DBFZ Tier List: Dragon Ball Fighterz Best Heroes 2022

DBFZ Tier List is one of the best things on the internet for Dragon Ball Fighterz lovers. The tier list allows you to find out some of the strongest DBFZ Characters.

Dragon Ball Fighterz is a 3D fighting video game which is introduced by Namco Entertainment in 2018. Moreover, the game has dynamic three-dimensional graphics that take you to another level in gaming. The game supports multiple platforms such as Xbox One, PC, PlayStation and some other devices. So first you need to know something about the Dragon Ball FighterZ in case if you don’t know already.

What is Dragon Ball Fighterz?

Dragon Ball Fighterz (DBFZ) is an RGP video game which is based on the anime called Dragon Ball Z, the game has all the characters that present in the anime. In this game, you need to create a team of 3 BDFZ Characters and take a fight against the opponent. In other terms is a 3 vs 3 battle, both teams have the main character and if the leader gets killed during the battle then the team gets weaker and can easily be defeated.

There are 20 characters available in the DBFZ game. Some of the characters are locked in the game and to unlock them you need to complete the given tasks. Each character has its own special powers along with techniques and tactics for the fighting just like the Tekken 7.

Dragon Ball Fighterz

There are some special features in the battle, You can ask your team character to strike an attack. Mainly in this situation the character will come forward to attack the opponent and goes back to its place after striking. There are also other features like you can hide one of your team characters behind the opponent and attack them on your call.

You can also able to play Dragon Ball Fighterz in multiplayer. Mainly, in this mode, you’ve to fight all across the world. You need to defeat them and level up your game ranking.

Moreover, during the battle, you can easily switch the characters and to win the battle you need to defect all 3 characters of the opponent team. To that, you need the strongest team that has a balance of strike, support and defence with the help of the DBFZ tier list you can easily filter some of the best characters for your team.

Dragon Ball Fighterz (DBFZ Tier List):

You need to know all the strongest and weakest Dragon Ball Figherz characters to get the glory in the game. The S-Tier carries all the strongest DBFZ characters and F-Tier has all the weakest characters that you should avoid.


DBFZ Strongest Fighters

The S-Tier has some of the best and strongest Dragon Ball Figherz characters, the Bardock and Goku GT are some of the best from this tier. Because this character has the highest killing scores worldwide. Both the character are best at dealing high-end damage to the opponent.

HeroesPlayable FormsAbilities
Bardock SaiyanFlight, Ki Blast, Power Ball, Divination, Final Revenger, Flip Shoot, Flash Spirt, Rebellion Spear, Vortex Crusher, Dragonthrow, Heat Phalanx, Super Energy Wave Volley, Wind Sense, Giga Metero Strom, Howl, False Self Destruction.
CellSuper Perfect FormFlight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense, Saiyan Power, Kamehameha attack, Eye Laser, Big Band Attack, Mouth Energy Attack, Ultimate Blitz, Telekinesis, All Clear, Kiai, Death Beam, Spirit Bomb, Absorption, Regeneration, Solar Flare, Bear Hug, Explosive Wave, Perfect Combination.
Goku GTSaiyanKamehameha, Kaio-ken, Spirit Bomb, Instant Transmission, Dragon Fist, Evil Containment Wave, Autonomous Ultra Instinct.
Kid BuuPure MajinFlight, Ki Sense, Ki Blast, Body Manipulation, Mystic Attack, Regeneration, Minicry, Kamehameha, Kai Kai, Finger Beam, III Flash, Vanishing Beam, Mad Kill Spike, Nightmare Impact, Pearl Flash, Sleep, Elastic Blast, Assault Rain, Crazy Smash, Savage Rush, Demon Eye, Baked Spere, Transfiguration Beam.
Teen GohanSaiyanSaiyan Power, Ki Blast, Ki Sense, Flight, Leave My Daddy Alone, Crushing in Hands, Mouth Energy Wave, Thrust Counterattack, Masenko, Wild Rush Blaster, Neo Masenko, Ultimate Masenko, Explosive Madan, Energy Punch, Impulse Fist, Twist Dargon Shot, Menacing Flare, Special Beam Cannon, Body Destruction, Chou Maretsugeki, Quiet Rage, Soaring Dragon Strike
VegitoSaiyanKiai, Ki Blast, Flight, Vegito Combination, Banshee Blast, Big Bang Attack, Kamehameha, Final Flash, Instant Transmission, Spirit Cannon, Spirit Sword, Saiyan Shield, Jaw Hummer, Savage Counter, God Impact, Savage Strike, Taunt, Kaio Ken, High-Speed Rush, Dinosaur Throw, Explosive Throw, Afterimage Strike, Delta Storm, Flash Breaker, Solar Flare, Super Dragon Fist.


