FR Legends Livery Codes List [Explained]

In this article, we will discuss the FR Legends livery codes list so that you can use them to unlock various rewards in the game. These codes can be found on the PlayStation Community website. FR Legends is a popular mobile racing game with plenty of customization features.

Livery codes are used to change the appearance of your car, but they aren’t easy to find. We’ve put together a list of free livery codes that you can use to get these rewards.

FR Legends: Overview

FR Legends is an extremely popular mobile racing game that features 3D graphics and realistic drifting physics. You can customize your car and do a variety of stunts in FR Legends, including pulling a handbrake and drifting.

Although you may not enjoy driving in 3D space, this game will certainly keep you entertained for hours. In addition, you can unlock new cars and customize them further by purchasing new parts. FR Legends is a very popular mobile game in the United States.

This game’s popularity can be tracked every hour in various countries and categories. You can see which keywords are trending the most and what countries are downloading them the most. You can also track suggestions and get feedback from users about the game.

If you’re looking for some tips and tricks to improve your game, there is a dedicated wiki for FR Legends. FR Legends also includes multiplayer modes. The game’s artificial intelligence can be challenging for players with good drifting skills.

Players must be careful not to put their cars in danger during enemy maneuvers and must keep their distance. The game features a wide variety of game modes, as well as challenge events. You can also find a wide variety of items and skills to improve your car’s performance.

FR Legends’ graphics are crisp and detailed. Players can even change the colours of their vehicles to match their personalities. The game is compatible with many types of devices, including Android 4.1 and higher. The game’s design and graphics are a breath of fresh air. It can run on even the latest Android phones with the highest resolution.

Its graphics are beyond the imagination and provide an immersive experience.

FR Legends Livery Codes

FR Legends Livery Codes List (2022)

There are several methods to unlock new car liveries in FR Legends but finding a list is not one of them. One way is to visit Grafixpressions’ website, where you will find a lot of customized skins.

You can then use the codes to unlock new liveries for your car. Another way is to buy them. You can do this for free by purchasing them from Grafixpressions. The game features a variety of skin models that allow players to customize the looks of their cars.

These skin models include colour, engine, and turbo changes. This allows players to customize their cars to match their preferences and their style. Some skin models even include custom logos. Customizing your car can make it unique in its class.

In FR Legends, you can purchase skins for your favourite cars. Another way to find these codes is to go to u/eclipsegaming823. These codes will allow you to unlock skins and body colours for your car. You can also use these codes to unlock your favourite FR legends vehicles.

These codes are only valid from May 29 to April 8, 2021. These codes will also unlock the new skins. These skins will be available until October 2021, so make sure to check out the dates when these codes are available.

