Dragon Quest: DQ Dai Tier List (November 2022)

Dragon Quest: DQ Dai Tier List: The Dragon Quest Dai is basically a mobile phone game where users just have to make a team fight with their opponents and defeat them. Every character has their different types of skills and abilities so you should be aware of their abilities and utilize them against your enemies.

You can find a huge amount of various RPGs but according to the user’s Dragon Quest The Adventures of Dai: A Hero’s bond is the most amazing and fascinating game you can experience on your mobile phone.

If you are not aware of the characters then without worrying about that just go through this article and you will be definitely helpful because we will give you information about the best-ranked characters.

The Tier List of Best Characters

In this game, you have to build up a strong team to defeat your enemies so for this reason, you must know the detailed information about the characters so you can choose them precisely and also be able to build up a good team.

Here utilizing the characters you can be able to level up and also be able to defeat your opponents smoothly. So here we are going to provide you with a tier list because it is known that the tier list is the best process to inform the users about the ranked characters and other elements also.

It always refers to a few tiers the highest one indicates the most powerful characters and as well as the lowest tier indicates the weakest characters.

dq dai tier list

Dragon Quest Dai Tier List of Best Characters

  TierName of the Characters
  SAvan, Dai
  APopp, Hyunckel

How will you unlock the charproperly

In the Dragon Quest Dai, you are able to find different types of a lot of characters that you will be able to unlock. If you are able to finish certain episodes then you will be able to unlock more skillful characters and also be able to make a good team.

How will you be able to build a formidable team?

If you want to build up a strong and good team to win then you must put some extra effort here and as a result, you will be able to dominate all of your opponents on the battlefield.

At the very start, you don’t need to worry about unlocking skilled and qualified characters, as you level up on this game you will gain more skilled characters. Just go through the above-mentioned powerful character tier list and recruit them together.

The most powerful characters like Avan, Maam can be your first target. You can recruit Maam after finishing the 8th episode of the Bonding Journey and if you want to get Avan then you have to clear the Avan event for him.

The Tier List of the Weapons

And in this game with the characters, there is one very important thing which is the weapons, so here we are also going to share with you the DQ Dai Weapons Tier List which should be very important for you.

TierName of the Weapons
SLighting Lance, Vortex AXE, Knife of Papnica
AShadow Armor Blade, Battle AXE
BMagical Booster, Platinum Lance
CRune Staff, Staff of Glad Tidings
DAvan’s Sword

The Tier List of Armor

Here I will like to give you some information about the Armor Tier List on the Dragon Quest Dai which also will be helpful to you.

TierThe Name of the Armor
SDragon Mail Legs, Dragon Mail Top, Dragon Shield, Sorcerer’s Robe Top
AValkyrie Armour Top, Valkyrie Armour Legs, Sorcerer’s Cloak Top, Sorcerer’s Robe Legs, Lunar Robe Top, Power Shield, Clown Shirt
BClown Trousers, Lunar Robe Legs, Silver Shield, Enhanced Shield,
CBrigandine, Silver Cuirass, Platinum Shield, Brigandine Bottoms
DPlatinum Platter, Silver Platter, Warrior Shield

Dragon Quest Dai is a fantastic as well as fascinating mobile phone game where users just have to make a team fight with their opponents and defeat them so you should gain knowledge properly I wish that our advice will help you a lot to gain knowledge.

Does seem to be Dragon Quest: Dai’s Adventure is Finished?

Following the delay of the current episode, Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai now formally declared a lengthy break. Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Episode 73 was originally supposed to air on Saturday, March 12, 2022. Unfortunately, the episode did never air since the Toei Animation hack delayed production.

In Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai, who is the strongest?

The Luminary is likely the most famous of Dragon Quest’s Heroes, because to the tremendous results of Dragon Quest XI. That is also the most powerful.

In DQ Dai, how do you unlock characters?

After finishing specific episodes, you will be able to add new individuals to your team. Most of these characters have unique powers that you will are including on your squad. To unlock those characters, simply complete the episodes listed in the Play Guide.

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