Elden Ring Black Knife Catacombs: Wiki Guide

Black Knife Catacombs is a place in Elden Ring, residence to many groups and 2 Elden Ring bosses, known as Black Knife Assassin, and a strong mob. 

This location has an interesting backstory. The easiest way to describe this area is by saying that it’s a prison for all the mobs that were too dangerous and too powerful to let roam free. 

The most notorious creature found here is the Black Knife Assassin, which could take on players with ease. 

The assassin would always be armed with a sword and shield, so you would need to be ready for everything it throws at you including the unexpected slashes from its blade. 

Players also have access to an unusual hidden chamber that’s located just below where the black knife assassin wakes up, as well as an expansive maze and many monsters waiting for them on their journey across this deadly place. 

We’ll provide you with the whole walkthrough of the Black Knife Catacombs location of Elden Ring. So, let’s get commenced.

What is Black Knife Catacombs Location

Black Knife Catacombs are dungeons located in Liurnia, the lake area in the Ring of Elden, and will provide you with several bosses, strong weapons, a death root, and a few strong ashes. 

The Black Knife Catacombs of Elden Ring contains some Skull enemies who die in certain ways, and Guillotine swords throughout its rooms. When pulling a lever on the end of the Catacombs, a sealed catacomb door opens, leading to the final boss battle in Catacombs. 

Head back at the start of the dungeon, and pass through the now-opened weighted doors to begin your boss battle with Cemetery Shade.

The Black Knife Catacombs in Elden Ring are home to the Golden Knight who is inside the armor and it protects the Catacombs, and, if you don’t mind getting your hands bloody, you should avoid fighting with him and enter the place, and immediately light the Lost Site of Grace, after entering the Catacombs.

Black Knife Catacombs

What Does Black Knife Catacombs Have? 

Several skeletons were seen scattered around the area and bones were seen everywhere. One can find new weapons, armor, and various other items scattered throughout the catacombs. 

The most notable feature of this dungeon is that three Blade traps could be triggered by stepping on them. Two more skeletons will wait at the bottom of a short set of steps, one on a crossroads, the other further into the tunnel, which will start rolling toward you once it spots you. 

To kill all the additional skeletons, you will have to kill a necromancer located farther down the tunnel, in a guillotine chamber. 

There, you will need to kill the Necromancer to defeat the undead Archers, and also to defeat the skeletons that are guarding the Necromancer.

Running through a room of several guillotines will take you into the corner room, which has one more rolling skull and a ladder leading down to a sewer floor. 

Vacate out the space and resume into the following room, where you’ll discover the skeleton along with ladder and use it for moving down direction to the sewer deck. Don’t go down to the ladder because it’ll trap you inside a big pool of crabs with no further progress into the game.

How You Can Discover Cemetery Shade in Elden Ring?

To discover the Cemetery Shade, you’ll have to explore for a little hole and simply drag the lever given next to him.

The Chamber is located at the start of the Catacombs. As the ending of Elden Ring is out of sight, it can be difficult to find the Cemetery Shade. 

The easiest way to find it is by going to a nearby Lever and opening up a cell gate and taking the ladder up. Although it may be easy to search for, reaching this point in-game can be difficult. 

You just have to take the ladder up from this cell, then go back to Cemetery Shade. All of the attacks are easy to dodge if you know where he is going because he always stays still for a moment before attacking. 

The Chest at the end of the boss chamber is just a reward for winning the quest, and it contains all sorts of items that are immune to decay effects – including Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes.

Discover the Black Knife Assassin in Elden Ring?

You must keep moving until you reach a wall, then hit it and it will disappear. It will lead the player to the hidden corridor. In Elden Ring, many corridors and walls serve as exits. The player has to find the Black Knife Assassin in this hidden corridor to win the game. 

The Hidden Corridor is not the only place where players can find the Black Knife Assassin but they are required to beat him there first before they can enter his house.Now, the hidden corridor after it unlocks up, move in the direction of the corridor until you see a gate given at the right direction. 

Go through that door to see the Black Knife Assassin. Just find the hidden corridor behind the wall. But, the Black Knife Assassin is a very difficult enemy in Elden Ring that takes effort and practice to defeat.

What are Things Inside Black Knife Catacombs?

The Black Knife Catacombs are the most notable and infamous areas of Elden Ring. It contains sixteen mini-dungeons with unique items that players on their quest have to get through. There are a variety of items hidden in the Black Knife Catacombs. 

Some may be easy to find and some may require you to explore all the nooks and crannies. But you will always find your favorite items inside these catacombs, such as Grave Glovewort, Root Resin, Rune Arc, and many more. 

The full list of these items is as follows- 

1. One Rune Arc

2. Root Resin

3. One Grave Glovewort (4)

4. Three Grave Glovewort (2)

5. Three Grave Glovewort (3)

6. One Spellproof Dried Liver

7. Grave Violet

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Black Knife Catacombs with complete information.

Catacombs of Black Knife: what are they?

There is a particularly interesting variant of the catacomb-style dungeon that you can find throughout the game, called Black Knife Catacombs, which offers an optional boss in the form of the Black Knife Assassin in addition to the dungeon’s primary boss, the Cemetery Shade.

In Elden Ring, what are the Black Knife catacombs?

Elden Ring’s Liurna region includes several small dungeons where players can improve their skills, obtain runes, and discover useful items to bolster their characters. One such small dungeon is the Black Knife Catacombs.

The Black Knife catacombs have what kind of enemies?

A lot of skeleton enemies inhabit the Black Knife Catacombs, as well as multiple moving guillotines. There are two giant crabs waiting in the sewers for unsuspecting prey.

In the catacombs, what is the most valuable item?

The Rosus’ Axe, the Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, the Black Knifeprint key item, the Deathroot, and the Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes are the most valuable treasures you can find in the catacombs.

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