FR Legends Latest May 2022 Livery Body Codes

  • 000200000000045E039D0000F0CE00FF0001
  • 0002FC2DFBF4006400640000000000FF0000
  • 0002015D0000001E01020000000000FF0000
  • 0002FD5B012A0041005F005A000000FF0004
  • 0002FDD40113004100210054F0EEE2FF0004
  • 0002FCFC019C0041004A0065F0EEE2FF0004
  • 0016FCF1011600280053FFFCF0EEE2FF0004
  • 000202C3FFFD0066000F005A000000FF0001
  • 0003FD8E011A000F000F0055424242FF0004
  • 0003FD8E011A000C000C0055E06B08FF0004
  • 020EFD8E011A000500050055A44B00FF0004
  • 020EFD8E011A00050005002D5D3E24FF0004
  • 0002FB9E000001AF0064005A000000FF0000
  • 0002FBB301DE00CC0064004A000000FF0004
  • 0003FBC0000000D50064005A000000FF0000
  • 0008FC3801060017000D0056000000FF0004
  • 0008FC3B012C0017000D0056000000FF0004
  • 0017FC9A019B0018004AFFD3000000FF0004
  • 0017FC7901B2001E0072FFD6000000FF0004
  • 0FA5006200C6FFDB0025005A6E5E00FF0605
  • 0FA50377FFDFFFF60064FF4C6E5E00FF0301
  • 0FA5FC7E001B0008006C00B46E5E00FF0301
  • 0FA5FCCF00000008FF8D00005D5000FF0301
  • 0FA5FFD90356FFF4009BFFA66E5E00FF0305
  • 0003FDD4030D0054007A005A4A4A4AFF0304
  • 0FA5FED202C500150075FFA66E5E00FF0005
  • 0003FDD4030C004C0080005AF0EEE2FF0004
  • 0002FD090325001C00090000000000FF0004
  • 000202B00325002000090000000000FF0004
  • 000202B00325001B00070000FF0029FF0004
  • 0002FD090325001800070000D97700FF0004
  • 000202E7000000400021FFA6000000FF0000
  • 000202E70000003C001FFFA6FFFFFFFF0000
  • 0002000102F90005000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002001602EC0016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002001C02F9000E000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0007003202F20006000C00007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0016003602F2FFF6000800007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200170300000C000300147E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002004B03040024000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002006B02EC0014000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002007002F80016000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 001D004A02F80006000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002005102F80005000B00147E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002009202F2000A0003FFE27E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D702EC0031000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200B102F90003000B00117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002009702FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200C802FF0003000900117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200B102F80013000300007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200A803010009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200BE03010007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200A603080009000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200BE03080007000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D902F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002010A02F40003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F402E60003000500117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F102F6000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200F002FC000E000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200E102F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200FF02F90002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EE03000003000200007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EC03040013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200EA030A0013000100007E7E7EFF0004
  • 000200D703060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0002010303060002000400117E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFB30379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFCC0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0409FFE60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 00520121030800AA00BA0076F1CE00FF0005
  • 040800080379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 00460141021B0025FFDEFF8A000000FF0005
  • 0401002F0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040200490379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040600640379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F500890379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040100A40379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03FC00C60379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040200DE0379001D001800027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F902550282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0FA5023A02C5000E0029FFA86E5E00FF0005
  • 0404026E0282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F702870282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F602A00282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 03F602B90282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 040B02D20282001C001E00027E7E7EFF0004
  • 0DB0FED202A7001B00150000000000C80004
  • 0DB0029AFF14001B0015FFA6000000C80004
  • 07F4FEBE02D7001500150000363636FF0004
  • 07F2FEBF02FB000B000B0000373737FF0004
  • 07E0FEBF0338001400140000373737FF0004
