Street Fighter V Tier List Best Fighters (March 2023)

To get the glory in Street Fighter 5, you need to know some of the strongest fighters in the SFV game. Well, you can don’t need to filter fighters.

Because we have already done that for you. We have composed an outstanding tier list for Street Fighter V that gives you a complete overview of all the best fighters without having a hassle.

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V is a fighting video game it was developed by Capcom and Dimps. The has lots of similarities to the street fighter series.

However, there are also some new features that you can able to access in Street Fighter V such as a side-scrolling fighting gameplay system and V-Gauge.

Well, after the release of the Champion Edition, the meta of the game has been changing a lot because the new edition comes up with 40 additional fighters. Now we proceed on the ultimate Street Fighter 5 Tier List.

Street Fighter V Tier List

The SFV tier list carries 6 groups, these group has all the strongest and weakest fighters according to their powers and special abilities.

Where the S-Tier has all the strongest fighters, A and B Tier has the best fighter that can easily use in any team. The c and D tier has hard-to-control and complex skillset fighters and the last F-Tier has all the weakest fighters.


Street Fighter 5 Characters

These are the best fighters in the game because this fighter has the best moves and skill sets and V-Tigger that allows them to mix up problems without having a hassle.

These fighters can be offensive or defensive during competitive battles. Moreover, their winning percentage is also high compared to other tier fighters.

FighterSkillsFighting Style
RashidPuzzle solvingParkour
CammyKnife-throwingShadaloo fighting techniques
SethModifying thingsTranscendent
AkumaMartial ArtistSatsui no Hado &
UrienGenetic research
All forms of combat
Illuminati techniques & Pankration
KarinKanzuki-ryuEsoteric Kanzuki arts
GuileMartial arts & wrestlingDarts & Air Force Fighting
AbigailModding carsViolent
M. BisonHypnosisPsycho Power
IbukiFast eaterNinjutsu


Street Fighter 5 tier list

This tier fighter is strong in all terms in the game. However, they don’t have the uniqueness as the S-Tier fighters.

But this fighter can still take the head-to-head fight with powerful fighters because of their toolkit.

Moreover, if you’ve mastered the skillsets of the fighter from this tier can surely be able to defeat the S-tier fighter but you need to practice a lot.

FighterSkillsFighting Style
Chun LiShootingChinese martial arts
ZekuBushin NinjutsuAppraising antique
DhalsimSermonsEsoteric Yoga
GSpeed reading & Mental calculationMartial Arts
ZangiefResistance to coldMix of Russian & American wrestling


Street Fighter V Tier List

The B-Tier fighter is best in a particular fighting style or best against the opponent certain fighter in the game. This fighter has some flaws. However, if an experienced player uses them in their team. In this case, there will no issue.

FighterSkillsFighting Style
BirdieGluttony, criminalityAttacks focused on headbutts and chain
PoisonAcrobaticsAcrobatic fightin
KolinDisguiseCryokinesis & Systema
KageUnknownMartial arts
SagatHold Breath For 20 Mins.Muay Thai
MenatFortune telling
Crystal ball & Soul Power


Street Fighter V Fighters

The C-Tier fighter is not that strong, but they are also not weak, In simple words, these fighters required lots of time to master their skill sets and V-Tigger and combos.

This tier is especially helpful for experienced players who play with these fighters a lot and know all their moves and skills.

FighterSkillsFighting Style
EdImitating Balrog & BilliardsPsycho Boxing
F.A.N.GMixing toxinsChinese Kenpo
Juri HanPhotographic memoryTaekwondo
LauraMatsuda Jiu-JitsuProducing static electricity
FalkeHousekeepingPsycho Power &
CodyKnife tricksMartial Arts
E. HondaBeing a cooksumo wrestling
NecalliAnimal PossessionViolent
SakuraCooking Imitation of Ryu’s Ansatsuken
Lucia MorganCookingKempo


Street Fighter 5 Ranks

This tier of fighters required some polish before players select them for the team. Well, these fighters are best to distract the opponent not much more. You can use this fighter to confuse enemies during the battle and take advantage of your side.

FightersSkillsFighting Style
BlankaHuntingFeral movement
GillPyrokinesis/CryokinesisIlluminati techniques
R. MikaTheatrics, neck bridge & wrestlingPro wrestling
RoseTarot card readingSoul Power
Ken MastersCookingAnsatsuken
DanBreaking tiles, karaoke Saikyo “Ultimate” Style
AlexFixing motorcyclesKickboxing


SFV Tier List

The F-Tier fighters are some of the worthy fighters in the meta. Any high-tier fighter can easily able take down this fighter pretty easily without having a hassle. Blanka

Because these fighter movements can easily be predictable and they lack skills. Make sure you don’t pick these fighters in your team.

FightersSkillsFighting Style
Charlie NashHarrier maintenanceSpecial Forces training
VegaSticking to wallsNinjutsu


The G is one of the outstanding fighters in SFV. He can draw elements from the earth. Such as lava and transforming it into gold. All his moves and attacks can deal high-end damage output to the opponent. He carries some of the best V-Skills in the game compared to other fighters.

He can also able to boost his V-Gurage without getting a single hit from the opponent. Furthermore, he also carries three anti-airs that can easily take down aerial offences. The most pro player picks G for their team in Street Fighter V because of his high-end damaging skills.


Akuma is also one of the strongest characters in the game. He has mastered “Shotokan” art that allows him to fight with more offence attacks in the battle.

Akuma also well performs all these years in the previous SFV series, there are lots of reasons why pro players prefer him some of these reasons such as fast movements, great fireballs, and versatile combos that can corner any opponent with massive damage output.

He also carries the best anti-air normal in combat. Akuma’s air mix attacks combined with his fast moves can easily able to control air and keep him mobile during the battle. His powerful attacks such as Zanku Hadoken or Hyakkishu can create pressure on the opponent.


Urien is a well-known fighter in Street Fighter 3. He also does well in the SFV series. In terms of fighting, he carries outstanding combos that can easily reduce an opponent Health to half with few strikes. Moreover, Urien’s fighting style is based on the ancient Greek Olympics and most of their attack is psychical.

His Metallic Sphere is quicker to execute and charge to deal more damage to the opponent in the battle. He is also a great support-type fighter in case you wanted him to support other fighters on your team during the battle. Urien also has some defensive moves that can block opponent attacks and allow him to release the counter-attack at the same time.


Rashid carries some powerful moves similar to lots of fighters in the game. Such as he can perform acrobatic kicks similar to the Hokuto.

He can also able to small tornadoes similar to Cody and much more. His V-Trigger can use to create a giant tornado that can use for the mixup moves.

His Anti-air moves are also quite good compared to other fighters. Moreover, his damage outputs are not that great but his combos can able to deal serious damage to the opponent. But players need to practice the combos to perform them better towards the opponent.


Ibuki is mastered in Ninjutsu she is also well popular in Street Fighter III and still, in the SFV series, she is one of the strongest fighters of all the female fighters in the game.

Some of his high-end damaging moves are Koga, utilizing kicks, grabs, speed, agility and accuracy for launching the attack toward the opponent.

She has multiple striking attacks along with powerful combos to deal with damage output. Ibuki shines with his mixup attacks that can easily be perfect for long and close-range combats.

Hopefully, you’ve found this SFV Tier List helpful to know all the strongest and weakest Street Fighter Characters. For more similar tips do check our Street Fighter V Guides for useful information.

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