DBFZ characters

The A-Tier has all the great DBFZ characters you can easily take the head-to-head fight to S-Tier characters. However, they are not super strong has the high tiers. These character as small disadvantages that can easily be fixed throughout the practice and master their skill set.

All the characters from this tier deliver high-end damage to the opponent along with providing support to their team. These characters are best for team support, strike but some of them are lack defences.

HeroesPlayable FormsAbilities
VegetaSaiyanGalick Gun, Lucora Gun, Big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Final Impact, Gamma Burst Flash, Spirit Control, Hakai, Final Shine Attack.
YamchaSaiyanKi Sense, Ki Blast, Flight, Wolf Fang Fist, Kamehameha, Sprit Ball, Ki Blast Thrust, Wolf Bang Blast, Fusion Dance, Afterimage Technique, Earthling Strike, All-Out, Fake Death, Rise To Action, Five-Way Fusion, Ex Fusion, Bloody Sauce, Baked Sphere, Marbling Drop, Peeler Strom, Brainwash Attack, Tri-Beam, Solar Flare, Volleyball Attack, Taunt.
TienHybridKi Blast, Ki Sense, Flight, Domination Blast, Kiai, Dodan Ray, Super Knee Uppercut, Hammerhead, Machine Gun Punch, Four Witches Technique, Multi Form, Meteo Brute Combo, Tri-Beam, Solar Flare, Kamehameha, Evil Containment Wave, Power Stance, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Spirit Boost, Spirit Ball.
PiccoloDemonicEternal Youth, Ki Sense, Ki Blast, Flight, Regeneration, Healing, Explosive Demon Wave, Special Beam Cannon, Masenko, Scatter Shot, Rapid Fire, Cloning, Mouth Energy Wave, Demon Rand, Antenna Beam, Eye Flash and Laser, Evil Containment Wave, Magic Materialization, Far-Seeing Arts, Sonic Kick, Persuasion, Illusion, Portal Opening, Destructive Wind 
GotenksSaiyanFlight, Ki Blast, Kamehameha, Double Buster, Splitting Headache, Final Cannon, God Breaker, Magnum Finger, Final Flash, Galactic Donut, Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, Revenge Cannon, Wolf Fang Fist, Volleyball Attack, Burning Kamehameha, False Courage, Finish Sign, Hyper Tornado, Stone Bullet, Galick Gun.
Goku BlackSaiyanKi Blast, Continuous Energy Bullets, Black Power Ball, Black Kamehameha, Instant Transmission, ShockWave, Ki Sense, God Split Cut, Spirit Blade, Shattering God Slicer, Thunder Shock Surprise, Energy Shield, Telekinesis, Invisible Eye Blast, Pure Heart, Spirit Shot, Immortality, Meteor Blow
GogetaSaiyanPunisher Drive, Stardust Breaker, Invisible Eye Blast, Ultimate Impact, Rising Vortex, Punisher Shield, Instant Transmission, Kamehameha, Final Flash, Big Bang Attack, Galick Gun, Cloning, Explosive Wave.
Android 21HybridTail Attack, Hungry Beam, Connoisseur Cut, Hors d’Oeuvre Stab, Total Detonation Ball, Photon Wave, Excellent Full Course, Survivability, Regeneration, Fission.
Android 18Human TypeEnergy Attack, Flight, Ki Sense, Destructo Disc, Explosive Wave, Finger Beam, High-Pressure Energy Wave, Infinity Bullet, Infinity Cannon, Power Blitz, Sadistic 18, Accel Dance, Android Barrier, Dead End Rain, Deadly Dance, Triple Annihilation, Flying Head Grab, Graceful Orbit, Graceful Revolution, Meteo Bloody Drive, Destructo Missiles, Violence Hold, 2x Photon Buster
Android 16Mechanical TypeBear Hug, Power Radar, Eye Beam, Hell’s Flash, Machine Impact, Pump Up, Rocket Punch, Self Destruct Device, Hyper Cannon, Kiai, Mega Energy Bomb, Devil Crush, Explosive Waves, Android Rush, Energy Field.


Dragon Ball Fighterz Ranks

The B-Tier heroes has special powers and abilities that can be beneficial for the team in the battle. These heroes can be useful in terms of support and defense and once you’ve master their skillsets you can easily use them for the close combats.

