Mew Pokemon Go League Performance

Mew is a Psychic-type Pokemon that was introduced in the Kanto region. Powerful yet playful, experienced yet childish, the legendary Pokemon goes out of its way to assist heroes in the anime. The same is seen in Mew’s Pokemon Go League performance.

Obtained from ‘A Mythical Discovery’ Special Research, Mew is known for its unpredictable moves in mainline games. This is reflected in Pokemon Go as the mythical ‘mon’s Quick and Charged move pools consist of every type of attack, be it Bug, Steel, Fighting, Ice, or its usual Psychic abilities.

Mew has a max CP of 3691 with an Attack and Defense stat of 210 and HP of 225. It is used by trainers in the Mstser League to keep the opponents guessing about its variable moveset; baiting Shields and resisting attacks with its impressive bulk. The arrival of heavy-CP Pokemon like Raquaza, Dialga, and Latias somewhat shot down its use.

Mew Great League Performance in Pokemon Go

Fighting-type Pokemon are common play in the Pokemon Go Great League. Thus, Mew finds good play here due to its Psychic build resisting physical attacks. Using a Fighting-type combo (Rock Smash and Low Sweep) gives it wins against metas such as Hariyama, Galarian Stunfisk, and Scraggy.

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Wild Charge (Electric-type) gives Mew options to counter Azumarill and Skarmory. Pair with the highest EPS option for the Quick Move, Shadow Claw (Ghost-type move), to get coverage over Psychic metas like Medicham and Alolan Raichu and Ghost metas like Gengar and Drifblim.

Shadow Claw Quick Move with Wild Charge and Ice Beam Charged Moves is the best moveset for Mew in Great League due to its staggering coverage over every type.

Mew Ultra League Performance in Pokemon Go

The omnipresent Giratina possessing a Shadow Claw-Shadow Force combo gives Mew a run for its money in Ultra League. Nonetheless, if the player is unfortunate enough to not have a Shield or use one, Mew can inflict massive damage on the villainous dual Dragon/Ghost type with the Blizzard Charge Attack.

Trainers need to carefully consider the type disadvantages in their team before selecting Mew’s moveset for the Ultra League. Possessing both low-energy charge attacks (Surf, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam) and high-energy charge attacks (Overheat, Focus Blast, Rock Slide), Ultra League players bait Shields and get on the offensive usually by mixing the two kinds of Charged Attacks.

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Make sure to have a lot of TMs to get Mew the desired moveset. A way to farm Fast TMs is to use Routes in Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, Charged TMs can be obtained from Raids.

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