenames. You can find the gender male or female using the pronouns used in the codenames.

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In the last check, the Wristwatch Containing Dead Drop List also has a few cities and dates similar to each codename. This is will be enough to find out the correct suspect.

This is all for the Operation Red Circus guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover information related to gaming. If you’re interested do our Call of Duty Guides for more helpful information.

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