  • 07D2FEBF0353001400140000373737FF0004
  • 0DB0FD190305001700130000000000C80004
  • 09DA02A202E2001700130000747373FF0004
  • 0404FD9DFF610041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F7FD9DFF9B0041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0405FD89FFCA002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0407FD89FFF2002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0402FD89001B002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F7FD890045002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 0404FD89006D002C0026005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 03F9FD9D00A00041004F005A7E7E7EFF0000
  • 000201340215001E0008003F000000FF0005
  • 000203A4032D00E700010000000000890004
  • 0FA500A70216001C004F01C06E5E00FF0605
  • 000300E202170043003D0000000000FF0005
  • 000301170242002F00200000000000FF0005
  • 0053007E01E2009000540000000000FF0005
  • 0FA5FF03038D0005008EFFA6000000FF0005
  • 0002FFCB03AB0005012A005A000000FF0005
  • 002E01EC0246001200120000000000FF0005
  • 002E018C01FF002600160036000000FF0005
  • 0047FFCC03A100EB001D0000000000FF0001
  • 0002FC18FFCB01E10019005A000000FF0001
  • 0048FC610000021B0013005A6C6012A70001
  • 0002033F0271003F0004FFE3000000FF0005
  • 004702B80000018DFFD1FFA6000000FF0001
  • 00470316010D0083FFE2FFA6000000FF0005
  • 0003030902C1002E0026FFB6000000FF0005
  • 00520384000000790024005A6A5B00FF0001
  • 001502EE00000014000DFFA63A3A3AFF0003
  • 001502ED00000014000DFFA6989898FF0003
  • 001502EC0000000F0009FFA6F0CE00FF0003
  • 002F02F300670015000D000B000000FF0005
  • 005303B5009300A90074FFBA6A5B00FF0005
  • 005303B9009300920064FFBA000000FF0005
  • 00520390000000840024005A000000FF0001
  • 000203B0000E001100510000000000FF0001
  • 002102EE00070003FFF6FFC5383838FF0007
  • 004D02FB038B00870064009F000000FF0005
  • 004D03AC017A005700240051000000FF0005
  • 004302B0032A001E000B0000312A00FF0005
  • 0043FC8001D8FFE2000B005A6F5F00FF0005
  • 0043FC8601D8FFE2000B005AB34100FF0005
  • 004302B00325001E000B00007D0000FF0005
  • 0043035700FD0028000B010F000000950005
  • 0043035400FD0028000B010F7D0000FF0005
  • 020F02B103270006000300004D0000FF0005
  • 020F0354011300060003005A4D0000FF0005
  • 020FFC8301E300060003005A764502FF0005
  • 002102EC00070003FFF6FFC5898886FF0007
  • 004D02D6005100120014FF88000000FF0005
  • 0003030A000000080006FFA6252525FF0001
  • 0003030A000000050004FFA6949494FF0001
  • 004E02AF000000A60013FFA6464646FF0001
  • 00030213000001C6005CFFA6000000FF0001
  • 00470049026500B90014FF4D000000FF0005
  • 004C0297025FFF91003C000E0000005E0001
  • 004D01F4FD5D00B0005F00BCF0CE00FF0005
  • 004E0211027B008700640000FAD600FF0005
  • 0FA5020702850005002A0058B3B136FF0005
  • 00440228FD6200C5006400A9F0CE00FF0004
  • 004E0209026E00BD003AFFFF000000470005
  • 0015027502B9001C001C00005B591FFF0001
  • 0015027502B9001A001A0000AF9709FF0001
  • 0053027502AB000F000F0000B99F00FF0001
  • 0053027602C50018001E00B2C0A814FF0001
  • 004E002C028D00C2002700B2000000220001
  • 0FA5FED2034C00070006FFF9000000FF0605
  • 004CFEAD034F001CFFEB0057000000FF0005
  • 0011FEED032A001CFFF7FF49252000FF0005
  • 0011FEE203700013FFF7FF49252000FF0005
  • 0044035400E9000E0006FFA64F4F4FFF0005
  • 020F035400E600040002005A7D7C7CFF0005
  • 002100CD034F0016FFE7FFD9FFF386C80005
  • 002102B0034F0015FFF50019000000420004
  • 0044FD1701D80078004900460000003D0005
  • 002EFD04FEF60019FFEE005A000000FF0004
  • 0043FD14FEF6003700230060000000FF0004
  • 0043FD13FEF50033001A005E737373FF0004
  • 002EFD05FEF50018000E005A585659FF0004
  • 0052FCA400000080FFED005A000000FF0001
  • 0002FC45000001B9000D005A0000006E0001
  • 0052FCA4014A0044FFE80054000000FF0005
  • 004EFC4800000121FFC2005A000000590001
  • 004EFC600000012AFF79005A000000420001
  • 0050FD3AFEE9003B000C010E000000FF0005
  • 002FFEB802EA0012000A0000000000820005
  • 002FFEB802E6000F000900008F5500FF0005
  • 020FFEB802EA000600030000F69200820005
  • 002FFC91018A0018000E0018000000FF0004
  • 0FA5FC130000000200770000535353FF0001
  • 0FA5FC440000FFFE008D00B4FFE362FF0001
  • 0011FC440188003E0039005E000000FF0005
  • 0052FC280000014CFFD9005A323232FF0001
  • 002EFC2EFEE80015000B0060000000FF0005
  • 004FFC3A019F00A9000E0104555555FF0005
  • 0052FC150000014CFFF9005A000000FF0001
  • 0053FD140102002A0022005A000000FF0007
  • 002EFD17011900120011005A000000FF0005
  • 002EFD03010800150009005A000000FF0005
  • 002EFD1301420005000900C9000000FF0005
  • 002EFD13013F0005000900C979777AFF0005
  • 002EFD06010800130008005A595959FF0005
  • 0053FD1400FA001F001B005A595959FF0005
  • 003DFD23011800260015005ADBDADCFF0005
  • 003DFD0F00D9000C000F001BB2B0B4FF0005
  • 003DFD1F00DA001700160035FDEE9EFF0005
  • 0002FCC00000003B001E005A8F7A25FF0001
  • 0002FCC00000003A001C005AD5B700FF0001
  • 0002FCD3FFE000080006005A8D7000FF0005
  • 0002FCD3FFDB00040006005A604D03FF0005
  • 002EFCBB000000120005005A261E00FF0001
  • 002EFCBA000000120002005A4C3C00FF0001
  • 0FA5FCC800000002000200B4000000AC0001
  • 0003FCC9000000030003005A313131FF0001
  • 0005FCC9FFB40007001200FBC29A00FF0005
  • 0002036D000000430016FFA6292929FF0001
  • 0002036D000000420016FFA6625500FF0001
  • 0FA503660000000400100000000000AF0001
  • 0002035F003A000A0004FFA6000000FF0005

