Stardew Valley: Mountain Lake Location

The mountain is situated in the northern part of Pelican Town. The Mountain Lake in Stardew Valley is present on the east side, which is a popular fishing area in the game. To the east, a bridge is present however, it is damaged from the start of the game. 

Stardew Valley, on the other hand, is home to many different kinds of locations, and you should be aware of all the different locations, from volcanoes to cities and everything in between.

Let’s get into the article below, where I will tell you the gathered information about Stardew Mountain’s location and much more.

How to locate the Stardew Valley Mountain Lake?

mountain lake location stardew valley

The mountain lake of the Stardew Valley is located in the northern part of the town. To fish from there directly, you have to access the lake, and as time passes, more features will be available from the lake’s main hub.

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This mountain lake is a great option to fish for different items. Largemouth bass are also available there at all times. Green algae with chub and bullhead will also consistently spawn there from time to time.

When there is no winter season, Carp are also available to fish there. Mostly on sunny days of the summer season, rainbow trout can be found there, and it is the only time when it is possible to catch sturgeon. During the autumn season, Midnight Carp and Walleys can be found there.

The Stardew Mountain is also the place to spot the legendary fish “The Legend ” and “Legend II”. To be able to find these fish, you have to have fishing level 10.

Parts of the Mountains

  • Quarry – Extra area
  • Adventurer’s Guild – Store
  • Carpenter’s Shop – Store
  • Mines – Extra area
  • Tent – Linus’ home


There are a variety of items to hunt for in the mountains, which may vary from season to season

  • In the Fall season: Hazelnut (53%), Common Mushroom (24%), and Wild Plum (24%)
  • In the Spring season: Leek (58%), and Wild Horseradish (42%)
  • In the Winter season: Crocus (40%), Crystal Fruit (38%), and Holly (22%)
  • In the Summer season: Grape (62%), and Spice Berry (38%)
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