(25+) Games like Detroit: Become Human (June 2022)

If you enjoy multi-playthrough experiences, you’ll love Detroit: Become Human. You can have several playthroughs, each with a different plot and ending.

Many other games are also branching, offering different experiences depending on your choices. Here are 25 games that are similar to this popular action RPG. They all take place in Detroit. Read on to discover the best games for players who love this game.

What is Detroit: Become Human all about?

In Detroit: Become Human, you play Connor, a police investigator android. You also have a new companion in the form of Marcus, an android who has been given the job of taking care of an elderly painter. And you can save the girl in your life with the help of Kara, an android housekeeper who has broken free from her programming.

But it’s not all fun and games. The game has a few flaws that you should know before spending any money. The first thing you should know before buying Detroit: Become Human is that the game is ambitious.

Its multiple choices make it feel like a big adventure, but the storyline never feels cluttered. Its characters are fully acted, and the dialogue is never clunky. The movement of the characters is also smooth, and the game isn’t too janky or slow. Detroit: Become Human is a fantastic game, but it’s not for everyone.

List of 25 Games like Detroit: Become Human:

games like detroit become human

Headliner: Novi News

A downloadable adventure game, Headliner: Novi News, simulates the effect of media on our daily lives. Characters are shown to drink and puke in the game, riot, jump off buildings, etc. While the game’s satire is a fun distraction from the harsh reality, it contains some adult themes and frequent swearing.

But it’s worth a try just for the cathartic experience. As a Headliner, you curate news stories for publication on the internet.

Fable Series

If you enjoy playing action-packed third-person role-playing games, you might want to check out Detroit: Become Human.

The game is played from a third-person viewpoint, and there is a chance that several of the playable characters will die in the course of the story. The plot itself is complex, and you’ll be required to complete challenging missions to advance.

Disco Elysium

If you are looking for a posthuman game, Disco Elysium is good. Its posthuman lens provides a compelling challenge. The game offers a free-dom experience, which includes falling short of your character’s expectations.

It also plays with the idea of the true self, a construct involving social and physical processes. The game’s focus on these processes makes it a great choice for fans of Detroit: Become Human.

Beat Cop

The game follows three protagonists, each with its unique storyline. The story involves long cinematic cuts and multiple choices regarding dialogue and action. There are many endings in this game, including the possibility of death without the game over.

The game is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and P.C. Regardless of your system, Become Human is well worth a try. It will give you hours of entertainment to play and make you question everything you’ve ever known about yourself.

This War Of Mine

One of the similarities between This War of Mine and Detroit: Become Human is how the player can control several elements of the game. For example, the player can choose their gender and their relationship with their romantic interest.

Their choices are what shape the story of the game. This War of Mine also follows a space-opera theme. A player who enjoys driving a vehicle and being able to manipulate its controls will love this game.

Papo and Yo

The game’s developer, Quantic Dream, explains that this was intentional. As a result, there are multiple endings. It was so clever that it received the Grand Prize for Best Game of 2014. Dead Island features a maritime setting and packs many scares into a relatively short game.

The characters all have distinct personalities and sometimes bewildering actions. Regardless of the type of player, this game tells a compelling story with minimal player input.

Photographs – Puzzle Stories

The game’s gameplay seamlessly blends a story with puzzle mechanics. The aesthetic elements are suited to the puzzle format. Players must trace a path with a marker while avoiding an eraser. The gameplay is straightforward, but a few things to consider to ensure the best experience.

A quick look at the screenshots below should help you determine whether Photographs are a good choice for your mobile device.


If you’re tired of driving around in the same old, boring car, try out the action-packed RPG game Transistor, developed by Supergiant Games. This Sci-Fi game takes place in a future city where everyone has computers, and a mysterious process has wiped out the human population.

You play Red, a female opera singer who lost her voice after being attacked by a mysterious Process. You’ll fight against this mysterious force and explore different districts, from the Gold wick District to the High-rise District.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a role-playing video game developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and published by Ubisoft in collaboration with Southpark Digital Studios.

Based on the American animated television series South Park, the game is a continuation of the first title, South Park: The Stick of Truth.

During the game, players are a group of four characters, each with unique skills and abilities. They are tasked with achieving their objectives by using their unique abilities.

Say No More

It is also one of the alternatives to Detroit: Become Human. While the game’s focus is firmly on the fate of its protagonists, it uses constructions of the agency to examine the politics of playing as a political act.

Questions of agency shape the game’s narrative and choice-making systems, and the game is a case study of agency politics. Game narratives are often the worst when they are based on real-world events.

The Stanley Parable

If you’ve enjoyed the dystopian mystery of Until Dawn and the visual novel style of Everybody’s Gone To the Rapture, you’ll love Detroit Become Human. While this title has the same basic gameplay, it channels elements of The Stanley Parable and is sure to be a popular addition to any gamer’s collection of video games.

The game will allow players to explore the world through the eyes of a different character, and the storyline is reminiscent of an episode of Black Mirror.

Heaven’s Vault

When it comes to games like Detroit Become Human, the most popular ones are often the best, but sometimes the best are just plain dull. This game does have its moments, but it is far from a classic. It’s rough and gritty, with a heavy emphasis on player agency.

You’ll need to trawl through ruins and decipher ancient artifacts to move on to the next level. The game’s ambiance is equally eerie and unsettling. The wood is weather-worn and carved with symbols as if it had been taken from a shipwreck.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never played the original Fahrenheit: The Dark Crusade. The newly remastered version of the game features previously censored content and basic technical improvements. It also promises full controller support and H.D. textures.

