How To Create Routes in Pokemon Go? Zygarde Cell Requirements

July 21, 2023, introduced Routes in Pokemon Go as part of the Blaze New Trails event. The legendary Order Pokemon, Zygarde, was made available via the ‘From A to Zygarde’ special research story. While Zygarde Candy can be obtained by converting Rare Candy, Zygarde Cells are required to unlock its 50% and 100% Formes.

Routes in Pokemon Go have seen many changes since its implementation. Players complained about the drop rate for Zygarde Cells and the amount of loading time the game required for each route. Also, there was no option to create Routes in Pokemon Go. These problems were fixed as per the latest version 0.279.3.

Requirements to create Routes in Pokemon Go

Players level 48 or above only have the option to create Routes in Pokemon Go. They have to choose a Start Point and End Point. It is generally better to create short yet interesting routes that start from one point but end closer to another route. This way, trainers can use the other route to get Zygarde Cells.

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As of the latest update, one Zygarde Cell will definitely be available around a player if it isn’t a re-run of a Route in Pokemon Go. Cells usually spawn at the very end but could pop up anywhere. Make sure to keep your eyes on the Map and on the surroundings to not miss out on a Zygarde Cell.

Re-runs of Routes in Pokemon Go won’t give Zygarde Cell

In order to make players discover more routes and traverse new areas, Niantic has discontinued giving Zygarde Cells in re-runs of a particular Route. This means that if a trainer got one Zygarde Cell from a Route, they have to wait the next day to obtain another from traversing the same Route or take a different one.

Cells only spawn during the first playthrough of a unique route each day. A total of three Zygare Cells can be obtained per day. Moreover, there might be one Cell on a route but it can provide players with two or three in a single go.

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If players don’t find a Zygarde Cell while playing Routes in Pokemon Go, it is recommended to pause the route and restart the game within 100m of the end. Continue the route to find a Cell nearby.

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