HeroesPlayable FormsAbilities
CoolerMutantKi Blast, Flight, Afterimage Technique, Arc Blast, Death Ball, Particle Bomb, Chaotic Dead End, Death Chaser, Death Flash, Dignity of the Conqueror, Nova Chariot, Fatal Combination, Freeze Storm, Instant Transmission, Sonic Warp, Regeneration, Death Wave, Sauzer Blade, Eyes of Fear, Sledgehammer, Full Power Energy Wave, Telekinesis, Monster Throw
Captain GinyuMutantFlight, Power Up, Body Change, Godly ki, Crusher Ball, Sauzer Blade, Eraser Cannon, Space Mach Attack, Exploding Wave, Full-Nelson, Telekinesis, Galaxy Dynamite, Ginyu Special, Finger Beam, Self-Harm, Body of Steel, Kamehameha, Super Leader
JirenJirenKi Blast, Flight, Ki Sense, Kiai, Power Impact, Meditation, Energy Punch, Invisible Eye Blast, Shock Tornado, Colossal Uppercut, Grand Charge, Pure Progress, Vacuum Survival
Majin BuuMajinBody Manipulation, Ki Blast, Flight, Energy Absorption Magic, Super Kamehameha, Power Up, Impressive Slap, Sleep, Taunt, Super Breath, Kai Kai Matoru, Destructive Grenade, Fission, Flame Shower Breath, Angry Hit, Shockwave, Dynamite Kick
TrunksSaiyanKi Blast, Flight, Ki Sense, Kiai, Rapid Movement, Vision Smash, Double Buster, Big Tree Cannon, Energy Burst, Kamehameha, Fusion Dance, Power Stance, Brave Cannon, God Breaker, Explosive Wave, Persuasion, Reverse Tornado, Lightning Kick, Grand Impulse, Afterimage Technique, Super Unyielding Spirit, Armored Boost, Chain Destructo Disc Barrage
Vegeta BaseSaiyanFlight, Ki Blast, Ki Sense, Kiai, Lucora Gun, Galick Gun, Final Flash, Gamma Burst Flash, Final Impact, Spirit Control, Hakai, Final Shine Attack.
ZamasuSaiyanFlight, Continuous Energy Bullets, Immortality, Saiyan Power, Holy Light Grenade, Energy Blade, Divine Hammer, Light of Divine Justice, Flames of Retribution, Magic Materialization, Telekinesis, Portal Opening, Magical Thunder, Energy Charge, Break Strike.


DBFZ Tier List

The C-Tier has all the Dragon Ball Fighterz Heroes that you need to master their skill. Basically, these heroes are hard to control and only experienced gamer can use them perfectly in the battle. Well, these heroes can be use as supporter, attacker along with defense.

HeroesPlayable FormsAbilities
VidelHumanKi Blast, Flight, Eagle Kick, Kick-Slap, First Strike, Falcon Rush, Head Scissors Rush, Diamond Throw, Leopard Shoot, Hawk Arrow, Bear Blow through, Justice Finishing Pose 2, Destructo Disc, Justice Phoenix, Energy Shot, Dynamite Kick, Rolling Hercule Punch, Full Power Energy Blast Volley, Rolling Bullet, Spread Shot Retreat, Meteor Crash, Rise to Action, Super Guard
JanembaEvilFlight, Ki Blast, Bunkai Teleport, Instant Transmission, Afterimage, Psychokinesis, Regeneration, Cloning, Rapid Energy Cannon, Altered Reality, Matter Manipulation, Brutal Destruction, Hell Gate, Mystic Attack, Explosive Wave, Evil Energy Manipulation.
HitUnknownKi Sense, Ki Blast, Flight, Vital Point Attack, Time-Skip, Sledgehammer, Tides of Time, Vacuum Survival, Full Power, Ki Clones, Flash Fist Crusher, Energy Wave, Finger Beam, Instant Rise, Afterimage, Super God Fist, Kiai, Realized Power, Shock Wave.
FriezaMutantDeath Beam, Death Ball, Psychokinesis, Nova Strike, Death Saucer
BrolySaiyanBloody Smash, Saiyan  Power, Flight, Ki Blast, Bone Crusher, Powered Shell, Eraser Cannon, Lariat, Gigantic Slam, Revenge Demon, Telekinesis, Torture Hold, Wild Sense, High-Speed Rush, Delta Combination, Tornado creation, Heavy Finish, Dark Blast Stinger, Mind Control, Mad Warrior.
Android 17HumanEnhanced Hearing, Power Blitz, Android Barrier, False Self Destruction, Endgame, Flip Cyclone, Kiai, Super Electric Strike, Portal Opening, Hypnosis Technique, Buster Swing, Violence Hold, Avenging Fork, Hell Spiral, Accel Shot, Android Rush, Smile Charge, Rage Saucer.


