Where To Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark Guide

Here we covered all information about Where To Turn in Masterpieces Lost Ark. If you play the Lost Ark game for a lot of hours, you deserve a masterpiece.

We are going to go over this type of collectible, which is the masterpieces which you’ll get in the Lost Ark, and what they pay off so that you know where to put your time.

Also, we listed all of the rewards that you will receive when reaching a set amount of Masterpieces collected. So, in this article, you’ll also get the complete list of all of the rewards you can receive from collecting the masterpiece from the Lost Ark. 

What is Masterpiece Collectibles in Lost Ark?

Masterpieces are a type of collectible which is obtained from completing a specific percentage in a continent’s adventurers tome, getting a sufficient Reputation by finishing the daily missions for the Noob, and collecting the Mokoko seeds.

Masterpieces are obtained through methods much like those for previous collectibles. The time-consuming masterpiece is likely to be a collectible. There are many Masterpieces out there that are known to the folks that wish to obtain huge gold chests and cards.

If you’re not collecting the Masterpiece, then you are potentially missing out on 29,000 worth of Gold you could have gotten as the reward from getting all 48 Masterpieces on the Lost Ark.

It does not end there; you get 8,000 Gold if you sell a specific no. of masterpieces while selling all will award you 13000 Gold in Lost Ark.

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You can collect a lot of Masterpieces as long as you complete 50% of Adventurers Tomes on each continent. We would advise visiting each individual island in The Lost Ark eventually, but you may start off on the easiest and most useful ones.

where to turn in masterpieces lost ark
where to turn in masterpieces lost ark

What is the Lost Ark Masterpiece Rewards?

You will get the following rewards from a specific number of Masterpieces.

  • 2 Masterpieces will reward you 30 Soul Leaf.
  • 4 Masterpieces will reward you Emote: Proud.
  • 6 Masterpieces will reward you Uncommon Card Pack 3.
  • 8 Masterpieces will reward you Vitality Increase Potion.
  • 10 Masterpieces will reward you Sunflower Island Soul.
  • 12 Masterpieces will reward you 20 Eternity Essence.
  • 14 Masterpieces will reward you Stat Increase Potion.
  • 16 Masterpieces will reward you 3 Rare Card Pack.
  • 18 Masterpieces will reward you Structure: Azure Hill.
  • 20 Masterpieces will reward you Artist’s Treasure Chest.
  • 22 Masterpieces will reward you 15 Creation Fragment.
  • 24 Masterpieces will reward you Conviction.
  • 26 Masterpieces will reward you Epic Card.
  • 28 Masterpieces will reward you Structure: By Lantern’s Light.
  • 30 Masterpieces will reward you Artist’s Treasure Chest.
  • 32 Masterpieces will reward you 10 Menelik’s Tome.
  • 34 Masterpieces will reward you Artist’s Treasure Chest.
  • 36 Masterpieces will reward you Wei Card.
  • 38 Masterpieces will reward you Artist’s Treasure Chest.
  • 40 Masterpieces will reward you Title “Art Aficionado”.
  • 42 Masterpieces will reward you Structure: Divine Protection.
  • 44 Masterpieces will reward you Judgment.
  • 46 Masterpieces will reward you Guardian Luen Card.
  • 48 Masterpieces will reward you Greatest Masterpiece of a Lifetime.

How to Get Masterpieces in Lost Ark?

Below, we have listed how you can get a certain Masterpiece in categories:-


Masterpiece # 1 – Sunflower Island – Artist in Residence

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Masterpiece # 13 – Liebeheim – Pain to Gain

Una’s Task

Masterpiece # 9 – Ozhong Hills Una’s Task: The Cursed Ruins

Masterpiece # 10 – Wavestrand Port Una’s Task: Running the Port

Masterpiece # 18 – Karlhertz Una’s Task: Prisoner Release

Masterpiece # 19 — Freedom Island Una’s Task: The Archaeologist’s Request

Masterpiece # 28 – Cradle of the Sea Fermata Una’s Task: Fermata’s True Manager

Masterpiece # 48 – Star Sand Beach Una’s Task


Masterpiece # 2 – Stronghold Merchant Illayne -Raid Seal x4,275

Masterpiece # 12 – Blackfang’s Den Navigator Rosa – Gienah’s Coin x3,600

Masterpiece # 20 – Starlight Isle Merchant Favreau – Gienah’s Coin x3,300

Masterpiece # 27 –New Vernese Exploration Ship – Pirate Coin x10,000

Masterpiece # 34 – Atropos Black Merchant (Hidden Area) – Pirate Coin x30,000


Masterpiece # 14 – Cube

Masterpiece # 15 – Silent Hall

Masterpiece # 17 – Shadespire Floor 25 LVL 440

Masterpiece # 24 – Cube

Masterpiece # 25 – Silent Hall

Masterpiece # 35 – Silent Hall

Masterpiece # 36 – Elite Cube

Masterpiece # 40 – Elite Cube

Masterpiece # 41 – Silent Hall

Masterpiece # 45 – Dimension Cube

Masterpiece # 46 – Hall of the Sun


Masterpiece # 3 – Island Token x30

Masterpiece # 11 – World Tree Leaf x24

Masterpiece # 21 – Giant’s Heart x9

Masterpiece # 22 – Island Token x55

Masterpiece # 23 – Sea Bounties x30

Masterpiece # 32 – 950 Mokoko Seeds

Masterpiece # 33 – Giant’s Heart x11

Masterpiece # 38 – Island Token x75

Masterpiece # 39 – Sea Bounties x38

Masterpiece # 44 – 1150 Mokoko Seeds

Adventure Tome

Masterpiece # 4 – 50% East Luterra Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 5 – 50% Tortoyk Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 6 – 50% Anikka Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 7 – 50% North Vern Adventure Tome Completion

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Masterpiece # 8 – 40% Shushire Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 30 – 40% Rohendel Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 31 – 40% Yorn Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 37 – 40% Feiton Adventure Tome Completion

Masterpiece # 43 – 40% Punika Adventure Tome Completion

Secret Map

Masterpiece # 16 – Any Chaos Gate – Secret Map

Masterpiece # 26 – Yorn Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher

Masterpiece # 42 – Feiton Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher

Masterpiece # 47 – Punika Chaos Gate – Secret Map and higher


Masterpiece # 29 – Calvasus Rapport Trusted Stage

What are Tips and Tricks for Masterpiece Collection?

When you collect 20, 30, 34, and 38 Masterpieces, you will receive Artists’ Treasure Chests which will reward heaps of Gold. You should aim to get your biggest rewards in the 10 and 20 Masterpieces.

Which are for Sunflower Island tokens and the Artists Treasure Chest, respectively. Similar to the Sea Bounties Collectibles from Silver, you can get gold for one-time rewards by delivering Masterpiece Points to Alfonso, the Masterpiece Exchanger, on Sunflower Island.

You can collect a lot of Masterpieces as long as you complete 50% of Adventurers Tomes on each continent. As you advance in the game, Masterpieces will keep coming your way.

These don’t require a lot of grinding, so keep enjoying the game. The simplest ways to acquire them are through finishing Una’s tasks and the Secret Maps you obtain from Chaos Gate.

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