Space Traveling Warriors Tier List (2024)

Here we feature the Space Traveling Warriors Tier list based on the current game meta and the character’s abilities, survival rate and damage out.

The Tier list has three tiers in which you find the strongest characters in S-Tier where the A-Tier has the best characters and B-Tier characters needed improvements and C-Tier characters are the weakest them all.

Without wasting your time let’s check the STW Tier List.

space traveling warriors tier list


These are all the strongest characters that you can pick in Space Traveling Warriors. All the characters have outstanding abilities, damageout and survivability.

  • Power Beyond Right & Wrong Toppo
  • Ultimate Power Cooler
  • Ultimate Malign Being Super Baby 2
  • God of Destruction Beerus
  • Reign of Terror Frieza
  • Open The Gates of Hell Cooler
  • Majesty of the Mighty Jiren
  • Rageful Erasure Frieza
  • Last-Ditch Attack Frieza
  • Destruction Beerus and Whis
  • Galaxy-Threatening Invasion Boujack


This tier of characters is also strong and players can pick these characters after taking little experience with them. Once you have experience with them you can take head to head fight with above-tier characters.

  • Boujack
  • Measure Whis
  • Evil Paralysis Zangya
  • Emperor’s Devotion Frieza
  • Onslaught of Fire and Fury Dyspo
  • Dazzling Life
  • Toppo / Light to Protect Peace
  • Unprecedented Tension Vados
  • Plucky Warrior Tora
  • Elite Vegeta
  • Strength Hit
  • Endless Adventure Pan & Goku & Trunks
  • Warrior Raditz
  • Invasion Tora
  • Cleave Cooler
  • Victorious Smile Pan
  • Wings Spread / Cosmos Pan
  • Punishment Devastating Beerus
  • Turles
  • Team Turles
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This tier characters are average and players need to do more practice to understand the skills of these characters. However, they lack in some abilities, damage out and survivability compared to tier characters.

  • Saiyans Vegeta / Nappa
  • Wayward God Beerus
  • Jiren
  • Catastrophic Rage Frieza
  • Definite Path Vados
  • Heinous Attack Cooler
  • Cunning Moves Fasha
  • Angelic Instruction Whis
  • Storm of Terror Frieza
  • Grand Tour Companion Giru
  • Expanding Possibility Hit
  • Dominance Through Destruction Champa
  • One Burter
  • Suppression Turles
  • Tyrannical Maelstrom / Boujack
  • Raditz
  • Namekian Mutation Lord Slug
  • Greedy Attack Mode Shugesh
  • Expert in Justice Kahseral
  • Yacchaina Fist Rozie
  • Battle-Hardened Hero Bardock
  • Death Match Vegeta
  • Confidence-Imbuing Moment Super Saiyan Trunks
  • Sibling Reunion Tarble
  • Daring Planetary Invasion Vegeta & Raditz
  • Magnificent Hunter Kakunsa
  • Feverish Battlefield Borgos
  • Swirling Ambition Turles
  • Infinite Power Borgos
  • Ginyu Force Reborn Ginyu
  • Fictitious Universe’s Strongest Beerus
  • Power Demonstrated / Clashes Bardock
  • Ruffian’s Strike Shugesh
  • Life of the Party Pan
  • Infinite Love Ribrianne
  • Evil Namekian Lord Slug
  • Lethal Charge Recoome
  • Brutal Bind Guldo
  • Imprinted Discipline Whis
  • Super Saiyan Goku Battle of Epic
  • Ruthless Invader Raditz
  • Guide to the New Beyond Whis
  • Beerus
  • Earth-Piercing Light Frieza
  • Saiyan Strike! Vegeta
  • Tenacious Battlefield Diva Fasha
  • Magnificent Squadron Thouser
  • Ultimate Technique Hit
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This tier of characters is that the player should avoid because these characters have the lowest damageout, survivability and few abilities compared to other characters.

  • Super Baby 2 Rampaging Vengeance
  • Horrific Super Energy Boujack
  • Corroding Menace Super Baby 1
  • Grand Opening Team BardockSuper Ribrianne
  • The Ultimate Fighting Squadron Captain Ginyu
  • Courageous Clash Captain Ginyu
  • Low-Class, High-Octane Bardock
  • Resolute Execution Cooler
  • Thrill of the Fight Beerus
  • Brianne de Chateau

This is sum up of the Space Traveling Warriors tier for similar content do read our Tier List Guides for more helpful information.

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