This review will highlight the differences between the original and the remastered version. However, this review will be spoiler-free!

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan is available on PS4, P.C., and Xbox One. We received advance PS4 codes provided by Bandai Namco for review. As a warning, this game contains cursing. However, the game’s other aspects make it well worth playing.

Even though it’s not particularly good, it does offer some enjoyment in unexpected ways. Though we will not recommend this game to gamers who can’t stand cursing, it’s still a good game worth a look at.

The Last of Us

There are many reasons to love games like The Last of Us. Despite the game’s zombie themes, it has some very unique features. Its stealth gameplay is also highly effective, and players can choose what they do to impact the plot.

The Last of Us can be a fantastic game for anyone who enjoys horror. It is also one of the best horror games in recent memory. The last few years have brought us several excellent horror games, and the sequel will be no different.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope One

This game compared to the upcoming horror title Detroit Become Human is the upcoming THE Dark Pictures Anthology. This anthology will include three different games – Man of Medan, a ghost ship, and House of Ashes, about modern soldiers trapped in an ancient temple.

Both games are incredibly atmospheric, but the graphics of Little Hope are less impressive. However, Little Hope has some very similar qualities.

Life is Strange

If you liked the previous Life Is Strange story, you might be interested in its sequel. The first game, developed by Dontnod Entertainment, is widely regarded as one of the most well-written and intricately constructed games.

The game’s first episode received a Develop Industry Excellence Award for the Best Use of Narrative, and there are several games with similar storylines to choose from.

Tell Me Why

The storyline is complex, touching on societal issues, like how robots have become a part of society and how the rest of the world views them. The androids are forced to ride the back of buses and cannot enter certain establishments, which affects the human job market and their sense of purpose.

Players take on the role of three different androids and are constantly aware of humanity’s complex feelings toward them. Some humans embrace them, while others hate them.

TellTale Games’ Games

Telltale Games is known for its graphic adventures, and the game is no exception. This game takes inspiration from popular comic books and tells a chilling story with characters from childhood fables.

Its art style is reminiscent of comic books, and the game’s multiple paths offer plenty of variety. As you play, you’ll find yourself balancing numerous stories and paths in your quest to uncover the mystery.

Life is Strange 2

For fans of the original Detroit Become Human, a couple of games are likely to be similar to Life Is Strange. Both games are 3D adventure games in which the player takes on the role of a teenager who discovers that she possesses strange abilities.

Both games feature a diverse cast of characters, intriguing storylines, and the power to change the outcome of events.


L.A. NOIRE in games like Detroit Become Human lets you play as a good cop who tries to catch criminals in the act. You can use facial animations to make deductions and analyze facial expressions to identify lies.

The game also uses a facial recognition technology called MotionScan, which captures a person’s expressions. The game is set in Los Angeles, making it a great choice for a fast-paced game.

Deus Ex Games

If you’ve ever played a Deus Ex game, you know that the gameplay can be stellar. These games have great storylines and allow you to choose your tactics from lethal to covert.

Then again, you can choose not to kill anyone. You can choose to be covert, which makes them similar to Detroit: Become Human. Cyberpunk elements are also common in these games, so you’re guaranteed to be immersed in the world you’re in.

Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda might be a great choice if you’re looking for games similar to Detroit’s Become Human. This psychological action-adventure game puts players in the shoes of homicide detective Becky Marney.

As the sole survivor of the murder of her husband, she’s investigating an old case involving a serial killer. This killer, known only as “the Trapper,” rigs his victims to explode, often killing first responders.

State of Mind

The story of State of Mind follows journalist Richard Nolan through 2048 Berlin, a world where humans are replacing one another with machines, and the swarm of robotic beings is a cherry on top. As a journalist, it is up to Nolan to unravel the chaos of this dystopian future.

While not the same genre as Detroit Become Human, Until Dawn, functions like an interactive Friday the 13th film. Both games share a similar narrative structure where you control the course of your character’s story.

Until Dawn

If you’re looking for a good horror game, then Until Dawn might be a perfect choice. Set in a remote lodge on Blackwood Mountain, this game follows the fate of eight young people trapped there.

As they struggle to survive unexpected events and find ways to survive, they’ll need to work together and sacrifice for each other. In this survival game, players control one of these survivors, who have unique personalities, backstories, and personalities.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the games like Detroit become humans with complete information.

What games to play if you like Detroit: Become Human?

These are some of the games to play you prefer to play Detroit: Become Human. Here is the list of Detroit game alternatives HEAVY RAIN, BEYOND: TWO SOULS, UNTIL DAWN, STATE OF MIND, HIDDEN AGENDA, DEUS EX GAMES, L.A. NOIRE and LIFE IS STRANGE 2. 

Will there be another game like Detroit: Become Human?

Middler, Jordan. According to an insider with prior knowledge of Quantic Dream’s plans, the developer behind the recently announced Star Wars Eclipse and Detroit: Become Human is now working on a second AAA game alongside Star Wars Eclipse.

How many endings are in Detroit: Become Human?

Flow diagram There are 85 endings in the game, albeit there is a lot of overlap between them. The figure is probably closer to 40. That excludes several ending combinations that may appear after the credits have rolled, as well as permutations in endings.

Is there Detroit: Become Human 2?

According to the sources the Detroit: Become Human 2 may be release in middle of 2022 year. However there is no official news or information were release related to it.

This is the end of this short guide.

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