Weakest Characters in DBFZ

The F-Tier carries all the weakest DBFZ Characters, We recommend you avoid these heroes for your team. Else you must be an experienced gamer and complete control over the character and its abilities. If you’re the beignner then you should avoid the these character for your team.

HeroesPlayable FormsAbilities
BeerusMutantPossession Immunity and Mimicry, Poison Immunity, Strong Digestive System, Powerful Lungs, Longevity, Life Link, Tail Attack, Divination, Headshot, Pressure Point Attack, Double Axe Handle, Continuous Energy Bullet, Sealing Spell, Enhanced Hearing, Paralyzing Gaze, Sneeze Blast, Energy Nullification, Energy Shield, Cloning, Explosive Wave, Fusion, God Meteor, Space Warping.
KrillinHuman TypeFarting, Best Headbutt, Kamehameha, Jumping Energy Wave, Spread Shot Retreat, Destructo Disc, Solar Flare, Afterimage Technique, Photon Bomber, Rise to Action, Meteo Irritation, Shockwave Kick.
NappaSaiyanVolcano Explosion, Blazing Storm, Arm Break, Power Up, Bomber DX, Eye Lasers, Finger Beam, Breakstorm, Megaton Throw, Earthquake Slam, Giant Buster, Hyper Guard, Gigant Rock Throw, Explosive Wave, Howl, Milky Cannon, Genocide Shell, Meteor Burst, Charged Ki Wave, Mimicry

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Top Strongest DBFZ Characters Guide:

These are some of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Fighterz.

1.Teen Gohan:

Teen Gohan is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Z series. He is a half-breed Saiyan and one of the most prominent. When it comes to his abilities and powers he has lots of overpowered skills and fighting Techniques. That allows you to take on head to head fight with any opponent in the DBFZ game.

His abilities are Flight, Ki Blast and Sense, Saiyan Power, Hidden Potential, Mouth Energy Wave, Thrust Counterattack, Kamehameha, Impulse Fist and many more. However, unlike his father Teen Gohan doesn’t like much fighting in the anime but he has lots of hidden powers within him. You can easily use him as the main character of your team to take own opponent team in the Dragon Ball Fighterz.

2. Bardock

Bardock is also a powerful fighter in the DBFZ, according to the gamers his winning perfect was outstanding and he is best in teamwork also for battle. Moreover, his abilities are the same as other Saiyan like Flight, Ki Blast and Sense, Death Beam, Flip Shoot and Spirit and many more. However, you need to master his Techniques for the battle to take complete control over his moves. He is a perfect character for teamwork you can add him to your team party because he is best in attack, support and defence.

3. Cell

The cell is an Android-type fighter, that way he possesses lots of powerful moves that can help you in the battle. You can easily add him as the backup fighter. Which can give you an extra advantage over a fighter. In terms of attacks, he can perform several high-end damage strikes to the opponent such as Saiyan power, Ki sense and blast, Eye Laser and beam, Mouth Energy Wave, Spirit Boom and many more.

4. Kid Buu

Kid Buu is also an S-class fighter in Dragon Ball Fighterz. He is a Majin race Fighter who possesses lots of powerful moves. Such as Paralyzing Gaze, Body Manipulation, Regeneration, Kamehameha, Mimicry, Electric Shock and many more high-end damaging attacks. The winning percentage of Kid Buu also impressive compared to other Dragon Ball Fighterz characters. Moreover, he is best for defence and attacks both you can add him to your team without a second thought.

Final Words

Hopefully, with this tier list, you get to know some of the best Dragon Ball Fighterz characters. Well there, in short, the S-Tier has most strongest DBFZ Characters all of them have high-winning perfect. A and B Tier has all the great Characters you use as support and defence in the team. C Tier carries characters that are hard to control these character needed experience gamers. Lastly, the D Tier has all the weakest characters that you should avoid for the team party.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some commonly asked questions regarding the Dragon Ball Fighterz video game and the tier list.

Who is the strongest character in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

These are some of the strongest characters in the DBFZ – GT Goku, Teen Gohan, Piccolo, Bardock, Adult Gohan, Vegeta, Gotenks, and Cell

What is the highest rank in DBFZ?

The highest rank in the Dragon Ball Fighterz is Super Saiyan 2: 330,000 BP.

Who has the strongest level 1 in DBFZ?

The Tien and Teen Gohan are the strongest supers all after the 16’s in the DBFZ.