Is Warframe Crossplay and Cross Save (2024)

Warframe is one of the best third-person shooting and action role-playing games developed by Digital Extremes. Basically in this game, the player can take control over the members of the Tenno an ancient alien warrior.

The game also supports the multiplayer feature, however, a player from all around the world looking for the crossplay feature in Warframe. Because most game developers introduce the crossplay feature into their games. That allows players to play with other players without purchasing the same gaming devices.

Here we covered all information about the Warframe Crossplay feature along with other useful information that can be helpful for you.

warframe cross save
Warframe crossplay

Is Warframe Support Cross-Platform?

Currently, the Warframe does not support the Crossplay feature for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, or Xbox Series S / X.

This means that players from all across the world are currently not available to crossplay with other players. In simple words, if you own Xbox and another player owns a PlayStation 5 then you both cannot play the Warframe together until now.

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However, the PC and Xbox players can play Warframe together because of the current running crossplay public test.

When is crossplay coming to Warframe?

Digital Extremes the developers of the Warframe have announced on their Forum, the “Crossplay feature for Warframe is on the test”.

The crossplay test is conducted between Xbox and PC users. So if you own a PC or Xbox then you may see the Crossplay feature in the settings as shown in the available screenshot.


In this public test, the player from Xbox and PC can enable and disable the crossplay feature. However, there are some limitations such as No Dojo support, No Conclave support, No Friend support, No Trading or Gifting of items across different platforms and No Voice Chat support.

However, there is no official date or time were announced by Digital Extremes for the Warframe crossplay feature.

This is sum up for this Warframe Crossplay guide more helpful content read our Cross Platform Guides for more helpful information related to crossplay.

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