FR Legends Latest May 2022- Livery Window Code

  • 0002FF6D039101BD00A80000000000D10705
  • 000202500000014602510000000000C50701
  • 0002FE0B000001C20064005A000000FF0701
  • 05ECFDF301B000640064005AFFFFFFFF0004
  • 005204050000024E0311005AFFD900FF0000
  • 0404FDECFED4004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F7FDECFF22004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 0002FDECFF5D000F000C005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F3FDECFF95004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F7FDEC0027004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03FFFDEC0071005C004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03FBFDEC00B7004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 040BFDEC00F8004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F3FDEC0132004D004A005AFFFFFFFF0000
  • 05EEFC46000500700072005AFEFDFFFF0100
  • 07F6000003D1003000300000FFFFFFFF0004
  • 05E4027B028600420042FFECFFFFFFFF0004
  • 0404015E0132004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F7015E00E4004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 0002015E00A9000F000C010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F3015E0071004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03FF015E0029004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F7015EFFE0004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03FF015EFF96005C004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03FB015EFF50004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 040B015EFF0F004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 03F3015EFED5004D004A010EFFFFFFFF0000
  • 05EC02620000010C010CFFA6FFFFFFFF0000
  • 05EE03A6000500820084010EFEFDFFFF0100

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to FR Legends Livery Codes with complete information.

What do FR legends stand for?

From driving renowned FR (front-engine, rear-wheel-drive) drift cars on the world’s most historic circuits to personalizing your car with engine swaps and wide-body modifications, there’s something for everyone.

Can you play FR Legends on PC?

FR Legends for PC is clearly a fun and thrilling game to play. Try CarX Drift Racing 2 and Rebel Racing if you want to play more racing games like this. Play these games right away!

Can you play FR Legends on PC?

FR Legends for PC is clearly a fun and thrilling game to play. Try CarX Drift Racing 2 and Rebel Racing if you want to play more racing games like this. Play these games right away!

What car is the S15 in FR legends?

The Nissan Silvia S15 (also known as the 200SX) is the S-Chassis Series’ final version. It was created between 1999 and 2002. The car in the game comes with a stock S20B engine. In-game, the automobile cost $30835.

This is the end of this short guide.

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