How To Complete Black Knife Catacombs In Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the best role-playing games high a huge fanbase. There are lots of stages and quests that players need to complete in order to move further in the game. One of the places in the game is Black Knife Catacombs which is located in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Here we featured a guide that covers information on how you can complete the Black Knife Catacombs in Elden Ring along with other useful information.

How To Complete The Black Knife Catacombs

In Black, Knife Catacombs need to fight bosses, located the treasure cheat, find the Stonesword Key, collect items and much more. This is basically a walkthrough of Black Knife Catacombs along with other useful information.

Location of Black Knife Catacombs

Black Knife Catacombs Elden Ring
Black Knife Catacombs

You can find the Black Knife Catacombs in the Ruined Labyrinth. You can find it at the northeast corner of Liurnia of the Lakes.

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Black Knife Catacombs
Black Knife Catacombs

The cave is guarded by the Mausoleum Knight you can reach the Black Knife Catacombs by simply travelling to the east direction on the main pathway in the direction of the Eastern Tableland site of grace.

Walkthrough of Black Knife Catacombs

Black Knife Catacombs three
Black Knife Catacombs

Move ahead to the Site of Grace and take the downstairs to make sure to keep an eye on the Skeletons at the end of the path you will encounter the closed door where you need to go to the left downstairs here you will encounter more skeletons that were controlled by the Sorcerer and you need to focus on the Sorcerer.

After that, you need to encounter the Imp Statue on the left that was open using the Stonesword Ke and the treasure you will get in Black Knife Catacombs follows Rosus’ Axe, Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger, Black Knifeprint, Deathroot, and Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes.

You need to go corner of the guillotine room where you encounter more Skeletons. After the ride the second guillotine to up direction and defects more Sorcerer to take down all skeletons instantly. You need to move forward to the pathway to the end of the first Mist Gate.

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You can need to deliver multiple strikes on the wall to access the hidden wall and then enter the room through the yellow layer in the doorway. There you encounter the first boss of Black Night Catacombs known as the  Black Knife Assassin.

After defecting the Black Knife Assassin they go back to the hallway and take the left hole where you mostly encounter a single Skeleton. Defect the Skeleton and take the hole underground.

There you need to activate two levers once you pull both levers the iron date door will be open and you can move through the iron gate.

After that, you will encounter the Gaint Crab there you need to loot the Rune Arc and take the up stair ladder.

After that, you go back to the pathway and reach the guillotine room and again to the Locked door room and reach the end of the mist where you will encounter the second boss Cemetery Shade.

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For more visual information do check this video.

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