Guilty Gear Strive Tier List (November 2022)

Guilty Gear Strive Tier List: The Guilty Gear is basically famous amongst the players as an action video game and Guilty Gear Strive is the seventh mainline installment in this sequel.

It’s unique styled fighting skills and also mechanism always attract users towards it. And it’s ever adventure as well as the explanation always makes it very challenging and there is also an interesting process which determines the best characters for yourself.

Here we will show you a four-tier list to give you the detailed information. As you know, the upper-tier list introduces you to the powerful skilled characters as well as the lowest tier indicates the weakest characters.

Guilty Gear Strive: Overview

So first, you should know that Guilty Gear Strive is a new updated Guilty Gear Game and Arc System Work, a studio which is behind Blaz Blue and Dragon Ball Fighterz had developed this game.

And Guilty Gear Strive has mainly two modes, one is Single Player mode and the other one is the multiplayer mode. This is probably the 25th game in the Guilty Gear Series. And there are also very good features with some pretty unreal graphics.

guilty gear strive tier list

All of these together make it very worthy and amazing amongst all of the players. It always preserves the main essence of the past games also while you will look at the Wall Break and better damage scaling. And it is also the very first ever Voice story mode available gaming feature.

The Tier List of Guilty Gear Strive (2022)

A tier list mainly is a medium that ranks the characters based on their skill, ability, strength, power, etc. You will find the stronger, powerful, skilled characters at the higher tier, and as well as you can find the weakest characters at the low tier.

Here are 15 characters and each of them is very unique and also different with their different play style, ability, and also skill this tier list also ranks each character based on their strength and skills.

guilty gear strive S tier list

S Tier List of Guilty Gear Strive

The Name of the CharactersThe Role of the Characters
PotemkinPower Throw
Ky KiskeBalance
Sol BadguyBalance
Ram lethal ValentineShooting

A Tier List of Guilty Gear Strive

guilty gear strive A tier list
The Name of the CharactersThe Role of the Characters
Anji MitoBalance

B Tier List of Guilty Gear Strive

guilty gear strive B tier list
The Name of the CharactersThe Role of the Characters
Millia RageHigh Speed
Axl LowLong Range
Leo WhitefangBalance

C Tier List of Guilty Gear Strive

guilty gear strive C tier list
The name of the CharacterThe Role of the Character
Chipp ZanuffHigh Speed

Detailed Information of the Role of the Characters

RushRush characters quickly close the distance between the competitors and themselves
BalanceBalance characters have a very good mix of all the roles and they are able to hold themselves in tough situations.
ShootingThey maintain their distance while dishing out damage
One ShotShort of special abilities and also have unique attack like Reverse Beat mechanic
High speedVery good at staying away from the enemies
Power ThrowAble to getting up very close to the opponents utilizing throws which deal lots of damages
Long RangeDeal with the damages and also maintain distance from the opponents
TechnicalUsing their moves execute combos and deal with lots of damages instantly

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

The advantages of the Guilty Gear Strive, Tier List,

It always assists the users to determine the best characters in a match and it can also help users to choose the skilled character they want.

At the very beginning of the game, it can help the users by showing which character is overpowering and which character is not, and the weakest also. It moreover wants to balance the character power level on how powerful and skilled they are.

Who created the Guilty Gear Strive Tier List?

The professional and expert Guilty Gear Strive Players created this Guilty Gear Strive Tier List.

How long has the Guilty Gear Strive Tier List been  Updated?

Whenever any new information about the Guilty Gear Strive comes out then the tier list will be updated.

How the Guilty Gear Strive, Tier List, was made?

By the ranking of the characters, a tier list is always made and in this game, it is made after a thorough examination of the cast and the matchup potentials.

What is the important difference between the A tier and the C tier?

In this Guilty Gear, Strive Tier List S tier indicates the strongest power and most skilled characters and at the same time, the C tier character indicates the weakest players.

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